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Carlos Boozer: Bulls Should Extend Tom Thibodeau’s Contract ASAP

After a report came out over the weekend that Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau was unhappy with his contract situation, his players were asked for their opinions on the matter. Most side-stepped the issue, but Carlos Boozer was quite forthcoming in his support of Thibs. From the Chicago Tribune: “A report Friday not only painted coach Tom Thibodeau as “dismayed” over not having been offered a lucrative contract extension, it alleged that ‘his displeasure with the situation is an open secret in team circles.’ If that’s the case, several Bulls players opted to play dumb. ‘No, I didn’t even know that’s the situation,’ Luol Deng said. ‘He’s not the type of guy to talk to us about it and we’re not the type of team to talk about it.’ Derrick Rose said he wasn’t thinking about it. ‘You know me, I feed off positive energy,’ Rose said. ‘I’m not worried about it at all. (Thibodeau) wants to be here. It has nothing to do with me. That’s all the front office. I know they’ll get it done.’ […] Carlos Boozer also played it cool. ‘Nah, he doesn’t talk about that stuff,’ Boozer said, ‘but we need to get him an extension ASAP. We know how great he has been for us and what he has meant to this team. This is a tough season – 66 games crunched into four months. I think he has done a great job of pushing us when we need to be pushed and taking his foot off the gas pedal when we need some rest. Our record reflects that. And he’s still teaching us great things. That’s the coach we all want to play for until we finish.’ […] For the record, Thibodeau said he is not dismayed: ‘I don’t know where that’s coming from. I’m not worried about any of that stuff. I’m under contract. I’m fine with everything here.’ And even if he were, there’s not much he could do about it. The second-year coach signed in June 2010 for two years plus a team option, so the Bulls control him through next season.”

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  • ALD

    they should fire him and get VDN back

  • http://slamonline.com Nella

    @ ALD: Haha, but April Fool’s was yesterday bro.

  • Ash

    Bulls are stupid not to sign him to extension. I would love in him Miami

  • Jazz

    @Nella, good one! Lol

  • Jazz

    Once again f-ck Miami damn! Y’all on that team hard! Hop off d-ck!

  • abaci

    The Bulls gotta lock him down

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    this is the one thing Boozer would have been perfectly justified yelling about.

  • bull22

    this is one of my pet peeves about reinsdorf, he already saw what happened when jackson left and it was not too pretty. without coach tibbs this team would not be in first place. tibbs is a top 5 coach in nba.
    1. greg poppovich- 4 rings says it all
    2 doc rivers- makes it here because of his ring
    3 tom tibbs- never lets his team slow down and barks at them constantly
    to work hard
    4 scott brooks- had to gradually build this team up.
    5 eric spoelstra- makes this list by default of having big three nba
    finals losers.

  • ALD

    i was being sarcastic nella .. of course they should sign him back.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Wow you should work for ESPN bull22. Brooks and Spoelstra coming in ahead of Rick Adelman, Doug Collins, and Byron Scott… Ooohkay little buddy.
    -Boozer, go back to the hole you came from!

  • LA Huey

    The overperforming Thibs being supported by the underperforming Boozer. That’s rich.

  • bull22

    i could see your point on adelman and collins if you are talking about overall body of work, but as we all know the nba is a what have you done for me lately league. and neither the wolves or 76ers records or achievements the last two seasons come up to brooks and spoelstra or tibbs accomplishments the last two seasons.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Brooks is a horrible coach. Touting him as one of the best in the league is the same as telling people you don’t know what your talking about.
    The Thunder have improved via actual improvement, not from coaching. Coaching has had little to nothing to do with it.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Brooks seems to be learning on the job, which for that we should give him a wee bit of credit, but he’s not a good coach. He may be someday though.

  • Justin G.

    So bull22, what you’re saying is the Wolves and the 76ers have the same talent level on their rosters as the Thunder, Bulls and Heat? It couldn’t possibly be that those three teams combined have 6 of the top 15 players on them while the Wolves and 76ers have…uhhh…one in the top 15? And that’s a scoring, rebounding, no defense playing PF