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Mark Cuban Wants the NBA to Put Ads on Player Jerseys

We already know that the NBA is seriously considering placing advertisements on jerseys, and it turns out that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is a big fan of the idea, as are some of his players. He views it as a no-brainer for a League that’s looking for new revenue streams. From the Star-Telegram: “The NBA Board of Governors will meet next month to discuss the possibility of adding advertising on jerseys. The idea has been met with much support from players and coaches. Meanwhile, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban also said it’s an idea whose time has come. ‘I’ve been trying to tell [the NBA],’ Cuban said. ‘If someone wants to give us $10 million, I’ll make it happen.’ Cuban believes NBA commissioner David Stern can be convinced that putting ads on jerseys is a viable concept for the league. ‘If the amount’s enough, David will jump up and down,’ Cuban said. ‘He’s not going to do it for $200,000 from Power Balance, but if somebody offers us $25 million, it’s done. We just have to work out the split with all the teams so everybody gets the benefits.’ Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki is accustomed to seeing ads on basketball jerseys in his native country of Germany. European basketball teams have worn ads on their jerseys for years. ‘I think we all understand the NBA, by now, is one of the biggest businesses in the world,’ Nowitzki said. ‘And if that’s a business decision, I don’t think it’s a bad one.’ Mavericks center Ian Mahinmi also saw more than his share of ads on jerseys in his native country of France. ‘For me, coming from overseas, I’m used to that,’ Mahinmi said. ‘The team I used to play for had a bunch of commercials on their jersey, so it’s nothing that I haven’t seen.’ Mahinmi, however, believes NBA jerseys should be considered sacred and shouldn’t be tampered with. ‘Ads on an NBA jersey, it’s got to be a little weird,’ Mahinmi said. ‘Growing up, you’re used to see the NBA and the city and the name of the team [on the jersey]. That’ll be something new and that’ll be a little unusual.’”

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  • zero

    Many countries do that but what makes NBA more unique is they don`t put Ads on NBA jerseys and IMO no Ads is a lot cooler but as a fan I don`t think I can do something if they really want that to happen.

  • http://www.blogspot.com LLC#12

    I’d rather see them have a trial period with ads on warm-ups…still a decent advertising opportunity for businesses as for an hour before the game your brand name is on court 12 times warming up, guys sat on the bench are wearing it, at halftime everyones wearing it again..companies get the advertising chance but, the “coolness” of no ads, as zero put it, remains.

  • Drig

    Just what LAL and NYK needs. Another sponsor to pay the luxury tax. I’m not complainin’ Cuban. We want ads. We want cash. We want the best players too/

  • crooklyn

    Yeah, and chicks with hairy pits is ok in other countries, but I don’t need that crap over here. The game has been messed up in so many other ways by money, leave the unis alone

  • thetalkingcomb

    If they allow this, then they might as well do away with the wage caps as teams like the Lakers, Bulls, and Knicks will get the $200 million sponsorships while the TWolves et al will get Kias.

    Viewership would not be a problem as they know that any furore will cool down in a matter of weeks, ball being the lifeblood of the lifeblood of the NBA.

  • Marcos

    … they gotta understand that they might lose plenty of revenue from jersey sales. In Brazil (as in Europe) is pretty usual.
    But after a while, it got so bad (and so much money involved) that the jerseys became ridiculous. Now the brands (nike, adidas) have to make “official knock offs” to make up for sales on authentic apparel being down.
    Even worst, as a fan, you become just one big billboard for that brand, and you don’t get any cent from it. It’s one thing to support your team colors, another to support “the Lakers and Coca Cola”.

  • Roberto

    I like @LLC#12′s idea, plus they could even offer to put the ad on their pracrice jerseys just like some teams in the NFL do. If they do decide to put ads on the uniforms I think there can be a few places where “if done right” they wouldn’t look to intrusive on the design.

  • MikeC.

    I don’t like it. I have a hard enough time shelling out cash for a jersey when I know that player will either get traded or leave as a FA before I’ve even worn the jersey 5 times. No way i’ll shell out for a jersey covered in logos. If you want that tacky bushleague crap, go watch Nascar with the hillbillies.

  • Rik Smits Mullet

    Iam from europe and i think this is a bad idea. Company logos are not always the best designed stuff out there. It will just look crap. And will clash extremely with the overall jersey design. Ever seen euro league basketball? the jerseys look extremely cheap mostly because the logo of the local gas station is featured prominently on it.
    sure it will make the nba a heck load more money but the already have a heck load of money.The no sponsor jerseys makes the jerseys appealing.
    But sure nba if we can avoid a lockout situation go right ahead and Ω

  • Ash

    It could affect the sales of jersey

  • Rik Smits Mullet

    Haha something went wrong and my keyboard suddenly provided me with this symbol Ω. It has no internet generation meaning.
    But to finish my story go ahead and make the LA KIA Clippers, LA STAPLES Lakers and the Charlotte BARGAIN BIN Bobcats.

  • http://itsahardwoodlife.blogspot.com omphalos

    Hell no, I wouldn’t wear a jersey which had advertisements on it, ruins the whole tradition and sanctity of the NBA, in the grand scheme of things, 25 million dollars is far too small an amount to sell out the history and purity of the game.

  • Mike From Spain

    I think the idea by LLC is good, ads in practice gear, and no ads in the game gear. I guess that each team could get like… dunno, 5 million in average for this (sponsorship deals for clubs like Barcelona are upwards of 70 million bucks). A big market basketball team making a 10th of that without sacrificing the looks of the game jerseys looks like a good compromise. 5 million go a long way, maybe it lets you pay the luxury tax for a good player or up the ante for that restricted free agent. If all deals are more or less equal, the main beneficiary may be the small market teams. The NBA could get all the money for all the ads, the ads could be rotated among all teams, and the benefits shared equally among all teams. Each team could receive individual premiums for play-off or xmas day games. Considering how complex other NBA rules are, what I outlined seems simple enough.

  • FnF

    So when exactly will ticket prices be coming down?

  • Yesse

    In europe, everyone has ads on their jerseys. Hey, even i do and i play in 2nd division in my age area, in my country.

    I think it’s special, that Nba doesn’t have ads on their jerseys. I like jerseys with ads, but in the Nba it has been like this for years, so why have ads now?

  • abaci

    I hope they don’t do it, i think it will look tacky.

  • Drig

    ………what was that about equal opportunity to small-market teams??? Yeah, good luck with that.

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    I’d hate him except I’ve seen shark tank. He’s a natural hustler.

  • Steve

    Individuals like David Stern and Mark Cuban would sell their own mothers for the right price. This is the worst idea I have ever seen for the NBA. I will NEVER EVER buy a jersey that displays corporate ads and I honestly don’t know if I would even be able to watch NBA games anymore if they went through with this. The thought of watching Lebron or Kobe in action with a huge McDonald’s or cell phone company logo emblazoned on their jerseys is literally one of my worst nightmares. NBA owners are bloodsuckers whose only interest is MONEY. They don’t care at all about basketball or the fans who love the game.

  • toinefan88

    I know it makes sense financially but oh God I hope this never happens.

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com albie1kenobi

    i can’t wait to wear a jersey with the face of mickey mouse on it!!

  • dazzy

    Ads provide unfair financial advantages to bigger market teams. I doubt the league would approve it. Plus it just looks terrible. The league would have to see how much money they’d lose from jersey sales too. It’s highly unlikely.

  • Patrick

    I will stop watching any sport that begins to include ads on jerseys.

  • bdogg

    love mark cuban but that is a horrible idea..this is the nba not europe..i do not want to offend anyone! does the nfl does this..no diss on baseball but football is the american past time at this point. do they have ads on jerseys..no…neither should the nba…period..end of story!

  • RunNGun

    They already have ads on jerseys… team names and the adidas logo. What more do they want? o_O

  • robb

    I’d hate it.

  • 602Shorty

    Not a good Idea,,,,,Don’t they Have enough $ already,,,the jersey is Nice and clean it should stay that way

  • jeft

    as a european, i’m used to ads on shirts. Butt ugly most of the time.
    but, we have those ads, but less (or none) ads in between sports moments..

    but american basketball is already so heavily bombarded with ads (time out, in-game tv promos, 30sec time out..) that i’d consider it just to much. i mean, its overkill already, if you try to watch tv. i think americans are probably used to it, but theres TOO MUCH advertising going on already.

  • http://Www.juicedsportsblog.com Scott Jacobs

    Hey guys! I just did a video on this very subject. I think it’s a horrendous idea and would be the beginning of the end of the sacred clean jersey in American sports. Check out the video here and let me know what you think:


  • kantankruz

    If they do this, they need to limit it to one ad per team and it should be place under the number (lower back) on the back of the jersey.