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Kevin Durant Won’t Chase Scoring Title

With Kobe Bryant sitting out games due to a left shin injury, Kevin Durant has a chance to overtake him for the NBA scoring title (Bryant is averaging 28.1 ppg, Durant is putting up 27.8ppg), but the OKC Thunder forward would have to become something of a gunner to do so. KD says he’s unwilling to do that. From the Oklahoman: “Two-time NBA scoring champion Kevin Durant said he will not sacrifice team play for a chance at a three-peat. ‘I’ve noticed playing in this league for five years that if you force anything, that’s when bad results come,’ the Thunder All-Star forward said. ‘I never want to force nothing.’ [...] Bryant has missed the last five games with a shin injury and possibly might sit out the remainder of the regular season. If Bryant does not play again, Durant would have to score 184 in the final six games of the season, an average of 30.7 points per game, to pass Bryant (28.075 to 28.071) for a third straight scoring crown. ‘That’s hard to do in the NBA, man,’ a smiling Durant said of averaging 30.7 points the remainder of the season. ‘That’s the farthest thing from my mind. I just want to keep being efficient, that’s what it’s about. Doesn’t matter if I have 21 points or 30 points, I want to be efficient.’ [...] ‘I’m not going to sit him (Durant), but he’s not going to play the 37 or 38 minutes that he (usually) gets,’ Scott Brooks said. ‘If he can get it done (score enough points to win the title) in 28 minutes, then good luck.’ Brooks smiled and said, ‘We’ll go to him early … and often.’ Asked if he would do all he could to win a scoring title if it’s what his teammates wanted, Durant said: ‘That’s different then. It tends to sway you away from team concepts, and I think we’ve been playing good basketball all season on the offensive end, you know, so who cares? If it (winning a third straight scoring title) comes, it comes. If not, that won’t mean I had a bad year if I didn’t win the scoring title.’”

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  • Cheema

    He has really improved mentally from last year. Last year I thought he forced alot of situations that weren`t there. This year he is averiging less but is playing better and most importantly more effeciently. props to him.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    thumbs up if u remember david robinson going for 71 in the final game of the season to take home the scoring title in the mid 90s

  • Jer Dawg

    Durant is totally awesome. Nothing wrong if he said he wants scoring title. But team first and if it happens it happens. Kobe would say it doesn’t matter either but his play will say otherwise. If kb comes back he’s going to make sure he doesn’t affect his scoring average so of course he’s gonna score at least 28 to keep his #1 position.

  • bike

    No, but Kobe will. Bet Kobe comes back for a few games if KD starts putting up big numbers next few games.

  • Jay cutler

    The day Kobe slurpers and the man himself agree that this is the right way to play is the day we see some of his best basketball

  • thetalkingcomb

    And that’s how he will win it!


    bike you are so right. Kobe snatched a scoring title away from Melo one year chucking for a string of 40 and 50 point games while the Lakers, because he knew that was all he was winning that year.


    Id laugh hard if Kobe really went for it & blew his knee on the last game of the season.


    *for the Lakers


    Wow AQWORD, that’s two comments by you today, rooting for another player to get hurt. So douchey of you. Having a bad day?

  • abaci

    KD is the man

  • Michael

    you don’t know what you’re talking about. Kobe was playing teem ball that whole season to the point that it was hurting the team. They had two huge losing streaks that season and Phil told Kobe he had to start scoring again or they were going to miss the playoffs. He did that.

    He finished that season averagin 31.7 Carmelo averaged 28.9. It wasn’t even close.

    Winning 5 rings>>>>> Playing the right way.

  • ALD

    Kiss the Rings Biawwwches!!!

  • Dungeon Family

    @Jaycutler Worry about that Lame QB you reppin instead of Kobe

  • LA Huey

    co-sign ORANGE. It’s a punk move to wish ill health on ANY player.

  • Weapon X

    35 & 0 are beast!

  • Kane

    kd is a problem!!!!!!! & hes taking the tittle this year!!! & hes taking the scoring tittle (3peat)………i mean kobes nice but his pretty damn old ! lakers only chance is Andrew bynum. he gotta put in work !