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Polladaday: Allen Iverson’s Future?

Reports out of Allen Iverson’s camp are saying now that he won’t be playing in the Dominican Republic, but that he is still waiting for an opportunity to continue his basketball career somewhere. Do you think he’ll ever return to the L?

Will Allen Iverson play another NBA game?

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  • RunNGun

    As long as he’s the number one option, his career is done.

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    I say yes just because when he really is way too out of shape to play, some team will sign him and use him for publicity.

  • tavoris

    wasn’t this settled two years ago?


    Allen Iverson needs to go to the D-League if he wants a chance, and even then, it might not work out for him.

  • Groves

    i say yes out of pure optimism, but honestly, unless he signs in the d-league and works his way up, it’s not happening

  • hyperactive

    ABSOLUTELY. AIs in good shape and is working out on the regular. Thats the first step to getting back into any professional sport. AI just needs to play in a competitive, (semi-)professional setting in d-L, summer L, international L, training camp, pro-am L/games, or nba(the most unlikely) and show that he still has it. I saw him in Lou Will`s exho game in Nov and AI looked smooth. He still has it. The nba is simply making him jump through hoops in hopes that AI gives up sooner or later – theyre trying to wear him down. But I hope Iverson keeps pushin. Hes hungry to get back on the court. if this was the nfl, he wouldnt have this much of an issue bc once word gets out that a player who wants to return to the nfl is in shape, 2 to 3 teams would call him in for a workout (in the offseason) and sign him if he shows them something (i.e. Randy Moss (recently), Peyton Manning (recently), Burress (last season), Vick and countless other nfl players who returned after lengthy hiatuses) – the nba needs to follow suit here. Bring Allen Iverson back to the game.

  • IDOT

    I think he will get a chance to play in the league again. Jason Kidd, Marcus Camby, Kurt Thomas, Grant Hill, Juwan Howard, and Steve Nash are still playing in the league and they are 2-3 years older than Iverson. If they can still play and be effective so can AI.

  • sadeye2507

    Let it go Slam. This bum was his own worst enemy.

  • abaci

    @hyperactive what happened with T.O.?

  • billy

    You can only get so many chances in life.

  • Marc

    As much as I want to say yes because he was one of my favorite players growing up. I just don’t see it happening. It sucks that we couldn’t see him retiring gracefully. And to say he is a bum is kind of stupid imo.

  • Yesse

    Nope. It seems like there is not a team out there, that would want to sign him.

    I like Iverson, but i can’t really see him playing ball in Nba anymore.

  • http://theinboundspass.blogspot.co.nz/ David

    I think he should get another shot, but I don’t think anyone’s going to give it to him. Part of it is his own fault, part of it is nobody seems to have faith that he can play as a role player and take the time to help him see that.

  • anonymous

    Iverson took a leave of absence in feb 2010 to handle personal issues that were affecting his play on the court(for the first time in his career). He fully expected and wanted to return the very next season in 2010-201l. anybody who has actually followed Iverson throughout his career could easily observe that in that stint with philly outside, personal factors were affecting his play on the court. he absolutely made the right decision for the team and for his family in taking himself away from the game and putting his family before all else. Leaves of absences are not uncommon. Numerous people who experience personal problems take lengthy sabbaticals when these problems prevent them from being effective on the job. They subsequently resolve most of these issues before returning and resuming their careers. Iverson`s sabbatical was over 2 years ago. He has been ready to get back to work since september 2010 (when training camp began). Bring Iverson back to the nba and allow him to resume his career.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Michael Castellani

    I dont think he will it is sad he was a BOSS.

  • markymark

    How the hell can the NBA do this to a former MVP, one of the top players of all time?

  • dreamsports70

    He should receive an opportunity to showcase his skills in the NBA. No, he shouldn’t have to go to the D-League. Michael Jordan didn’t have to join a D-League team, before returning to Chicago and then the Wizards. Derrick Fisher, didn’t have to go to the D-League when his daughter got sick and he had to step away from the game.
    We’re talking HOF talent!! This has nothing to do with his ability, but influence.

  • dreamsports70

    @ Anonymous Thanks for presenting facts!

  • Sam Skei

    Why y’all hating, I’m disgusting by some of the posts. Just shut your trap, if you don’t know jack. Everyone needs a break in life, not certain people, “Only GOD can JUDGE”…..