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David Stern Wants a 23-and-Under Age Limit in the Olympics

NBA Commissioner David Stern isn’t satisfied with just having an age limit in his League, he wants one in international competition as well (but with a twist.) Per EOB: “Speaking on ESPN Radio, Stern said he would be in favor of making a new age restriction on who can participate in the basketball tournament. ‘My own view is that post-London, we should be thinking about even what soccer does and make it 23 and under,’ Stern said. Stern said the league doesn’t try and encourage players to play though. ‘No, we stay out of it,’ he said. ‘The problem is that it’s so [ingrained] into the international players that they just always play. And so we were contemplating, even back in the day when we thought we maybe wouldn’t allow NBA players to go, that would have deprived us of Yao Ming because the Chinese government never would have let him come to play (in the NBA). And the international players were going anyway. So then it would apply only to American players? So we found ourselves in a bit of an interesting dilemma with the whole thing.’ Stern made sure to say that the United States’ international dominance isn’t what makes him feel that way saying he doesn’t have ‘a problem with Americans losing in the Olympics. … We don’t have to win everything for it to be great.’”

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  • @boweezy24


  • D-Funk

    I want David Stern to be fired! cant stand dis ni99a…((RON PAUL 2012))

  • B.C.

    Thank God he is not in charge of FIBA and the Olympics.

  • Kilo

    F— David Stern

  • http://www.twitter.com/hurstysyd Hursty

    There’s a reason football and tennis are regarded as a joke in Olympic competition. Because of the age-limit.
    The Olympics is the highest level of international basketball there is. Sure, there’s the World’s, but can you imagine a superstar team being put together every 4 years for it?
    Soccer already has the World Cup, but it is supplemented with top tier European competition at club level, as well as region based championships (Euro, Asian, African, South American etc).
    Basketball is constructed in such a way that an U-23′s rule would decimate the International game.
    In short, f*ck off Stern.
    Ps – the USA is dominant, but it’s not an dictatorship. It’s an oligarchy now in both genders (Spain, Brazil, France, Australia, Russia, Latvia, Serbia etc)

  • Boris

    There’s no age limit in Olympic tennis, and it’s at Wimbledon this year. I’ll be watching. If the NBA (players and owners) weren’t so greedy and only played 70 games a year, then there wouldn’t be the questions about wear and tear. And if the older players don’t want to risk injuries by playing in the Olympics for no pay, then that’s on them.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    co-sign hursty. except for latvia. latvia!?? did u mean lithuania?

  • Reedan

    Who the F*** cares, David?!!! What’s next? Your take on nuclear weapons?!!

    Please, stick to NBA matters!

  • tomtom

    Fk David Stern.

  • EJ

    Isn’t there already like a junior world championship tournament?

  • Mas

    The Olympics should be for young players. U-23 or U-21 that are hungry and won’t ask for $$$ to represent their country i.e. Wade, Rondo, ect.

  • AsadSaleh3

    Haven’t liked Stern for a while. Too many stupid mistakes. First, the arbitrary rule about armbands and where you could and couldn’t wear them a few years ago. The rule that guys couldn’t wear leg sleeves unless they needed it for an injury. Pointless. Then the new basketball that no one wanted and everyone ended up hating. Then the age limit. Now he wants a new age limit. And now this.

  • AsadSaleh3

    Why not ask for money when everyone is making money off of you?

  • 602Shorty

    It’s age MINIMUM. Not limit. Limit implies that you can’t be past a certain age, whereas the word minimum implies that you cannot be younger than a certain age.

  • fruizm

    Thats how it works in football or “soccer” in the Olympics…Each country is taking their u-23 team but they can take 5 players that are older than 23. Seems good to me.

  • AsadSaleh3

    The age limit I was talking about is the NBA limit he foolishly implemented. And the one he wants to enact now that is worse than the one that’s in place. This age minimum for the Olympics is just as foolish as the age limit in the NBA.

  • AsadSaleh3

    After reading this again, it actually is an age limit, not a minimum. He is saying 23 and under only. 23 is the limit. That’s an age limit. Can’t be past 23. That’s definitely a limit.

  • 602Shorty

    I didn’t notice the ‘under’ part before now. It is a limit.

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    I would like to institute a 65 year old age limit on the position of NBA commissioner.


    loooooooooooooooooooooooooool at caboose

  • http://www.acb.com A l a n

    Stern should stick to NBA matters only… smh… Football in the Olympics I never follow, it’s the Continental and World Cups that matters, and this is because of that age limit of 23, I only remember Brazil having a few players above 23. No top pro footballer neither most fans are interested in an Olympic gold medal in football. And players who want to get paid for playing in the Olympics… they can stay at home, no one will miss them. Olympics (or any national teams competition) it’s about representing your country and give back to the people who love and support those players.

  • timbo slice

    cant let you do that…..basketball reasons bro

  • dave

    @ D. Stern…nobody likes you..

  • John

    I don’t agree with this, but we’d have a damn good team if it was 23 and under anyway. In fact, I think the US has a better 23 and under squad than anyone in the world, no? raise it to 25 and under and it just gets plain silly. My point is, the US would probably still dominate anyway.

  • Brian

    I wish all the big name basketball stars would stay home. Seriously, if people really believe they wouldn’t miss them, I would just like to see it happen.
    The World Championships were clearly viewed as the “Junior Team” but most fans when it came to the American team. To pretend that folks wouldn’t be upset or feel cheated if the very best didn’t play is ridiculous.

  • Ryan D.

    Dirk is like 48 and plays for Germany. Dumb idea Sterny.

  • nbaNw8

    Stern is so annoying.

  • bike

    Under 23, under 6’5″, under 200 lbs, and I.Q. under 110. That oughta do it.

  • bdogg

    stern should be done..i am not a fan of adam silver either…nba needs a new chief…if it is bird..great.if it is someone else great but this is just idiotic! nuff said!

  • LA Huey

    Stern: “Our league doesn’t mind renting out our kids on rookie contracts to billion dollar corporations but we don’t want the max contract guys playing at our expense.”

  • ab40

    @Hursty, tennis? they do the olympics in place of wimbledon so there’s a great field of players playing. And soccer come on now a week prior to the olympics are the finals of the european championships? That’s 7 of the best 10 teams in the world playing right there. 23 and under, have you seen college ball? IT SUCKS and sending kids like that to the olympics is going to get them killed. If Stern and the owners want age restrictions they need to put that in the contracts and in the labour agreement they have with the players. What Stern should do is focus on the ncaa and make those rules more like the fiba rules.. 35 second rules? 20 minutes halfs? Those are rules for an easter tournament with 8 year old kids, not the leauge which houses some of the best athletes iun the world.

  • http://slamonline.com Ugh

    Hursty nailed it.
    @ab40 – Did you read anything at all before you started typing?