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Andrew Bynum Uncertain of His Future With the Lakers

The Lakers have come out and said they’ll pick up the option on star center Andrew Bynum’s contract, but the young big fella couldn’t confirm if he’d sign a long-term deal this summer to remain in Los Angeles. Per ESPN: “I’m not sure,’ Bynum said after a lackluster, foul-plagued performance in the Lakers’ 106-90 loss in Game 5 of the Western Conference semifinals against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday. ‘It really doesn’t matter to me. I’ll play anywhere. I think for the most part I had a pretty decent season and an OK postseason, so we’ll see.’ Bynum, 24, averaged career highs with 18.7 points and 11.8 rebounds to go along with 1.9 blocks per game during the regular season while being named an All-Star for the first time. He maintained those averages in the postseason, averaging 17.3 points, 11.7 rebounds and 3.4 blocks coming into Monday, but struggled in Game 5, finishing with just 10 points and 4 rebounds while going 4-for-10 from the field. ‘Obviously we need more from him,’ Lakers coach Mike Brown said after the game. He pointed out that Bynum had zero offensive rebounds in nearly 35 minutes of playing time. Bynum has an option for the 2012-13 season worth $16.1 million that the Lakers must exercise by June 30 to retain him. Jim Buss, the Lakers’ vice president of player personnel, said last month that the team intends to pick up the center’s option. The question remains whether the Lakers will also pursue a long-term contract extension with Bynum in the offseason. ‘It’s going to depend on what the team wants to do,’ Bynum said of the extension. ‘I would definitely want to be a Laker. It’s going to be up to the team.’ Bynum’s agent, David Lee, said the Lakers control when and if those contract extension conversations will occur.”

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  • The Truth

    Bynum for Howard

  • Rik Smits Mullet

    Bynum For Joel Anthony

  • http://topics.mlive.com/tag/Eric%20Woodyard/index.html Eric Woodyard

    should of shipped his as$ out years ago when Kobe said to

  • Drig

    Howard doesn’t want to play here in LAL as it is right now. What part of is it difficult to understand lol? @topic, yeah. Even I’d be after his showing on the boards in game 5. Those stats are deceptive. He hasn’t played well at all sans about 2-3 games this post season. All of them were very solid / great. What’s worrying is that the rest were very poor.

  • http://aol.com The Iron Lung

    I swear I would take noah and gibson for bynum

  • http://Slamonline.com Rocksinmypants

    @the truth, NO

  • http://www.borntocompete.com Money$hot

    Bynum for Deron and Brook Lopez

  • IamYOU

    Definitely should come to MIA and boom instant Champions! not 1, not 2, not 3,not 4…

  • http://slamonline.com Datkid

    enjoy orlando fam.

  • kingcock

    bynum for bosh and battier

  • albert

    bosh for bynum

  • R32

    Nobody wants to play with Kobe.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Nobody wants to play on a team where more than 50%!!!!!!! of the salary cap goes to 1 player. I hope everyone realizes that’s how much Kobe is set to make for the next 2 years.

  • http://slamonline.com dma

    with kobe chasing that all-time scoring, nobody wants to play. we’ve all played ball before. when you’ve got a ball hog that doesn’t pass, nobody else is going to fight for rebounds, or try on defense because what’s the point? when your big men don’t get the ball, they’re not going to hustle.

  • Bruno

    and the last two comments come from two people that don’t play bball at all .. yeah you’re right

  • lakernation

    NOBODY WANTS TO PLAY WITH KOBE? thats like saying nobody wants to win…. come on now! Lets leave that up to the players in the league to decide. If Pau Gasol would of never came to Lakerland how many rings would he have?… i’m not saying thats the only team you can go to and win, all im saying is the dude is a winner. I bet if Lebron would of chose to go to the Lakers he would already have 1 in the bank. Whatever happened to players that just want to win, dont care about individual accolades such as STATS? lets get a big man that doesnt mind putting in work on Defense, also dont mind doing the dirty work as in getting BOARDS….BOARDS…OFFENSIVE BOARDS….DEFENSIVE BOARDS! thats the reason we lost. Not the fact that kobe loves shooting/ball hogging, because his job is to shoot. He’s the superstar… he’s not going to moveover and let someone take his place as the scorer/closer on the squad. WE DONT NEED ANOTHER KOBE! GOOD LUCK BYNUM IN THE FUTURE, but it looks like if you dont straighten your act up you wont be winning nothing in the future. and to DMA its a lot of big men that dont get the ball or havent got the ball that have contributed to hustling and winning… I.E. Dennis Rodman, Luc Longley, Ben Wallace, Joel Anthony, Kendrick Perkins, Eddie Johnson, Greg Ostertag… hell its not like bynum didnt know it was kobe team when he got drafted to the Lakers, Pau Gasol knew what type of player Kobe was, this not nothing new…. So what drives you not to do your job as a big man. This dude nearly quit playing not once but several times through out the playoffs.

  • whooo!

    Bynum is the worst teammate since Allen Iverson. But then you realize he grew up learning first hand from Kobe, who openly wanted him traded, doesn’t pass the reins of the team, pass the ball, and also throws you under the bus to the media. Look at how the Celtics and Spurs HOFers learn to adapt to emerging stars and work to mentor and gone them to carry the team. People want to play in LA for the city and bright lights, not to play with Kobe (except MWP, which says a lot)

  • lakernation

    @whoo! whatever its bright lights in New York, Chicago and Houston… No body says I want to play for bright lights where did you get that from? Im pretty sure Lebron didnt go to Miami for the city and bright lights.

  • http://slamonline.com Datkid

    allen iverson was a bad teammate?

  • Riggs

    @lakernation: “thats like saying nobody wants to win” ummm the lakers lost.

  • djnewtdog

    I am with DMA #TradeKobe is what I say… there’s no balance with the Lakers because you have one guy that shoots 2.5 times MORE than anyone else! Over HALF of Kobe’s games in the playoffs he shot BELOW 40%. If your team is slow and grind pace that means you are only gonna get 80 possessions… period. And when a guy takes 40% of your shots AND THEN shoots less the 40% – you are just going to lose. Not to mention the dysfunction when your shooting guard takes 10 seconds off the shot clock just to get a “dribble 10 feet away from the double team fall-away-in-the-corner-prayer”.

    Concerned Life-Long Lakers Fan

  • lakernation

    @riggs, u stupid bruh…. the Lakers are the most winning organization in NBA History BOOK IT! We have 31 finals appearances! we only had one season not making the playoffs in kobe’s career with the lakers, if that aint winning then i dont know what is.

  • Break Ankles

    @lakernation: Paul Gasol was acquired via trade under a multi-year contract. If boards are of concerned trade one of your allstar bigs for Reggie Evans. None of the big men you mentioned have the offensive skill set of Bynum therefore they focused solely on hustle. Bynum was drafted knowing his was playing on Kobe’s team but he has put in the work to develop into an allstar and deserves the ball for it. I guarantee if he got the ball on the consistent basis, Lakers would not be dealing with the maturity issues.lakernation you have no knowledge nor credibility. Get out of here.

  • lakernation

    @djnewtdog, TRADE KOBE? you can forget it…. like i said dude has won more than most people in the nba today why trade him? He just won the Lakers 2 chips just two years prior doing the same thing he’s been doing shooting 2.5 more than anyone else!… ARE YALL SMOKING CRACK! Just because he loses this year all of sudden you dudes want him traded STRAIGHT HATERS!

  • MacMan

    @lakernation: Paul Gasol was acquired via trade under a multi-year contract. If boards are of concerned trade one of your allstar bigs for Reggie Evans. None of the big men you mentioned have the offensive skill set of Bynum therefore they focused solely on hustle. Bynum was drafted knowing his was playing on Kobe’s team but he has put in the work to develop into an allstar and deserves the ball for it. I guarantee if he got the ball on the consistent basis, Lakers would not be dealing with the maturity issues.lakernation you have no knowledge nor credibility. Get out of here.

  • http://SLAM Godfrey

    My suggestion keep the Lakers starters the same as it is now… 2012 was
    a difficult transformation from the tringle..The Lakers appear to have grasped the concept of the new system. Don’t mess with the coach and starters They will be championship contenders next season…All they need is some attitude adjustments which will lead to cohesiveness as a team. Tweak or upgrade the bench…no more drama needed.

  • Fall Guy

    Kobe will not be traded as the salary is prohibitive….they need Deron Williams pretty bad…sessions is not the answer….somehow need to package Pau and steve Blake for Williams. Bynum situation is interesting but there are not many options if Howard does not want to come to LA. Possibly if the get d Williams then that could entice Howard but I think both are heading to Dallas. They may want to look at bringing Lamar back but only and i mean ONLY if he is in the best shape of his life.

  • vtrobot

    2nd most championships = “most winning”? Our definitions of winning must be different.

  • http://yahoo joe fesler

    bynums a big lazy child. I think he’s had the best year possible. Next year, no matter where he plays, he’ll still be a big, injury prone kid, who only plays when it suits him.

  • http://yahoo joe fesler

    And just so everyone knows……..The lakers are gonna be week for at least 5 years.!

  • http://yahoo joe fesler

    p.s. Laker fans are too bias to recognize the truth.
    I’m just sayin….I know a few, there all the same breed.

  • art

    keep pau trade bynum he doesnt want to work hard just cry you big baby

  • saeed

    u guys are stupid with this kobe is a “ball hog” crap
    do u know the michael jordan averaged 3 more shots per game than kobe has over his career. kobe 19.6 FGA per game, MJ 22.9 FGA per game. so if kobe shoots too much than MJ shot way too much too. and heres another one u guys would never expect lebron james averages more shots than kobe per game!!! lebron 20.4 FGA per game. check the numbers homie stop hating on kobe all he ever does is win basketball games

  • http://yahoo Alvaro

    KOBE WON RINGS BECAUSE OF SHAQ AND TREVOR ARIZA. He is the steve kerr of that choke dirty team simple as that. Tell me, how many rings would he have if shaq nor ariza played with his sorry ass?

  • Haters gonna hate

    @joe fesler: I’ll bet you said the same thing when Shaq left lol. Then the Lakers won 2 more! And to say all Laker fans are the same breed … you can take that nonsense elsewhere. Laker fans are used to winning, that’s what the purple and gold do. Only Boston has won more titles but we’ll catch them, surpass them, and laugh as the Laker haters keep spouting hate as we raise banner after banner. The problem isn’t laker fans, it’s haters that are so angry with their teams failures that they look elswhere for attention. And where is it directed, L.A. Go support your team or if you want to be happy, become a Laker fan. Join up now and you won’t be considered a bandwagoner ;)

  • Haters gonna hate

    @joe fesler: I forgot to mention that you are absolutely right about Bynum. He thinks he’s better than he is and personaly I doubt he’ll ever have the mindset it takes to win a title. I’d take Tyson Chandler over Bynum any day.

  • Ben

    I don’t know why people complain about Kobe. Kobe is a good player. He can makes those hard shots and make it in. That’s why Kobe’s teammates always gives him the ball when they’re down by 1 or 2. Yeah, it doesn’t always go in because every shot doesn’t go but I don’t know anyone in the Lakers who can make a clutch shot besides Kobe.

  • gw

    bynum is a lazy suck, he has too much kid in him. the way hes going he will be 90 before he grows up. pau is lazy unless you light a fire under his ass. sessions is worthless, not to mention most of the bench. let me see game 5, sessions and the bench had what 13 or 15 points. still need to get rid of the gm and coach start over. get rid of the bench except hill and barns. everyone else can stay. bynum either needs to commit himself or he will be poor after a year of retirement. odom should come back and start, i hope okc wins it all. oh yeah, NO the team doesnt like this coach, brown and cupcake is the biggest problem

  • karydaball

    ummm, hello? Next year, they will be a year older. OKC is very young and just coming into its prime. So long as that team stays together, they have overtaken the the Lakers and will continue to pull away. Fact is, there is no answer in this league for that number 35…

  • karydaball

    CB on TNT made some interesing comments the other night. Kobe makes a lot of tough shots. The man’s a stud. But he won’t win another unless the lakers learn to move the ball. When these games were on the line, he was either too exhausted of too well defended to close like he has in the past. He takes a lot of unnecessary tough shots.

  • Dungeon Family

    @joefesler just like your spelling is WEAK

  • qwqwq

    Bynum and Gasol for Fisher , Odom and Phil Jackson

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    This thread just proves my theory that the absolute stupidest comments come from anything Lakers/Kobe/Bynum related. Not even LeBron’s legacy gets us to this pathetic level.

  • lakernation

    @macman & breakinankles i know Pau Gasol was traded to the Lakers dummies, I only asked the question if Pau Gasol wouldnt of came to the Lakers would he have two rings? Read and comprehend morons.

  • blahblabh

    I think the problem with the lakers is the Bench…. Lakers Bench Fu*&@n sucked this year they barely made any points, if you idiots didnt remember kobe made nearly half the points for the lakers game 5 vs OKC… and bring back Lamar Odom and Phil Jackson if you can.

  • tolakerhaters

    marc gasol & zach randolph for bynum, paul gasol and matt barnes

  • Justin05

    Tolakerhaters, that would be a horrible trade for la holy shit

  • Leo

    Andrew is one of the biggest babies in the league.

    What a waste of talent.

  • anita smith

    this is too much fun just reading all the comments -what’s to be will be – git it?