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Rajon Rondo Has No Interest in Ever Playing in the Olympics

Two summers ago, Rajon Rondo famously withdrew from USA Basketball. Now, the Boston Celtics’ star point guard says he’d never want to re-join the Olympic hoops program. Per Fox Sports: “Rondo, who is one of the NBA’s top point guards and is averaging a league-best 11.3 assists, wasn’t one of the 20 players selected in January as finalists for Team USA’s 2012 roster in London. And even if another player were to possibly be added, Rondo, 26, said there would be no need to call him. ‘I’m not focusing at all on the Olympics. At all. At all,’ Rondo said. Rondo, who still would be young enough to play in the Games in 2016 or 2020, then was asked if he ever would have an interest in playing in the Olympics. ‘No, I don’t,’ he said. ‘I just don’t… Wondering why? I love my summers. I’ll leave it at that.’ Rondo didn’t help his standing with USA Basketball when he went overseas as a finalist with the World Championship team in 2010 before soon returning to the U.S. Rondo believes he would have made the team that eventually won gold had he decided not to bolt when the Americans were in Greece before going to the event in Turkey. ‘I decided to leave,’ said Rondo, whose departure was described by USA Basketball as one for family reasons. ‘I was homesick.’ Rondo said he never spoke to USA Basketball officials about possibly being a finalist for the 2012 Olympics. [...] ‘I don’t even know who’s on the list,’ Rondo said.”

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    because in the Olympics, you need an actual jump shot

  • cru_thik305

    ^^^did rubio have one?

  • jrod

    @MUBWAR He still a top 5 point guard OMG the world without a jump shot

  • jrod

    Typo In*

  • Joe mama

    ^^^Has Spain ever won the Olympics?

  • sadeye2507

    Yeah maybe he should spend those summers on working on his jumper. He aint gonna have 3 future HOFs on his squad for always…

  • jaye

    have you even watched a boston game?? rondo is knocking down the elbow jumper consistently… but then you’d know that if you actually watched a game instead of regurgitating what you hear equally clueless media hacks spout….

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    because…..there are better PGs out there.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Rondo can be used for Olympics as backup point guard. Rondo defense from the pg spot is spectacular. Defense wins games, not shooting. BOOK IT!!

  • tomtom

    U need a J? He would be a pass first pg on a team with Kobe, Dwight, bron and wade? And ur concern is that he wouldn’t make enough 15 footers? Logical.

  • Youngindy21

    There are much better PGs out there and he knows that. D-Will, D-Rose, CP3, Irving, Westbrook, Wall, and maybe even Curry.

  • jimmer

    RR is easily distracted, and easily stressed out. Routines, habits and peace and quiet calm him down. Right now Boston are in a good routine, with good habits, and no distracting noises. RR is playing well. International competition does not suit him. He knows this; he doesn’t need a summer of stressing himself out.

  • http://hoopdata.com/player.aspx?name=Rajon%20Rondo MUBWAR

    well since i don’t know what im talking bout let’s check the stats
    Rondo advance 2012 stats: at the rim: 59%, 3 – 9 feet 26%, 10 – 15 31% 16 – 23 39%.
    Jaye feel free to click on my name for more of those to get a clear idea of how horrible of a shooter he really is.

  • Heals

    Don’t know what funnier, that I agree with TheSeed or some of comments trying to slight him. Yeah there aren’t any future HOF’s on the Olympic team right? Curry and Wall over RR, good luck with that. Anyway this has as much to do with the competition for the spot as it does he felt they didn’t want him so he’s out. Right or wrong that’s how Rajon works, he’s very sensitive/reactive to any criticism or the feeling he isn’t needed…

  • Mike

    its a shame, his style of play would mesh well with a stacked olympic team.

  • celticspride

    The real issue that no one has mentioned is the fact that Rondo realistically would not even make the olympic team this year or the next. Just think about the other guards who he is competing against: CP3 (carrying the clippers to a 4 seed in the west), Deron, Westbrook, and even Rose (if he could ever stay healthy). While youth is definitely still one of Rondo’s assets, it doesn’t mean anything when the oldest point guard I just listed is only 27. I flat out dont believe he would make the cuts.

  • Dyce

    Youngindy, really dude? Irving, wall and curry better than Rondo? You must have lost it and from an actual facilitation stand point Rondo is better than D-rose and westbrook.

  • Too_Nice21

    Rondo is hands down the best PG, its not all abt shooting. And whoever put Wall, curry, and Irving in the conversation needs to stop talking basketball

  • DruNyce

    Cosign Heals. Saved me some typing. (about Rondo) Coack K disrespected him….

  • shuref00t

    ‘I’m not focusing at all on the Olympics. At all. At all,’ Rondo said. Unnecessarily repeating one self means they’re being overly defensive, and a tell-tale sign of a liar. Rondo would’ve probably said the same thing about this year’s All-Star game, when he was snubbed, but later replaced the injured Joe Johnson.

  • Old Long Johnson

    bunch of idiotic comments on here, wall better than rondo? youre an idiot.

  • LA Huey

    As someone mentioned, Rubio has no J and he does fine. A player of Rondo’s caliber could help Team USA but Rondo (at best) the 5th best American PG and Kyrie will be coming up the ranks quickly. Rondo might just be too strong-headed to play for Team USA.

  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com KHOLIDAY

    Youngindy must work for the Heat and be upset at what Rondo did to them last night because there is no way in HELL Irving, Wall, and Curry are better than Rondo. You sound foolish!

  • http://nba.com GP23

    Nash is better than Rondo.. and you can take that to the bank!

  • Too_Nice21

    Westbrook definitely, and I’m starting to think the same thing about Rose are lacking in the decision making department. Rondo is no doubt the best defensive PG, and no one runs a team like Rondo.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iF30WneDtQc Datkid

    Wall can’t be better than rondo by the time the next olympics rolls around? OH. and there’s a reason steph curry made the fiba team before rondo. ya’ll are sleeping on irving’s potential as well. SMH

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    A gifted pass-first PG (who plays lock-down defence) on a team stacked with ALL-WORLD finishers? Sounds like a recipe for success. I think it has more to do with his volatile attitude than it does his inability to knock down shots from deep.

  • http://nba.com GP23

    Well, I believe Nash is better offensively than Rondo.

  • @boweezy24

    Shumpert Is The Best Defensive Guard. Ha But Yeah Offensively, Steve Nash.

  • Dyce

    At this stage of the game Rondo can easily duplicate nash’s numbers.

  • greg

    westbrook is better than rondo??? idk about that, durant would prolly score 34 ppg on 50% shooting if he had rondo dishing out those dimes that keep ray allen and kevin garnett looking so good. if you have rondo on the floor guys like ryan hollins and marquis daniels become effective offensive players.

  • Drig

    Considering the ridiculous scoring that team USA has ( Kobe, LBJ, Wade, Melo, Dwight, Durant )……..I’d say only CP3 and DWill are a better and more complete fit than Rondo for the USA team. His passing and D fits the team like a glove compared to someone like DRose or Westbrook.

  • LP

    TOP 5 PGs: CP3, Deron, Rose, Nash, and open (for Westbrook, Irving, Rondo)… Sorry, if you need your PG to score a few nights, RONDO is not that guy… he isn’t capable of it… offense isn’t everything, but he doesn’t even have the option available in his game… (see MUBWAR stats)…and yall act like RONDO is a lock-down defender, you ever seen Rose or CP3 or Deron put him on skates???? all he does is reach and play passing lanes, he often gets burned….stop.

  • @boweezy24

    I Like CP3 and DWill Tho.

  • -Mas-

    TEAM SPAIN will win gold. They have two Gasol’s, One Ibaka, A really pg in Calderon, Rudy should be ready and the best player in Europe: Juan Carlos Navarro. So? Any doubts who’s taking the gold? Silver and Bronze are good too.


    good. now they can win a medal!

  • Jer Dawg

    Can’t blame him. He’s basically playing for free with compensation, like college. Food and shelter is provided, some per diem. He’s only raising his “brand” as a player, but he’s also not going to outshine the other guards on the team.

  • LP

    @Mas : You named Spain’s 5 “respectable” players, but those guys eventually have to sit down and be replaced by…..who?? TEAM USA has 12 players top to bottom, coming in and out the game that will destroy Spain’s bench and starting 5… CP3, Kobe, Durant, Lebron, and Dwight start, and will be replaced byyyyy Deron, Dwade, Melo, Kevin Love, and Chandler maybe… can you grasp that??? understand this. GOLD MEDAL.


    Mas u should be shot in the leg for comments like that. who is capable of beating a 1st team DWill Kobe James Melo Howard and a 2nd team of Rose Wade Durant Love and Chandler?

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com Seth

    I think he’s just hurt that he was gonna be cut (and instead left on his own terms). Either he’ll get over it and change his mind at some point, or he’ll hold a grudge forever. I wonder what he’ll do…

  • Kadavour

    @youngindy21: KILL YOURSELF for saying Westbrook (not even a PG), Wall (has tremendous potential though), Irving and Curry are better PGs than Rondo.

  • Drig

    @LP……….with things as they are right now, any good offensive C can cut down their defender or switch easily if they are dependent on one player to defend him. Stopping penetration of Cs requires spot on rotations. That’s the reason why you can see top PGs go off on each other so many times.

  • G Diesel

    I don’t think the team needs Zerxes (300) at this point, or at any point in the future

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    @ LP, so Rondo is a weak defender because elite pgs are able to break him down off the dribble? CP3 does that to everyone! EVERYONE!!! The best 1 on 1 offensive players will almost always get the best of 1 on 1 defensive players when isolated on an “island”. Did you see what a rookie AI did to MJ or what CP3 did to Lebron? Does that make them weak defenders??? That’s like saying Mutumbo and Mourning aren’t elite shot blockers because VC yammed on them!

  • LP

    I’m sorry, i don’t want my PG shooting <60% from the Free throw line. He has a huge hole in his game, I'm not saying he is terrible, but that huge whole is why he isn't TOP 3……Don't let the Fantasy Stats fool you…..Nash can't play D either, but…..well…2 MVPs.

  • abaci

    Rondo is too sensitive for his own good.

  • -Mas-

    SPAIN beat USA in the World Championships not so long ago and pueshed them to the edge in the last Olympics with a 16 year old Rubio and a not yet All-Star Marc Gasol. When it comes to the bench you got some young guns from the ACB that will land in the NBA soon enough and they all have a good 3 point shot. Even Fran Vasquez knew it would be better to stay in Barcelona than join the circus in Orlando. Sergio Lull…Segio Lull….Sergio Lull. Take note.

  • Too_Nice21

    Rondo is not sensitive he just doesn’t believe anyone is better than him and he goes at everybody. That’s why CP3 wanted to fight him a couple years ago cuz Rondo was getting in that ass like “you ain’t sh*t” n CP3 thought Rondo should’ve gave him respect. Rondo don’t give a fu*k on the court who you are, I respect that

  • 23

    everyone needs to stop the nash hate. yes we all know he is not gary payton. people act like nash was just an above average offensive player. but at the time of his mvps, and arguably now, he had the best court vision and passing ability, with a deadly shooting touch and very clutch. what other point guard OF ALL TIME has had the combo of best passer, best court vision, clutch, elite 3 point and midrange shooter and autmatic free throw shooter. not to mention he can get in there and penetrate the defense for easy layups or drop off passes that guarantee 2 points. i guarantee, that is a VERY SHORT LIST

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    -Mas- that’s just crazy talk . . . Team USA’s core is much more seasoned than they were last time. Who from Spain can even make this squad?! 1, maybe 2 Gasols at best.

  • Drig

    @23…….the question you should also be asking is which other point guard of all time is as bad on D as Nash is?? Don’t get me wrong, I love Nash on O and his court vision is definitely at an OMFG level. However, O is only one side of the game. However, I think if CP3/Deron get some titles ( they surely won’t have Nash’s longevity ) and maintain this level for the next half decade atleast ( very much possible ), I’d swap either of them with Nash.

  • Bt

    @youngindy wall better than rondo??? Haha. Wall is a much worse shooter than rondo (8% from three this year, around 42 or 43 overall. Rondos defence and passing is miles ahead of wall. Wall turns the ball over more than rondo. Wall Calls his teammates out in the media and dougies pre game indeed of showing leadership while rondo keeps his head down despite consent trade rumours. Wall is a better free throw shooter than rondo by that’s it

  • 23

    my point is nash’s offense is so off the charts, that his lack of defensive skill was a non factor to voters. lets be realistic, his offense is damn near perfect. offensively what weakness does he have? no post up game… thats about it. i do agree that defense is just as important. but when a player can perfect any aspect of the game, in nash’s case his passing and shooting, it leads to great things. does rose a great shooter? does rose have the best passing ability? no, yet he still became mvp. so a player doesnt always need to be well rounded to win an mvp as crazy as that sounds. plus i dont see rose as a top tier defensive player. and his shot selection and decision making is questionable. so dont act like nash is the only mvp in nba history who wasnt skilled in all aspects of the game.

  • 23

    rondo would have been a great fit, but him not competing in the olympics is kind of like saying…. we wont give you 1 million dollars.. but is $999,999.99 ok??

  • Fat Lever

    Wow, I’d take Rondo to run my team any day of the week. Everyone has a weakness, but to me, his strengths(D, passing, vision, rebounding, ability to run a team) far outweigh his one/two weaknesses(shooting and FT’s).

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    co-sign dyce

  • Mooney10

    If you get an invite to play for your counrty, you don’t turn it down plain and simple, unless you’re injured or there are extenuating circumstances, guys would kill to be on that team and rep USA, he’s not good enough anyway!!

  • mike

    Nash’s numbers are inflated due to the run n gun system he plays. Rondo wants to play more uptempo but at the moment his teammates are slowing down. Nash shoots the ball a little better but i’ll take rondo over nash all day everyday. The point guard is supposed to pass the ball and score when needed. Rondo doesnt need to score like other pgs playing on the team he’s on.

  • bike

    Sounds like he’s pissed about something that happened in the past. The Olympics aren’t for everyone—it’s their prerogative to decline for whatever reason.

  • adoyle2709

    Rondo is the best point guard in the league in terms of running a team, his jump shot is improving and if you watched the celtics beat the heat last night you would see this.He leads the league in triple doubles and assists(currently on a streak of 18 straight games with double figures in assists the first person to do it since stockton).He is the best PG in the league.He may not be the best player playing at the point guard position but in terms of being a point guard he is the best in the NBA.

  • adoyle2709

    not to mention he is the only one with a ring in which he played a big part in winning.^^^^^^

  • Shifty

    All you haters are stupid when it comes to his jump shot. 6’3 with 7 foot something wingspan. Hands bigger then lebrons. His body is unproportionate. You try shoot with that body. Also his shooting stats broken down in terms of in the paint 3 to 9 feet yada yada looks like Kobe. Big lols

  • Jerome

    @Dyce and Mike – Nash is as good a shooter as has ever been in the game. If Rondo could shoot as well as Nash still does he’d be #1 pg in the world easily.

  • http://www.twitter.com/gerardhimself Gerard Himself

    in response to the very first comment in this post (by MUBWAR): Jason Kidd wasn’t exactly a great jump shooter now was he? Check his track record with Team USA.

  • smoove

    thats fine, for all the rondo haters, mark my words when that jumpshot gets more competitive (btw he already improved it this year) he WILL be the best pg in the game, besides westbrook there is no other pg, rebounding, defending ,scoring and being a floor general ALL at once, for example .Rose is great scorer, thats IT.

  • Ash

    Man why do ppl have to turn this into a negative story. The man said he was homesick from the last Olympics he participated in..smh he’s a good pt guard one of the best if not best in the league. He’s not a good shooter but every other aspect Rondo excel in position.

  • http://slamonline.com Ugh


  • Marc

    Wall, Curry, And Irving better than Rondo? lmfao. I am a more of a fan of curry and irving than i am of Rondo but come on. You guys are talking about his jumpshot but if he’s a back up on a team that is STACKED with other shooters I think he would do just fine. Lets be real. You expect those players to all of sudden become better than him? Stop with the hate.

  • What

    adoyle2709 speaks the truth

  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    Rajon Rondo is severely under valued, and this is coming from a Lakers fan. I still can’t believe some one wrote D-Rose is a good scorer and that’s it, though. I guess it’s past their bed time when Bull games are actually on tv.

  • MustaphaM0nd

    “A gifted pass-first PG (who plays lock-down defence) on a team stacked with ALL-WORLD finishers? Sounds like a recipe for success. I think it has more to do with his volatile attitude than it does his inability to knock down shots from deep.”

    Just because they’re a better fit on paper doesn’t mean they’re a better fit in reality.

    Reality is that NBA players don’t care about team USA. For them its just an opportunity to hang out and mess around. If they’re not going to practice hard and develop some chemistry, a player who’s strong points are team attributes like passing, rebounding, and defense isn’t going to get utilized well.

    The coaches know this so they stack the teams with scorers.

  • Raseven7

    Rondo is a point god book it at 6-1 he’s triple double threat anytime he hits the floor defensive beast you cats that talk ish about him probably never played ball and only watch sportscenter.

  • rahnod

    wow…. rondo would have fit PERFECTLY on this team. he love dishing flashy dimes so just imagine him and all the top young, athletic scorers in the lead working together as a team!! hes still young so the way he said that may have sounded a little selfish. i mean, i would be pissed too i basically got cut, and because of that, he said he didnt want to participate in the olympics in the way he did to cover it up. its obvious.

  • Knowitall

    Um who even cares about the Olympics anymore? Rondo is a great point guard, he’s not a shooting guard! Dirty coach k hates Kentucky and Boston…Frack him

  • Celticsrock

    Irving, Wall and Curry? Yeah right. Rondo is the best PG in the league by far. All Rose does better than him is shoot and score, but it doesn’t matter becuase Rose is always injured!! About Curry, Wall, and Irving, did they make their conference finals? No. Rondo LED his team to the Conference finals and took the Heat to 7. Irving just entered the NBA. What makes him better? Wall, has had a losing record two years in a row. Is that what a best point guard does? No. CP3 didn’t go as far in the playoffs as Rondo, neither did Rose, or Deron Williams. The NBA is about winning. You might have LeBron, Kobe, D Howard, Rondo, and every other star in the league on your team, but if you don’t win it doesn’t matter. Oh, and by the way, THUNDER IN SIX!

  • ballinneverstops

    He has a better jump shot than all you people that are hating on him.
    He’s consistently hitting shot from the elbow. Watch one of his games, and stop being Hippocrates.

  • connor

    rondo is arguably the best pg in the league next to CP3 and rose. Westbrook is okay but has had trouble running the offense because he’s a shooting guard playing the point. Rondo should be on the olympic team but was not chosen because he had dropped out a few years ago. rondo can hit shots not only from the elbow but during the playoffs he made some threes, many of them being in the clutch. Even if rondo didnt take a single jumpshot if he was selected onto the olympic team he could still drive the lane, make great passes and find the open man, play terrific man-on-deffense, record steals, and rebound. N your telling me that someone who can do all that consistently isn’t good…

  • devon

    ok i think over half of the people commenting do not know a thing about basketball. o wow you watched the final game and listend to the announcers wow basketball fanatics. i would say that Rondo would fit nice into the team he is an amazing passer and he reads the defense well

  • devon

    Rondo doesnt have a kevin durant jump shot or a westbrook pull up but he dominates the passing game

  • Cory O’Doyle

    I don’t understand how there’s so many people underrating Rondo in these comments. He gets double-doubles in his sleep, and has the highest assist average in the NBA. As well as being one of the highest rebounding PG. He has great defense, and unbelievable ball control, and makes everyone around him better. He has good form and shows huge potential on his shot. Once he gets his shot down consistently, he will easily be the best PG in the league. But in my opinion he already is. Easily a top 3 PG

  • Pizzaman

    The problem is Rondo won’t get along with the other players

  • 4Rajon9Rondo4

    Ok, out of the pg’s for the olympics Rondo would be the best because they don’t need any more scorers and only steve nash can pass close to Rondo’s standards. But if your talking just NBA I think top 4: Rose, Westbrook, D-williams, Rondo. Best Passers: 1. Rondo 2. D-Williams 3. Rose 4. Westbrook. Scoring 1. Westbrook. 2. Rose 3. D-Williams 4. Rondo (Although was lighting it up in the playoffs) Rebounding 1. Rondo/Rose 2. Westbrook 3. D-Williams. Defense. 1. Rondo. 2. Rose. 3. Westbrook 4. D-williams. (very closely contested) Overall Playing. 1 Rondo 2. Rose 3. D-Williams 4. Westbrook. WHO AGREES?

  • 4Rajon9Rondo4

    I forgot CP3 Sorry! out of those 4 i think those are the stats

  • james wilkins

    Firstly…to some above comments about D-Rose, Wall ect ect….Are you off your rockers? Rondo is in my opinion the best point guard in the league today. He scores, passes, plays Defense, rebounds, steals he has limited tunrovers! What more could you ask for and those who say Paul, Kevin and Ray Allen won’t be with him forever ( Ray Allen being gone anyway…) they had one of their worst shooting fg%’s in their careea and they still made it to the Eastern finals when everyone said they are too old. Rondo came up big and you must be blind if you cannot see his true potential. Secondly, The Olympic team will consist of some of the greatest scores in Nba history and your worried Rondo can’t make a jump shot? If i’m correct in saying…he had the most triple doubles….scored 30+ against Miami on several occasions, and leads the league in assists. The fact his jump shot is less consitant compared to Ray Allen’s seems a very small flaw in Rondo’s game if he still can put up 30+….
    Rondo is unique..you cannot compare his game to the likes of D-rose and co cause they play differently. If i needed a point guard to score of course I would pick D-rose…but if Rondo wanted to play for USA du realy think they would turn him down? Er…no they wouldn’t it’s as simple as that. And it’s early but Rondo has HOF capability period.
    Hoped you liked my essay ;)

  • james wilkins

    Also 4Rajon9Rondo4 i agree with you ;)

  • David sidney

    Rondo is to good to go in the Olympics, There isn’t a challenge for him…..Simply the Best Team player Point Guard that i have ever seen.

  • Greg

    Rondo is def an interesting dude, to come out and state he would not join even if asked…how many people are that confident or arrogant or both? interesting indeed…I’m not hating…

  • http://slamonline.com Mars

    Still the one of the best.And i think this man just hates politics and B$ and he’s not afraid to say it.I know the deal. Rondo got heart.

  • hotheat

    rondo is an ass

  • Josh Smith

    Firstly Rondo needs to get over himself not only is it disrespectful to the league but he is disrespecting the place he calls home, the United States of America. how you gonna say i don’t wanna represent my country smh. now secondly its obvious that CP3 and Dwill are better than him i wont even get into that but firstly let me say that Nash is a better offensive player. thats not even debatable nash shot 50% from the field 40 from 3 and 90 from the stripe.. people say his D is bad an realistically it is but he still had more blocked shots lol (that was said sarcastically btw its true but really means nothing) all I’m saying is some of you guys are being fanatics (fans) or rondo and not realizing that yeahh he’s good but he’s not the best in the league Idk what anybody say’s to be the best you have to had all around game.. don’t make excuses for him not having a shot or being able to hit free throws at a decent rate. he’s just not the best.. btw the only category rondo was better than westbrook was assist.. be real with yourselves do you really want a player that can only pass? what would you rather 620 assist 630 points 95 stls 3 blocks 45% 24% 59% (FG, 3point, freethow) (rondo) or 362 assist 1550 points 112 stls 21 blocks 45% 31% 82% ( FG, 3point, FT) (westbrook)

  • trollers troll

    @MUBWAR – well you are just proving jaye’s point that you have never watched rondo play. He doesn’t like shooting jumpers cause he wants easier and open baskets that involves everyone in the team. When he decides he wants to shoot it he actually is very good… case and point Game 2 ECF. Those numbers u showed of him having horrible percentages… if you watch him then you would see that a lot of times he gets the ball with like 3 seconds and has to chuck it up. That doesn’t help your percentages. He isn’t a shooter like kobe or cp3. but that doesn’t mean he cant shoot. Watch the 2010 horse competition of him vs durant. He nailed like 5 3 pointers in a row.

  • wooow

    rajon rondo cant score??????????? uum mr 44 points.. averaging 17 points a game. while getting 12 assist you guys are plain stupid… who cares how you score as long as you score

  • mask

    Rondo makes amazing layups and even more outstanding passes he is clearly a top 3 point in the league and his defense is also stout. I do think Irving will be a top 3 point in a couple years if he can stay healthy.

  • BallsDeep

    Rondo is the shiz. Ya’ll idiots. Have you ever seen him play? He dominates!

  • Sean Roundtree

    He knows the real Jerry Colangelo, evil…