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Contest: Win a New Era Brooklyn Nets Hat

Leave a comment, win a fresh 59Fifty hat.

With help from Jay-Z, who influenced the design of the team’s logo, headwear manufacturer New Era has created a new Brooklyn Nets line of their classic “59Fifty” caps, which will surely be one of the hottest lines of the year. The new line is the latest example of how New Era successfully blends sports and lifestyle through its clothing, as these fitted hats are already in high demand. Fortunately for us (well, you), our good friends at New Era sent us a few of the brand-new, super-fresh caps (pictured above), which we’re ready to give away.

To win, all you have to do is leave a comment (please provide your real email address) stating a bold prediction for the 2012 Brooklyn Nets. For example: What will happen with Deron Williams? Will the Nets finally have enough to acquire Dwight Howard? Will the team be surprisingly better, or worse, than its cross-borough rival? How soon will they reach the Playoffs?

In under 100 words, get creative, make a plausible prediction, and state your case. Two winners will be picked by tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon, and contacted later this week. Good luck!

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  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    brook lopez will avg 18 rebounds per game and ask dwight how his a$$ tastes

  • Brooklyn We Go Hard

    The Nets will sign Deron Williams an extension. Their record will be slightly better than last years due to a new location and a better fan capacity. The new arena will provide a spark to the players and the fans will be rooting louder than ever. I believe the Nets will split the season series vs the Knicks next season. Let’s go Nets!

  • Steve the cannon

    MarSwag Brooks will develop into an all star and he will get free agents to want to come to the nets. Also watch the throne 2 will be the nets logo next year

  • LA Huey

    Deron will stay. They’ll finally get Dwight for Lopez. Nets take regular season series from Knicks 3-1 and make the playoffs.

  • Zabbah

    Deron will stay, strong role players will be signed and they will get out of the second round, something the Knicks still won’t be able to do.

  • LouisVuittonDon

    Deron williams is going to leave the city and dwight howard won’t come either. The nets will sign some solid, mostly young players and will transform into one of these no-superstar-needed teams. They will play unselfish, good old and most of all underrated team basketball and they will make the playoffs as an 8-seed. If everything goes right they might be able to pull an upset in the first round of the playoffs.

  • ALD

    deron and dwight will team up in BK. It will cost the nets lopez, marshon brooks, and a 2013 first round draft pick. But lucky for the Nets, Eric gordon signs with BK in the offseason for 3 years. And the nets will finish third in the East conference.

  • DJones83

    The Nets will win the draft lottery and draft Anthony Davis..They will also re-sign Deron Williams and trade Brook Lopez, Kris Humphries, and Marshon Brook to the Magic for Dwight Howard. The Nets will have one of the best defensive teams in the L with AD, Howard, and G. Wallace manning the front line and will make the playoffs next year as a 6 seed.

  • Matthew Richardson

    Brooklyn Nets will get a MVP worthy season from Deron Williams and Marshon Brooks will become a recognized all-round deadly scorer. During a strong season they will battle for the 6th spot in the Eastern Conference with Boston. They will go into the playoffs strong getting much help from a deep bench but Deron lack a second superstar to get past Miami, they will lose in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.

  • Daud Ali

    The Nets will lose D. Will but will sign Steve Nash and acquire D12. They’ll also acquire some veteran pieces like KG or Ray Allen. In the end, they’ll finish above the Knicks in the Atlantic division and the beginning of a long rivalry. And, of coarse, they’ll make the play-offs first time around. #BK

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Deron and Dwight will finally happen. That, or the Orlando Magic get so pissed at Dwight that they just trade him to… the Raptors =)

  • logues

    deron williams will stay, they will get howard, and will land the number 1 draft pick and get anthony davis. howard and davis combine for a near 10 blocks a game and absolutely dominate the paint. they end up defeating the heat in the playoffs and knicks in the playoffs and make it to the nba finals but lose to the thunder

  • VC

    I already bought a fitted to show support for my team (the nets logo one) so winning this one would be sweet. Deron will stay, they will get dwight from a sign and trade from the Orlando Magic over the summer. They will take the series from the Knicks and will make it to the playoffs as a 7th or 8th seed.

    I will support the Nets no matter what happens though. True Fan through thick and thin

  • http://www,slamonline.com S-Mills

    In the off-season Deron Williams leaves for the Mavs and Dwight stays put in Orlando. Hump is amnestied as Yeezy finally has Jay “drop him from the team”. Left with a less than stellar line-up Jay-Z signs Iverson and Starbury in an attempt to just sell tickets. Seeing it as there last chance at redemption in the league they both go h.a.m. While sharing co-mvp honors they propel the Nets to a 7th seed only to be bumped in the second round of the playoffs.

  • Nets in brooklyn

    DWill will return to the Nets because he has said time and time that he likes everything about the team except for its lack of good players. There’s really no other team that can offer him the same amount of money, exposure and potential. The Nets have cap space and tons of cash from their owner, Prokhorov. They play in Brooklyn which is an attractive place to free agents. They have a young team with room to grow, compared to, say, Dallas. He will stay.

    As for the rest of the team, they will skip on the Dwight Howard drama this time around and focus on getting a winning team in Brooklyn by building it the right way, with good, complementary pieces. Veteran players like AK-47 will be signed to provide the energy, defensive intensity and grit that a team in Brooklyn needs and deserves.

  • Nenette Seaux

    I feel the team will be so much better, have a great day!

  • http://soulbanger.tumblr.com tapion

    the brooklyn nets fans will drown out the knicks fans in their first head to head matchup at barclays. the nets will make the playoffs as a 5th seed next year as long as they’re healthy. deron stays, nets get a top 3 pick and trade it and brook for dwight. then gerald wallace resigns with the nets. marshon avgs 16ppg after working on his game this summer, deron leads the league in assists with dwight and marshon killen em.

  • http://soulbanger.tumblr.com tapion

    and obviously better than the knicks. bc they’d be constructed as a TEAM.

  • Sahil

    The Nets will go into Brooklyn with Deron Williams and Dwight Howard, and TAKE OVER NY.

  • Jimmy R

    The Nets are gonna get KG and Ray Allen, keep Deron Williams, and lose in the Eastern Conference finals. And Spike will be at every game after the all-star break, officially making his new favorite team the cross-town rival

  • Jimmy R

    actually, Spike’s first official game as a nets fan will be when they play each other, and he’s going to take off his jacket with a D-Will jersey on underneath.

  • jpm34

    The ping pong balls fall their way, they get Anthony Davis. Deron then re-signs. Josh Smith wants out of ATL gets dealt for Brook Lopez. They build forward from there without Howard and squeeze into playoffs next year as 7 or 8 seed.

  • Ryan

    Jay-Z will be forced to re-sign Cam’ron…… at shooting guard. They will also buy out AK-47. Not Andrei Kirilenko. An actual AK-47.

  • Tyler

    Deron Williams goes to Dallas, Dwight does not sign with New Jersey. They end up with the 4th pick and get Thomas Robinson. They start Robinson and Lopez down low. They finish as the 3rd worst team in the NBA, but Robinson shows some potential.

  • rob stewart

    The Brooklyn Nets will not get DWILL but they will get Dwight Howard. But to everyone’s suprise they will also get Jeremy Lin and they will form the best point guard and center combination since Penny and Shaq! Superman Linsanity begins in Brooklyn!!!

  • MoSlamaJama

    Assuming Deron Williams is not like Dwight, will have no indecision and leave the squad this off-season to join his home town Mavs. The Nets will have a similar season the way my home town Raps had when they lost Chris Bosh. Marshon Brooks will step up in a way that Demar DeRozan did and put his team on his back. In my opinion, Brook Lopez is going to have a similar season DRose had this year and end up injury prone. Nets will win some games they should have lost and lose some games they should have won this season. In a sense, they won’t be the worst team next season *Cough* Bobcats *Cough* but be in a rebuilding mode, similar to what the Timberwolves went thru. Dwight Howard is going to have another indecision moment and end up signing long term with the Magic as soon as they acquire Steve Nash. All in all, a couple draft picks, some vets, and nice draft picks, the Nets will be back in the fight for the 8th seed. AND OH YEAH, KRIS HUMPHRIES IS STILL GOING TO BE BOOED NOW THAT HE IS IN BROOKLYN lol

  • Doug

    The Brooklyn Nets get Deron Williams and lose their draft pick. They sign strong supporting players like Gerald Wallace , Ak-47, and KG .They sweep the season series with the knicks and finish 4th in East. They lose in EC semis with consecutive sellouts.

  • TTWS3

    Deron Williams coming back and The Nets acquiring Dwight Howard AND wait for it…..KEVIN LOVE!!!

  • Jesse Sloane

    The Brooklyn Nets will acquire a top three protected draft pick in the lottery. They will then trade their top three draft pick to the Orlando Magic for Dwight Howard. After Dwight Howard signs with the Nets, Deron Williams will follow. The Nets will go on to make the playoffs for the first time since 2007.
    LET’S GO NETS!!!

  • Sauly

    I think the Brooklyn nets will become really popular next season. Even if they don’t play better or worse they are going to have a brand new range of fans who so excited to go and watch there brand new team play.

  • Domonic Sawyers

    The Nets will get the #1 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, draft Anthony Davis, Deron Williams will stay, they will sign Kevin Garnett and O.J. Mayo, resign Gerald Wallace, and this team will AT LEAST make it to the Eastern Conference Finals. Eventually, they will become a solid championship team! It’s the BROOKLYN WAY!

  • arvel

    The Nets will keep Deron Williams, trade for David Lee and Stephen Jackson. They will win 43 games and be the 7th seed in the playoffs. They will also be top 3 in home attendance.

  • arvel

    The Nets will keep Deron Williams, trade Humphries, Shelden williams and Gains for David Lee and trade Anthony Morrow and a draft pick for Stephen Jackson. They will also retain the top 3 draft pick with the third pick and select Thomas Robinson. They will win 43 games and be the 6th or 5th seed in the playoffs. They will also be top 3 in home attendance.

  • http://facebook.com/ineedmymusicmaan Albert Peña

    The Nets will retain their #3 overall pick, and will acquire AK-47 to tag team with Crash Wallace in a formitable SF/PF duo. AND make the playoffs.

  • Aditya Brahmbhatt

    The House That Deron Built! As, Stephen A. Smith said, Brooklyn is going to TAKE OVER NEW YORK! Deron Williams WILL resign but I don’t think we will get Superman this offseason. Hello Brooklyn?!? Nah, HELLO NEW YORK! The Brooklyn Nets will finally be better than the New York Knickerbockers! It will be East Coast Lob City ALL DAY with D-Will and Gerald Green! Marshon Brooks will average 20 ppg! Can someone say Playoffs?! The House that Deron Built in full effect, as the 2013 Nets playoffs will roll into the Barclays Center! BROOKLYN WE GO HARD!

  • Shaun

    The brooklyn nets will have the #1 record in the division. The reason for the quick turnaround will be that Lopez & Deron Williams will not miss a single game due to injury. Injuries to key players and an unstable roster is what has made the NETS a lottery team, they will dominate when they stay healthy.

  • Dbuff13

    Deron Williams goes to The Lakers and Lakers get D Howard nets are worst team in the League

  • Jesse Sloane

    The Nets will get a top three draft pick in the lottery and trade that pick to the Orlando Magic for Dwight Howard. Deron Williams will follow Dwight and sign with the Nets. The Nets will make the playoffs and have a great season.

  • Tony

    Nets lose their draft pick to the Portland
    Nets send a Future 2nd rounder and cash to the Atlanta for their pick and draft Fab melo.
    Sends Farmar, Petro, Houston Top 16 pick for cap space.
    With the 57th pick in the draft we draft J’Covan Brown
    Deron Resigns for Max contract
    Gerald Wallace resigns for a 3-year deal at a flat 8 million per year
    Ak47 signs for 3-year contract at 5 million a year.
    Resign Hump to a 3 year deal worth 6.5million a year
    Go over Cap to resign Lopez at 11 million over 4 years.

  • Hamzah Gouhar

    Deron williams will come back to the nets. He says he likes the team, he just wants to win. The Nets will finally acquire Dwight Howard. He has had enough of orlando. Brook lopez will have a great season and the Nets can get to playoffs. They will be able to beat the Knicks with the help of new players. Kevin Garnett might come to the team. Nets will do great all u have to do is believe. Brooklyn we go hard!!!!!

  • Mario

    We finally get the Nets back in NYC! The Dr would be proud with his old ABA team going back home, lets have a good season!

  • Mario

    And one more thing, Nets playoffs! and Gerald Greene will do a dunk that will shock the world again (HEAD OVER RIM)!

  • http://Paradiice.com Kishan

    Brooklyn nets will have a though time packing the arena towards second half of season as they will lose superstar deron to the Dallas mavericks.. Im going out and making a bigger prediction and saying Dwight is also going to Dallas to only leave the nets worse than last yet. Nets won’t make the playoffs for atleat 2+ years and will have to watch their rivals Knicks in the playoffs from their homes. Sorry to say, but it’s true

    Sorry Jay Z.. Should been a part of the heat!!

  • http://Paradiice.com Kishan

    Mark Cuban is a business man. It’s the new big 3 of the west, Triple D’s::::::::Dirk, Dwight, and Deron

  • lucas soileau

    The Nets have a block buster free agency period as they re-sign deron williams, they also complete a sign and trade with the magic, sending Gerald Wallace brook lopez and picks to the magic for dwight Howard, they bring in iryan illasova to sure up the 4 spot, bring in j.r smith to help the bench, the Nets make a deep run in the playoffs being able to stop the forces of lebron and d wade

  • Joe Wilkie

    The Nets will make the finals. Better yet they will reach the second round on the back of Brook Lopez. Brook is one of the most under-rated players in the league, who has the potential to build a Tim Duncanesque reputation. He will come into his own next year and become an all star. Deron williams will leave the nets for the former world champs but the nets will “net” a surprise in the draft that lifts them to past 0.500. The nets will surpass every expectation next season and please the fans from their new home in brooklyn.

  • DJ Promy

    I think they’ll hit the ground running in BK. Next month, I think they’ll buy a late 1st round pick & use it on a big. I think Deron will stay, they’ll re-sign Lopez, Hump, & Green then bring some vets in THAT CAN PLAY. They have a nice mix of talent already, injuries just ravaged this team before they could get started. If they are healthy they should get a playoff spot, how far they go… we’ll see.

  • joe1497

    the nets will make the finals. better yet they will make the 2nd rd. brook lopez is currently one of the leagus most under rated players in the league, with the potential to create a tim duncanesque reputation and be a prolific all star.it is on his back that the nets will ride to the playoffs. this is all surprisingly without deron williams out front, who will go back to his hometown in a failed experiment that ends up with him leaving before the trade deadline. marshon brooks will come into his own and lead the league in 3pters made.get ready for a dynasty brooklyn!

  • Stephen

    The Nets will have the coolest logo and jerseys in the league.. however they will lose Deron Williams to Dallas and have the talent of an expansion team. The Nets will have the worst record in the league and truly open the Barclay’s in 2013 after signing Dwight Howard and drafting Shabazz Muhammad.

  • heywood j

    DWill always said the nets are a playoff team if healthy. I see Williams returning (because we all know Dallas is just to old. And where else would he really go?) nets lose out on a top draft pick, retain the same group of players while adding some solid defensive players like ak47 or garnett. They will begin under the radar but make it to the playoffs with Dwill, brooks and Lopez making all star appearances and thanks to a healthly team and a unselfish defensive gameplan. The nets will be the talk of the NBA and have a decent playoff run due to lack of quality teams out east, a new energized fan base and good coaching. I also see Gerald green in talks for sixth man of the year and lopez (with the help of a great PG to reinvent his game) will win most improved player award. Go NETS!

  • Lucas

    Deron Williams comes back to the nets, around the same time dwight forces his way out saying he won’t sign ext. The nets do a sign and trade of wallace, and humphries and ship them along with lopez and picks to for Dwight. They go out and sign illyasova to sure up the front court, they also bring in Ray Allen and J.R smith to equipt the team with shooters, Marshon develops into a stud and Gerald Green becomes key role player!! The nets get 3 seed and have a showdown with knicks for battle of NY.

  • Sam Walker

    The Brookly Nets will miss he playoffs by 4 games. they will Resign Deron Williams to a multiyear deal.. in a disgruntled mood with his current employer(Still) Dwight will demand a trade no matter what the Nets have to give up.

  • IamYOU

    I’ll tell you what happen. Because of that hat, Deron Williams will get back to the Nets(The Brooklyn Nets) and they will sign Luke Walton and Brian Scalabrine and will win Next NBA Championship AMEN!

  • Mike

    The nets will sell more jerseys tees and hats then any other team in the league… Especially after landing d12!

  • V

    The Nets will sign DWill for an extension RIGHT AFTER they trade for Dwight Howard and resign Anthony Morrow, Jordan Farmer and Sasha Vujacic, while having there amazing coach Johnson come back for 5 years because their owner = AWESOME. The Nets will therefore IMMEDIATLEY be a title contender because they now have all the pieces to become one and seriously challenge the HEAT. Brooklyn will flourish as an NBA market and constantly bring fans to fill up the seats. JAY Z will attend EVERY GAME and be the biggest SUPERFAN in the NBA, even better than SPIKE LEE!!!!

  • v1nceliz

    Deron will go to play for dallas. Dwight will stay with Magic. So Nets will try to grab Beasley and Mayo. Will make run for AK47. Resign Morrow, Green, Lopez.

  • mlbentovim

    After fifty-five long years, big league sports returns to the Borough of Brooklyn. And this is only the beginning. Mark this down: The Islanders will call Barclay Center their permanent home in three years. The top brass at MSG may not like it, but they won’t be able to stop it. If LIU can have a branch in Brooklyn, then the Islanders can come to the greatest sports arena since Ebbets Field. From Canarsie to Flatbush to 770 Eastern Parkeay, they’ll come from far and wide to hail the presence of the NBA, the NHL, and who knows..? to the eternal home of the real Dodgers!

  • Steve. G.

    Brooklyn Nets will be a better team than the New York Knicks. Deron Willaims will be a Brooklyn Net. If we get the top 3 pick(protected) this team will have a lot of potential. With the Russian owner’s connection in Moscow, he will bring very good role players to Brooklyn. We will get Dwight Howard and nobody will want to face this team. We are able to keep Brook Lopez as well, this team will be unstoppable. If we can get Steve Nash to back up Deron Williams, Dwight Howard will have a field trip above the rim. The home fans of Brooklyn will be on their toes for every game as the best borough in New York City finally gets their team to root for. Brooklyn Nets with its serious looking black/white logo will be like the Yankees of basketball and bring many championships to Brooklyn.

  • Dustin Veurink

    The Brooklyn Nets will get Linsanity!

  • Mike

    Nets starting 5 to appear on Slam cover predicting an NBA title within 3 years.
    Brooklyn Nets: Champs by 2015. Count on it.

  • Mark Elshaw

    OKC THUNDER will only lose 1 match in its first NBA CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE, DURANT MVP, Royal Ivey to Avg more points in PO’s than the regular season.

  • http://slamonline.com Eldon Khorshidi

    Thanks a lot for all the great entries! We’re closing comments now and winners will be contacted by someone from the staff shortly…