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Paul Silas Rips Boris Diaw

Entry No. 32 on the “You Know Your Career’s in Jeopardy When…” list: Your coach calls your play “disturbing.” Check out what Paul Silas told the Observer: “The Charlotte Bobcats didn’t activate forward Boris Diaw for Wednesday’s game against the Utah Jazz, and based on the tone of coach Paul Silas’ comments, Diaw might never play here again. ‘I think if he had played all out, the way he should have, it would have been a much, much better club,’ Silas said, when asked why Diaw has fallen out of the rotation entirely. [...] ‘I like a player who is really committed to not only the team but to himself and then doing the best he can as a player,’ Silas said. ‘Some of the things that would go on, like not shooting the ball (and) passing all of the time… I needed hoops and he could put the ball in the hoop. When that wouldn’t happen it was very disturbing.’”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    it fells like we have had way too many boris diaw articles lately

  • RunNGun

    He’s going to the KNicks. Make it happen, Dolan.

  • But Im Not A Rapper

    @spit hot fiyah, I agree…

  • Bt

    Boris the basket dodger

  • CubicleWorker

    Remember when Jordan cancelled the deal that would have sent Calderon (top 20 PG in the league) for Diaw and Chandler? He instead thought it was better to have Eduardo Najera, Eric Dampier and Matt Carroll???? hahaha


    His unorthodox type of game, pass first and shoot if no choice can be frustrating for some coaches. But many other coaches will be glad to have such a facilitator in their team.
    Keept it up Bobo ! Don’t let that get into your mind.

  • http://cechicagorilla@aol.com yada

    i mean i remember shaq said when he played with boris he didnt have any dog in him

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    @CubicleWorker. As a Raptors fan, I was so elated when they announced that trade. Even Tyson at the time said he was headed to the Raptors. Then Jordan vetoed the trade. What a c@&#block.

  • http://Www.achtamsterdam.nl Phil

    Well…niq and cubicleworker…jordan is goi g for lottery picks and just tearing that ish down, if not….well, then i don’t know what to say.

  • Riggs

    @Bt: Comment of the day (props if you get his reference)



  • Rainman

    @ CubicleWorker: *Top 15 PG (to me)

  • http://slamonline.com YKnot

    Boris Diaw rips open a bag of Cheetos.

  • http://google.com/news BETCATS

    DABIGFUNDAMENTAL you obviously are paid by Diaw or havent watched him play this year. Either way I can’t blame you for saying that, but it is just flat wrong.

  • roybot

    @CubicleWorker i think Diaws trying to make up for Jordan’s mistake by trying to play like a top-15 PG

  • Aizen


    Was the reference to the “Boris the Blade”/”Boris the Bullet Dodger” character from the movie “Snatch”?

  • http://dsjfkl.com Jukai

    Come back to Phoenix so Nash stays please..

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Bt wins. Why do they call him the basket dodger??

  • Dr. DL

    great stuff BT. I wish Paul Silas had said prefaced that quote by saying something about needing a new 4. And some reporter asked him, “well you haven’t played Diaw lately, what’s wrong with him?” and Silas said, in Jason Statham’s voice, “Nothing. He’s tip top.”

  • b-nEWT

    Bullet Tooth Tony starting at small forward?

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    Bobcats’ roster needs to be:
    Boris Diaw (The Bullet Dodger)
    Hedo Turkoglu (Turkish)
    Tony Allen (Bullet Tooth)
    Ty Lawson (Tyrone the Getaway Driver)
    “Big Baby” (“Bad Boy” Lincoln)
    Bismack Biyombo (Brick Top, Brickmack)
    Francisco Garcia (Four Fingers)
    then coached by VDN (Vinnie the Pawnshop Owner)
    and owned by Mickey Arison (Mickey the pikey)

    Yes, let’s run the joke into the ground.

  • b-nEWT

    Now that is a team I would pay to see…Tyrone the getaway driver reminds me of Eddy Curry in his Knicks days

  • jpm34

    Silas blasts Diaw but continues to play Maggette? Corey Maggette is where offensive flow goes to die.

  • jpm34

    Caboose’ comment was awesome

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