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Eddy Curry Uncertain What the Future Holds for Him in Miami

Not too surprisingly, the Miami Heat have had very little use for Eddy Curry this season, and the big fella no clue if he’ll have a job in South Beach next season (let alone if he truly wants one.) From Fox Sports: “As far as playing-wise, it hurts me that I’m not playing,’ Curry said. ‘Honestly, I feel like I did a lot to put myself in a position to be successful here, but it just hasn’t turned into minutes for me. But I think, on another note, my body is great. I’m continuing to lose weight, continuing to get myself in great shape. And that’s all I can really ask for. It’s a world-class organization here, and just to be a part of it, I feel extremely blessed and I’m still making the best of it.’ At one point last year, the 7-foot Curry weighed nearly 400 pounds and it was no certainty he ever would play in the NBA again. But the Heat took a chance on him, and he’s now below 300. But it hasn’t translated into minutes. Curry has played in just 13 games all season, averaging 1.5 points and 0.6 rebounds over 4.5 minutes per game. When the Heat signed free agent Ronny Turiaf last month, Curry dropped to fourth on the depth chart at center, also behind Joel Anthony and Dexter Pittman. Considering power forward Udonis Haslem recently has slid over to start some games at center and power forward Chris Bosh also moves at times to that spot, Curry’s chances to get meaningful time in the playoffs are all but nil. […] Head coach Erik Spoelstra spoke of a desire to have Curry return after he becomes a free agent. ‘He’s done a lot for himself to prepare him for next year, hopefully with us,’ Spoelstra said. ‘But he’s set the table for himself to resurrect his career wherever he ends up going.’ So that raises the question: Is Curry interested in returning to the Heat next season? ‘I don’t know,’ he said. ‘We’ll see what happens. I’m here right now. I don’t know what’s going to happen … At the end of this thing, I’ll sit down with (Spoelstra) and with (Heat president Pat) Riley and with my agent (Leon Rose).’ Curry didn’t disagree it could be difficult returning to Miami after playing so little. ‘Obviously, it’d be tough,’ Curry said. ‘Although I haven’t played and they told me I would play, it hasn’t shaken my confidence at all. They’re real hands-on here. Coach Spo talks to me about it and tells me what’s on his mind, and I tell him what’s on my mind. As long as that line of communication is open, I got to take them as men of their words. I have no complaints. Of course, I would love to play. Everybody would love to play.’ […] ‘Worst case, I’m in the best shape of my life, and I’ll take that,’ he said.”

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  • Rainman

    Good on him getting in shape. He’s gotta take the Heats offer this coming year, another team may not take a chance on him, but they heat probably will as long as they see continued improvement.

  • bike

    I stink like gorilla juice all day.

  • iknowmybasketball

    imo hes just a bit emotional that he isnt really apart of his teams success with him not getting to play as much its all good. there was an article a couple months ago with coach spo saying that hes still a project meaning the grueling schedule hasnt left much time for the coaching staff to really push eddy curry as hard as they would like. i expect him to come back and sign a slim 2 year deal. could be a low risk/high reward player in a perfect world.

  • BBaller

    If(when) the Miami wins the chip. Curry will be known forever as an NBA champion, poor Stockton, Ewing, Barkley and Malone.

  • IL Mago

    I think many team could take a chance on him, now that he is below 300. He’s not a restricted free agent, right?

  • Jerome

    Two words Curry. Cuban sandwiches.

  • Captain

    Donuts are what the future holds for Eddy.

  • ClydeSays

    It’s kind of unbelievable Curry has never bothered to set himself up with training program and a reasonable diet. He’s Pushing 30 now & is probably still a defensive liability and not in game shape. What a waste of talent…

  • anonymous

    cant believe that I just read somebody call curry a low risk, high reward asset. moronic. curry wouldnt even be in the nba, if it wasnt for the league`s fruitless future in big men. look whose all ahead of 7 foot curry, undersized power forwards trying to play the center position and by all accounts succeeding based on miami`s record due to the lack of decent size throughout the nba. hes low risk but his earnings are in the 5-to-6 figure range while contributing less than 5 minutes a game. If this was a guard struggling with the same issues year after year after year, he would have trouble finding a spot on a d-league team.

  • dan

    a guy who maybe was involved into the murder of his woman, who forced his former driver to get rid of towells into which he cummed, who asked his driver to watch him naked is able to continue his carreer as a famous athlete. only in america, baby. only in america

  • ab40

    They are looking for a bouncer at the new club at the arena in Miami so maybe he can apply for a job there and you know work for his money instead of just working out and not working for the still big bucks they pay you.

  • http://slamonline.com YKnoT

    Somewhere Oliver Miller is thinking “Damn I came up in the wrong era, I could’ve been an All-Star in 2013″


    The heat should trade eddy curry to the bobcats for a foot fetish

  • G

    There is no reason he should not have been playing the dude is a talent and they need a big man that can score down low.