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Steve Nash ‘Very Disappointed’ Ricky Rubio Got Injured

Steve Nash is a Ricky Rubio fan, and is feeling bummed out that the exciting Spanish point guard had his promising rookie season cut short by a knee injury. From the Star Tribune: “Like just about everybody around the league, Steve Nash remembers being disappointed when Ricky Rubio went down because of a knee injury March 9 against the Lakers. ‘It hurt them, obviously, in a number of ways,’ Nash, in the Twin Cities with the Suns for Monday’s game, said. ‘One, it took away their main playmaker. And two, it hurt their depth. It’s not something anyone wants to see happen. And it’s a shame for the team. You never want to see that happen to anybody.’ Rubio is back in town after an extended stay in Colorado following surgery to repair two ligaments in his left knee. Nash, meanwhile, was in town for a nationally-televised game that would have featured two of the best pass-first point guards in the game. [...] ‘I was very disappointed for Ricky,’ Nash said. ‘He was having a very good rookie year, and he was an exciting player for our league, so it’s a shame. But he’s young. He’ll recover well, and he’ll be back this time next year and nobody will remember what happened.’ [...] ‘He gets a ton of respect for his ability, and what he brings to the game, and rightfully so,’ he said. ‘I think people around the country — and around the world — are excited for what he brings to the game.’”

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  • LA Huey

    As we all do

  • LakersFan85

    Man, Rubio was a bum. Never seen such trash in my life.

  • RickyRude

    Little bit late with the comment, Nash?

  • riggs

    send him a water bottle from your fountain of youth

  • Jimmers

    Rubio will be fine next year just like nash said. He should recover from this relatively well. Its just that, anytime you mess around with a knee you never know how that affects your mobility years down the line. But hey, Grant Hill and Steve Nash have had long careers after “mobility hindering” injuries. Grant specifically. And it looks like he never lost a step.

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    Jimmers: at least Rubio isn’t being handled by the Portland medical staff…

  • I’m J.J. Redickulous

    Lakersfan85: 10 points, 4 rebounds, and 8 assists a game. Sure his turnovers could be an issue some games but he made up for it with hustle plays and solid defense. He is deserving of the praise because he made the Timberwolves a lot better this year and will do so again next year.

  • RunNGun

    Rubio is better than any point guards the LAkers have right now.

  • LA Huey

    RickyRude, you do realize Nash is getting old, right? Common old people stuff

  • orso94

    “Never seen such trash in my life.”
    Smush Parker.

  • http://www.sonichurricane.com Guile

    Jimmers seems to forget that before his injury in 99 (or was it 98), grant hill was putting up lebron james like numbers accross the board, he was never the same after that.

  • Phamie

    Rubio will be the next Steve Nash, but he’s not better than Steve Nash!!!
    Mark my word.