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David Stern: Rajon Rondo ‘Obviously Bumped’ the Referee

Word on Rajon Rondo’s possible suspension for Game 2 of the Boston Celtics/Atlanta Hawks first round series has yet to come down, but if David Stern’s comments today should serve as any indication, you probably shouldn’t expect the star point guard to suit up tomorrow night. From ESPN: “Rondo did not make himself available to reporters before the team’s practice Monday on the campus of Georgia Tech, but the team seemed resigned to the likelihood that he will be suspended for Tuesday’s Game 2. ‘Rondo talked to league security this morning and hopefully we’ll know sooner than later, that’s the one thing we would always like,’ said [Doc] Rivers. ‘We’ll find out and we’ll be ready to play basketball when they tip it off tomorrow.’ [...] Earlier in the day, NBA commissioner David Stern would not comment on potential discipline for Rondo but left little doubt how he felt about the incident. ‘I don’t want to pre-judge on what the recommendation is going to be,’ Stern said. ‘But as a fan, he obviously bumped him. And you know what happens with respect to that. … We have a hard and fast rule. Unless somebody trips you and sends you into him, nobody touches a referee. That’s the proposition.’”

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  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com KHOLIDAY

    Writing’s on the wall there buddy. Expect to miss game 2 and 3.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    LOL, David, you obviously cheated the Lakers out of Chris Paul, but that didn’t matter. Who cares what you think. Just suspend him and shut up.

  • Reggie35

    I’m a huge Celtics and Rondo fan but he obviousy bumped him and therefore deserves the suspension

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    He also said that the shortened schedule wasn’t the reason for injuries followed by saying that they would conduct research to see if the schedule was the reason for injuries. I hate stern.


    Dems the hard and fast rules.

  • robb

    what nbk said

  • markymark

    screw stern. league ain’t the same as it was 10 years ago

  • Yesse

    For all the Stern haters (i am one too, yes). Why the season was shorter? You guys forgot? And marky, Stern was still the commish 10 years ago and we still had rigged games.

    If you guys wanted basketball this season, then the shortened season was the only option available. Other option would have been no season AT ALL!

  • nbaNw8

    i hate Stern.

  • markymark

    Yea, he was rigging games already, but back then, you’d still see the individuality and “realness” in a lot of players (AI’s the perfect example of this, and explains why they forced him out). Cats wore bling and dressed hip hop before games. There was a lot of emotion. They actually PLAYED on the court, and took it seriously. I’m not saying fights are good, but they were proof that players actually cared. Today, most, if not all play it safe, family-friendly, and controversy-free, just the way Stern and the other higher ups want it to be. To cater to corporate America and white, middle class America. Screw the ghetto. Screw those who want to keep it real. Screw chest-pounding, rim-hanging, and taunting the crowd. Welcome to the Disney Channel.