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NBA Suspends Jason Smith 2 Games For Blake Griffin Hit

The NBA has announced a two-game suspension for Hornets big man Jason Smith, following the vicious body check he delivered on Blake Griffin last night in New Orleans’ upset win over the Clippers. ESPN.com‘s Marc Stein has the details: “The NBA has suspended New Orleans Hornets forward Jason Smith two games for his Thursday night body check on Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin. Smith was ejected for the foul late in the league-owned Hornets’ victory over the Clippers in Chris Paul’s return to New Orleans. A suspension was widely expected Friday because Smith made no attempt to make a play on the ball in knocking Griffin to the floor on a transition drive to the hoop. The play occured when Smith body-slammed Griffin to the floor on a fast break. Paul followed Smith into the concourse behind the basket and had words with him as several players jawed at each other. “It was a terrible foul,” Paul said after the game. “I don’t know what Jason was thinking. He probably better be ready to sit out a game or two for that one. I’m just glad Blake controlled it.” Smith was assessed a flagrant 2 foul, which carries an automatic ejection, but left the court to a loud ovation. “I think it looked a lot worse than what it was, but that’s still not a play that you ever want to do to another player like that,” Smith said. “I apologize to Blake Griffin. I didn’t want to hurt him at all. I just wanted to try and cut off his lane to the basket.”"

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  • RKJ92

    K Ill Be The First To Say It.. But Its About DAMN TIME Someone Has Checked This Kid.. Do You Actually Think All This Lobcity ish Would Have Happened Back In The Day With Lambeer And Rodman HELL NO.. I Say More Players Should Play The Paint Harder.. If Your Gonna Foul Make Sure They Can Damn Well Feel It

  • RKJ92

    No Easy Buckets

  • http://slamonline house

    His apology is bull sh!t, it was clearly a line drive with his shoulder, very dangerous play. He could have just wrapped him up, no harm done, but he didn’t therefore it was a boned-headed play.

  • http://dillanleuyahoo.com Holy Baller

    ^One more idiot. Sigh. Glad to hear the league is sitting him down for a few.

  • http://dillanleuyahoo.com Holy Baller

    @RKJ92, not House. My bad.

  • bike

    Maybe some nba teams adopting the bounty game the nfl was playing?

  • LA Huey

    Ray Allen’s been drilling 3s in dudes’ faces for over a decade now. It’s about time someone knock him into the 5th row when he’s shooting one of those corner treys.
    Smith’s suspension is pretty consistent for what they’ve been doign the past few years.


    Jason Smith’s apology today and yesterday come off very sincere to me. Two games, in my opinion, is more than enough of a suspension for his actions last night.

  • Justin G.

    I agree, two games is about right. Huey, I would agree if we were talking about Reggie Miller back in the day. At least Allen is as professional as they come. I never liked Reggie unless it was against the Knicks and even then I would just hope they’d kick the crap out of each other

  • Ash

    I just saw the hit Smith made on Griffin and its not as bad as I thought or what ppl make it seems. 2 games is enough maybe a 1 game and fine. Bball sure has changed

  • LA Huey

    Justin, I was being sarcastic about hurting someone just because they’re embarassing you within the rules of basketball.

  • ENDS

    1 game was enough. hard hit. GET THE HELL OVER IT

  • Justin L.

    “body-slammed” is exaggerating it a litle.

  • dma

    flagrant 2 is more than enough. i still don’t get why when someone hacks a dwight/shaq it’s not called an intentional foul since there’s no obvious play on the ball.

  • angus

    maybe blake just laid on the ground for a bit not to ”flop” but to control his temper and keep a cool head, thats a play where you just want to deck someone. Way to keep it in blake and hit those freethrows

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    @Ash it’s not that it was such a gruesome hit, or that he actually tried to tackle him. It’s the fact that it was uncalled for, and because no one – especially Blake – saw it coming, it was potentially an extremely dangerous foul since Blake was about to leave the ground. He just got off an injury year – fouls like that are uncalled for and dangerous. Bball has changed, as in it used to be more physical, I guess…But its not like when Dominique used to take off people tried to tackle the mofo. Hard fouls don’t necessarily have to be dangerous like that.

  • RKJ92

    @holy baller God.. dont you even play basketball? you must not cuz I get hit like that every once in awhile too.. you brush it the hell off and play the damn game.. today’s game is too finesse, so I can respect someone who can put fear into someone trying to get a free dunk or open layup, so how am I an idiot?? But I will say this if your going to foul them hard just be careful you don’t hurt them and do it RIGHT; like Blake’s a BIG guy i’m sure he can handle a check like that I mean c’mon.. grow a pair.. this isn’t f****** golf..

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Blake Griffin reminds me of Vince Carter, because everytime he gets hit, he falls like a little girl. Get up and man up. Smith did not hit him that hard, I get hit like that playing ball, get up-give a guy the look-jaw at him and keep it moving. Then attack him next time you have the ball. Griffin is a punk that can only dunk for success. I am glad a dude not even know as an enforcer punked him. This is the player CP3 based his decision on coming to Clip land. Blake’s career will be like Vince Carters, when its all said and done. BOOK IT!!!

  • robb

    it’s obvious that Blake exaggerated. Yes the hit was hard, but he definitely exaggerated a little.

  • http://slamonline house

    Exaggeration or not, a hard foul is one thing, what happened to Blake is not. Its called a flagrant foul for a reason.

  • TonyStarks

    NBA is too soft .. 2 games for that ? Pathetic

  • http://slamonline.com Tae

    Fu*k a Blake Griffin

  • http://sdjfklfl.com Jukai

    White on white crime.

  • Patrick

    Can’t believe some of the thug comments on this page. Jason Smith is a punk and he just showed how he was raised. I don’t mean by the foul but his criminal behavior in celebrating the potential injury to another human being over a game of basketball. I don’t watch the NBA anymore as it has been taken over by many that couldn’t hold a job in the real world and are raised to god like status because they’re huge monsters that can’t even help another human being off the floor during a foul because of the perceived disrespect. Many of These guys are not roll models and it is unfortunate that there are many kids that look at these tattood up goons as mentors to look up too. Ray Allen, Rondo, Paul Pierce not one tattoo and all outward behaviors are something our kids should emulate.

  • DS44

    Back in the day when real men played in the NBA,the Pistons helped improve a lot of jump shots.

  • fitzy

    paul pierce has a tattoo patrick, try again pal, just because you’re tatted doesn’t mean you’re not roll model material, ever see a picture of durant’s chest? This is coming from a white kid who doesn’t have a single tattoo

  • abaci

    well said fitzy

  • Paul H

    I read Charles Barkleys autobiography and he asked: exactly what qualifies a pro athlete to be a role model? Tattooed goons? Are you serious?

  • Justin05

    LOL the seeds comment nailed it on the head. Griffin is a great comparison to Carter thus far and basketball is a physical sport. You can’t just fly up to the rim anytime you want and expect not to get checked..

  • dee

    Too bad the Hornets didn’t have anybody on their team worth getting some get back on…back when teams were allowed to play,the Clippers would’ve gotten some get back for the foul! Notice that no one from the Clippers stepped up? (What up K-Mart) Every team needs a goon, just to remind players that you too can get it! I couldn’t imagine the Pistons, Knicks, Pacers, the Bucks, Lakers or Celtics of old not regulating that situation. As good as Dominque Wilkins was, he had to develop a shot b/c in this league, not too many teams are going to let you have highlight after highlight. Griffin needs to speak and work with Karl Malone about adding something else to his game. Attention NBA bigs…until he gets that jumper, make him earn those buckets.

  • MikeC.

    The only major problem here is that no Clipper stepped to Smith and at least started a fake tough-guy NBA fight.

  • rthomas

    Somebody may have mentioned this, but I don’t think the tough guy stuff is important. I think griffin can take a hit. What’s important is whether or not he saw it coming. Do any of you pay attention to any other sports?? look at the head shot issue in the NHL, the physical play in that league is barbaric, but that’s not the focus. The potential for injury is a lot higher if the player on the receiving end isn’t aware that it’s coming, you can’t brace yourself for a fall, you can’t adjust your step to play into the defenders body. it didn’t look like smith was out to intentionally hurt griffin, but still, bad play and deserving of the suspension.. tho maybe just one game