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Brian Scalabrine To Pursue Coaching Career?

Brian Scalabrine told the Boston Herald that he’d like to play in the League for “as long as I can.” But since his contract with Chicago will be up next month, Scal has been considering his options on the sidelines: “At 34, he has had ample time to consider his hopes and options. During his five years in Boston, Scalabrine seemed to go back and forth on whether he’d pursue coaching. But that now seems like his direction. ‘What I’ve realized as I’ve got older is that coaches have a lot of control over what goes on, but it’s hard,’ he said. ‘In the NBA, sometimes you get dealt a bad hand or you’ve got a team that turns on you. That didn’t seem like a life that I wanted to live or a road that I wanted to go down. But with talking to our coaches (with the Bulls) and even with Doc (Rivers), it’s more about the relationships you build. Doc’s relationship with Kevin (Garnett) and (Rajon) Rondo and even me, who never really played much — those are bonds. I still have a bond with Doc. I think that’s the thing that’s kind of pulling me back toward (NBA coaching). It’s that camaraderie that you get with a team in basketball.’”

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  • Henron.

    Will be a better coach then Phil Jackson.

  • swag


  • PnoyVibe

    Make it 16 championships Scal

  • http://www.google.be/imgres?q=NO!+meme&um=1&hl=nl&sa=N&rlz=1C1AFAB_enBE454BE454&biw=1600&bih=763&tbm=isch&tbnid=L3l0ZW3D5dDSDM:&imgrefurl=http://forthesakeofscience Max

    He’ll be the best coach ever!

  • oliver miller

    Would wake a great add to any coaching staff.

  • oliver miller


  • oliver miller


  • fruizm

    Does anyone know what is his career high in points?

  • http://www.google.be/imgres?q=NO!+meme&um=1&hl=nl&sa=N&rlz=1C1AFAB_enBE454BE454&biw=1600&bih=763&tbm=isch&tbnid=L3l0ZW3D5dDSDM:&imgrefurl=http://forthesakeofscience Max

    Yes, he’s that good!

  • dannyb

    Those who can’t, teach.

  • Rrfanatic

    Has more ring than lebron

  • Scalabrine for MVP

    He should do it. He’s already the best at everything. Why not add being the best coach ever?

  • http://ZOGS1.COM ZOGS1


  • Yesse

    Ohh, come on. He still got like 2 years left and he will keep on DOMINATING!

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    1. If Scalabrine has more rings, why is Jerry Sloan considered a better coach?
    2. Scalabrine once gave a piece of advice to Pierce. One second of coaching/one championship. Efficiency.

  • fruizm

    Speaking of Scalabrine…what ever happened to Mark Madsen??

  • Hobo Man


  • http://dwightfreeney.com Scalabrine for MVP

    Cosign hobo man LOL at that name

  • http://Somethingsomething. Ugh

    One of the highest win percentages as a starter in NBA history.

  • MikeC.

    Veal Scalabrine is the man. Celtics should have never let him go. They should have kept him and traded for Matt Bonner and Blake Griffin. Having all the league’s gingers on one team has to guarantee a championship.

  • bigA

    I don’t think he’s that great.

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    If he can get players to respect him, he’ll be a fine coach.
    He looks as the type that can really get in someone’s ass if need be.

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    Philo, that was horribly phrased…

  • iknowmybasketball

    i heard scal set the nba record for most 5 fives given after game 4 of the sixers which currently sits at 3,421,888 and counting…

  • http://slamonline.com The Philosopher

    I co-sign…

  • hushabomb

    The worse part is when the crowd starts screaming “SCAL-A-BRINE” and instead of wearing warmups, he tears off his own suit and checks in.

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ


  • sparco416

    after his team wins more championships than celts and lakers together, they’ll change the name from Larry O’Brien to :: The Scalabrine-White Mamba Trophy ::