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St. John’s Forward Moe Harkless to Declare for NBA Draft

After a freshman season in which he averaged 15.5 points and 8.6 rebounds, and was awarded Big East Rookie of the Year, St. John’s forward Moe Harkless today announced he will declare for early entry to the NBA Draft. ESPN has the details, via the Associated Press: “Moe Harkless said one of the benefits of deciding to leave St. John’s after his freshman season and declare for early entry to the NBA draft was he wouldn’t have to answer any more questions. ’I was hearing people yelling at me to stay,’ he said Monday at his news conference at Madison Square Garden when he was interrupted. ’One Moe year. One Moe year. You heard me? That was me hiding behind the bush on campus yelling that,’ Red Storm coach Steve Lavin said, finally getting a stoic Harkless to break into a smile. ‘I even tried on the way over here to convince him to change his mind. He didn’t go for it.’ Harkless, the lynchpin of Lavin’s first recruiting class at St. John’s, announced his decision after a first and only season with the Red Storm (13-19) that saw him win Big East Rookie of the Year by averaging 15.5 points and 8.6 rebounds, which put him sixth and second, respectively, among freshmen nationally. ’At the end of the season I had talks with my mom and Coach Lavin,’ the 6-foot-8 Harkless said of the time frame in making the decision. ‘I came to the conclusion over the past couple of days.’ Lavin said there were plenty of talks about the decision that included ‘healthy discussions and some tough banter.’ All the talk left Lavin sure of some things. ’He has the confidence, the conviction and purpose in making this choice,’ Lavin said. Lavin underwent prostate cancer surgery in October and was on the bench for only four games before doctors told him to follow a modified schedule that kept him away from games. ’I came to St. John’s to play for Coach Lavin,’ he said. ‘Unfortunately the situation didn’t allow me to play as much as I wanted to for him. We still have a good relationship and he supports me in this decision.’”

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  • http://www.nba.com Red

    Why’s he listed as 6-6..

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  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    Smh, he’s not ready.

  • cbb_fanatic

    I support him either way. Good kid. Great play and attitude. And since he plays for St. John and barely gets any help (with exception to D’Angelo Harrison, though his FG% isn’t great) I think he made the right decision. And what’s with these double standards on who is ready to enter the draft or not? The same ones saying Rivers is ready are the same ones saying Harkless isn’t, even though their stats are somewhat similar.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    and he dropped ~30 on river’s team

  • http://www.twitter.com_dfrance dfrance21

    For the record i don’t think Rivers is ready, but the difference is he’s got an NBA daddy who will get him unlimited shots at making the league. if Moe doesn’t get drafted it’ll be hard to make it. I’m a St. Johns fan I just don’t want to see him end up like Erick Barkley and Omar Cooke.


    @dfrance21 For sho!!! Rivers has more connections than Harkless. I even heard his older bro (who wasn’t good @ Indiana) is playing over seas somewhere. Harkless don’t have that. If he sucks, he’s nowhere, so it’s best to get in while he can. He will get drafted tho!!! He already made a name for himself!!!