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Dwyane Wade: Miami Heat Won’t Let Boston Celtics ‘Punk’ Them

The Boston Celtics promised to rough up the Miami Heat in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals tonight, but Dwyane Wade and LeBron James aren’t exactly quaking in their boots. From the Sun-Sentinel: “A day after Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo said, ‘they’ve got to hit the deck, too,’ the Miami Heat treated the comment as routine postseason fodder. ‘I mean,’ forward LeBron James said, ‘I don’t really prepare for something I already think that’s going to happen every game, so I don’t have to prepare for it.’ [...] ‘We’re men just like they’re men. We’re not going let nobody come in and punk us,’ guard Dwyane Wade said. ‘But that’s not our mentality, to go out there and make people hit the deck.’ With Rondo somewhat backtracked Wednesday, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra declined to be drawn into the conversation. ‘That’s all part of the playoffs,’ he said of the rhetoric. ‘Nope, we’re not even going to get into it. It’s about the game. And we understand that. There will be a lot of different distractions and noise out there.’ But he also said it isn’t as if the Heat would back down. [...] James said it is not as if Rondo had to issue any sort of warning shot. ‘I expect physical play,’ he said. ‘I expect to be quote, unquote put on the deck, whatever the case may be.’ And then? ‘You just go to the free-throw line, go up there, and make ‘em’ he said. ‘That’s what it’s about.’ Of course remaining ambulatory also would be helpful. ‘Obviously,’ Wade said, ‘you have to protect yourself.’”

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  • Fat Lever

    “Quacking in their boots”? You done ducked up.

  • Heals

    “promised to rough up,” no they didn’t. Those who watched the game saw C’s players on the floor much more so than Heat players (2 of whom got too many easy lay-ups). It’s common sense, if Bos is gonna foul, they need to get their $$$’s worth. Damn, I’m almost at the point where I don’t think the media now would be capable of covering “true” playoff basketball without sensationalizing shht that is common sense. Although it’s tough to foul what you can’t catch…

  • slamthis

    I hope someone put Dwayne Diva on his ass. One of the leagues biggest cry baby. I hope Rondo remembered what this guy did to him last year.

  • SixURRRS

    i miss the days when guys would hit the floor and just get up and keep playing. Seems like A.I. was the last star who could take a hit without it being a story.

  • http://slamonline Brion

    “you just got to go to the free throw line and make them”….please start doing that.

  • Ldub

    I believe there may be a few flagrant fouls called in this game. For a player to come out and say “theyve got to hit the deck”….is going to have the refs eyes on every play. People can talk about the “old days” and how its all apart of the game. Thats all a bunch of BS. Hitting people, to put them on the floor is NOT apart of the game. Many rules were put into place to protect players. And if they werent, then players like Kobe, Rose, Durant, James, Wade etc. would all more than likely, be on the injured list. And nobody wants to see a basketball game full of players like cj watston! Im not saying to play soft, by all means give someone some contact and play hard. But to intentionally put someone on the deck could and is going to cause injury that will effect more than just this game/series. It will effect the GAME (NBA) overall.

  • jim fangman

    Experienced tough guys playing a playoff game for everything…it will be war from opening tip. There will be hard fouls, and diving for loose balls and lots of persons hitting the floor…its the playoffs

  • shena

    heat is gonna do it twice|!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! team heat

  • Ricco

    A.I. take a hit and not cry … A.I. has been crying since high school… and that includes practice

  • Mario

    A.I didn’t cry in high school.. the practice thing is stupid especially that people nowadays only remembering him for that(he wouldn’t be that good without practice)

  • Jerome

    Miami better wear some extra “pads” tonight.

  • Kabraham15