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Donnie Nelson on Lamar Odom: ‘Like Going to War With Wet Gunpowder’

The nightmarish Lamar Odom Experience finally came to an end in Dallas yesterday, and everyone in the organization says they’re ready to move on. Mavs GM Donnie Nelson described the season with Odom thusly, per ESPN: “From [Mark] Cuban on down, the Mavs kept hoping that would change, wishing that a man with a dozen-year track record of being a good NBA player could actually muster enough pride to play hard for the defending NBA champions. They kept on coddling until they finally came to the obvious conclusion that they couldn’t count on Odom while fighting for their playoff lives. ‘It’s like going to war with wet gunpowder,’ Donnie Nelson said. Yeah, Odom infrequently fired, such as the night that he returned from his bizarre, self-imposed, 10-day midseason sabbatical by actually playing with energy in a win over the Utah Jazz, putting up a nine-point, five-rebound, three-block, three-assist line in 18 minutes and offering false hope that he might return to something close to his Sixth Man of the Year form from last season. But Odom shot blanks on a regular basis — as evidenced by his career lows in points (6.6 per game), rebounds (4.2), assists (1.7), shooting percentage (35.2) and effort (minimal) — and then wondered why the home fans hurt his feelings by booing. It’s the last category, that intangible one, that caused the Mavs’ brass to finally stop hoping and believing that Odom could contribute to their repeat quest. Khloe’s little Lam Lam will go down as one of the biggest disgraces in Dallas sports history because he wouldn’t even do the simplest thing in sports: play hard. ‘Therein lies the decision,’ said Nelson, who still went out of his way Monday to offer Odom’s personal issues as an excuse. Odom’s refusal to do the bare minimum on a regular basis — or maybe inability, if you give him the benefit of the doubt — often sucked the life out of the Mavs. The saga of a moping reality-show star — and at least one teammate wondered whether this was all scripted drama to boost E! ratings — served as a pointless distraction. [...] ‘It’s just time to turn the page,’ coach Rick Carlisle said. That’s about all Carlisle had to say about Odom. Cuban had nothing to say at all, and none of the Mavs’ players wanted to touch the toxic topic, with team leaders Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd sneaking out a side door to avoid the media after Monday’s practice. ‘He’s not here anymore,’ Jason Terry said. ‘We won’t know how much we miss him until the season’s over, I guess.’”

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  • http://www.twitter.com/hurstysyd Hursty

    Absolute disgrace.
    Could’ve married any woman in the world, (preferably one who doesn’t look like a rancor – google it), but that was his choice. However, to not ‘do your job’ is just appalling. Any other company would’ve fired him long ago. People are forced t
    Dallas is now in danger of missing the playoffs if they loose a couple games, and PHX/Utah win a few.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    great analogy, move over robert frost

  • JMM

    How can they be surprised that bringing in a man with a carnival of distractions in his life would be a distraction for them as a team? Might slip by the wayside in LA where that crap is the norm, but on any normal team a dude with a film crew shading him day in and out isn’t going to be a winning formula.

  • Top$helf

    I don’t get it he coulda been like Pau sucked it up and stayed in LA but no he wanted out then he goes to Dallas and stinks up the joint I can’t say he quit because he never started

  • LB

    The unfortunate thing is the Mavs will now blame their entire lackluster season on Lamar. I think it goes way deeper then that. Enjoy that trophy. It is out of there shortly.

  • Heals

    Now that is a quote, KO in round 1…

  • LA Huey

    I like the “Double Agent Odom Theory”. Send him to Dallas where he can waste their time in a season where time is so much more valuable AND put him on their payroll. What’s the over-under on him coming back as a Laker/Clipper next season?

  • huami

    I feel bad by saying this, but maybe.. just maybe, the Lakers intended to plant him in Dallas to destroy their season!! odom to the Lakers next season, book it!

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2012/04/phil-jackson-everyone-should-relax-when-it-comes-to-andrew-bynum/ BIKE

    Too many inconsistencies with this guy to feel sorry for him. Sympathies to the Mavs for having to put up with him and hope he stays away from the league until he gets his crap in a pile.

  • vtrobot

    i sincerely hope that marrying that woman was also part of some big, master plan. i don’t care how great her personality is. you’re LO. what the eff, dude? joining that family and THAT effing circus would be hells on earth. being on a reality show is the last stop before becoming completely washed up. it’s bound to make people hate you. get well, lamar. god dang.

  • Sheed

    Kris Humphries was part of that family and he’s still playing pretty good ball. Then again, he wasn’t married to Shrek…

  • riggs

    she looks more like Frankenberry to me

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Odom’s my dude. I can’t help feel bad for him. Whether he’s just fragile, mentally ill, or physically incapable… I don’t know, but he has served every team well over the last dozen, i’m not going to let one season change what I think about him.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Ha @ Hursty telling us to google The Rancor.

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    If he goes back to the Lakers next year, he will become my most hated player BY FAR. And make LeBron and Dwight look downright chivalrous.

  • Mammam1a

    Didn’t know the Lakers were that clever, but I’m going along with the “Lakers mole” theory. I’m sure they’re all laughing.

  • Anon

    I think she’s cute. You fellas are probably trolls

  • http://BE&ECLEANERS Barbara Flowers

    My grandma used to say be careful what you ask for . He should be like Pau and be homble but know he smell his armpitts and you see what happeng.

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    Khloe is beautiful…
    But anyways, I called this when he first got to Dallas.
    He doesn’t want to play anymore.
    His motor has always been suspect.
    He just doesn’t want it anymore.
    The Mavericks are finding out what The Lakers already knew for a long time.

  • martyc8836

    I always said the Kardasians have no talent at all, but I have been proven wrong. That family has killed an R&B career (AJ), a football career (Reggie Bush) and now the 6th man of the year is now out of a job. Wow!

  • Dungeon Family

    Khloe look like Chyna back when she looked more Manly than Triple H

  • Joe Black

    Cuban had no intentions of keeping Odom. The only reason he traded for him, was to help the Chandler transaction, and to buy out Odom at the end of the season. For cap room to go after D. Williams and D. Howard in free agency.

    Cuban trashed his championship roster to steal those players w/o compensation this summer. The best laid plans of mice backfired on Cuban when Howard waived his opt out option. Now he must waste 2 years to get him.

    Also, Cuban thought he was screwing the Lakers, thinking he was stealing Odom for nothing. As always, Dr. Buss gets the last laugh at the benighted Cuban, taking advantage of his ever present immature emotional lust and need for arrogant self exhaltation. Turns out, he snookered Cuban w/ the Odom deal. No one easier to con than a phony.

  • Joe Black

    There isn’t enuff botox and silicone in the world to justify marrying into the Kardashian family.

  • Arturo Ramirez

    What is everyone crying about. Mav got Odom for almost nothing. They lose nothing. Dallas thought they had stolen a player, wrong!

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    Joe Black: given that botulin can kill people exceptionally easily, yes, there is enough Botox to justify marrying into that family.

  • http://Jbnandfriendsjazztrio.us james Bottoms

    Lamar Has to make a decision on his life at this point on whether to return his focus on pro basketball and
    getting back in the gym and working hard again to get back to that player that he once was. If he has any pride left he will do this. Lamar make the choice either be a basketball player or a reality tv show clown.
    You cannot do both. That Family that he married into is poison Lamar use your head get smart.

  • tony dege

    Lamar is unfortunately just another floating around doing nothing to great NBA basketball multi- millionaire. no one needs him until he bottoms out and maybe plays like he did at the last Olympics

  • http://slam ellen dunnam

    It was obvious on the tv show that Lamar does absolutely nothing all day long. I think something is wrong with an employer to pay their employees for poor performance. Lamar had alot of time to keep himself in shape but Kloe has never had to work for anything. If shes laying around the house all day, he figures he can too. I think Odom may have married a Kardashian because he knows athletes arent good for very long. Hes got it made. If he wants to quit basketball and travel for the rest of their lives,they can afford it. These stars all say oh, how very hard we work” Bullsh^t!

  • bdogg

    i am not going to go tmz but if you are getting paid to ball..show up..at the end of the day he is getting paid to play a game..be professional. what does he want..he was ticked la traded him. you would think he would have some sort of motivation to prove a point he should not have been traded but he did nothing…we will see what happends when dallas buys him out. i am on Cub’s side on this one and i rarely say that!

  • http://gmail.com z

    nobody here thinks that the mavs were just a bad fit for odom’s game considering he plays the same position as dirk? also, i felt like pjax’s coaching style was PERFECT for odom’s game, as well as his personality, and had been curious during the lockout how well odom would adjust to mike brown’s system. I was encouraged by the fact that he’d still be playing with kob, pau, fish, and bynum, but the lakers try to get cp3, odom overreacts, and poof! there goes that…I personally think odom oughtta beg the lakers to take him back, or else go back home to the nyk for next season. i think odom’s head is still in the game, he’s still a really valuable player (though i’ll acknowledge the kardashians and their lifestyle can’t be good for his game)

  • http://gmail.com z

    bottom line is i’m still giving odom the benefit of the doubt for right now, but i’ll admit that i’m biased bc i’ve been a fan of his game since he was at RI