Monday, May 28th, 2012 at 9:45 am  |  9 responses

James Harden: ‘I Just Couldn’t Make a Layup’

James Harden struggled last night in Game 1 of the WCF against the San Antonio Spurs, and explained to the press that it was due to his inability to knock down shots and get to the free throw line. Per the Oklahoman: “What did the Spurs do defensively against you? Harden: ‘Nothing. I just couldn’t make a layup. Couldn’t make a layup. Couldn’t make a shot. But it happens. I’ve got to get back to work tomorrow in practice and be ready for Game 2.’ You didn’t get to the foul line early in the game. Did that affect you? Harden: ‘Well, it affected me. Getting to the free-throw line and getting easy points definitely helps me. I just got to be ready. I’ve got to be aggressive and get to the basket to be able to finish in Game 2.’”

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  • greg

    the spurs really just put their hands up and dared OKC to make shots and layups, they are really disciplined defensively

  • LA Huey

    Give your trophy to Manu.

  • Zabba

    No, he earned that trophy. He was the best 6th man during the regular season and it wasn’t even close. Hardon can start in all 30 teams.

  • Ken

    So harden can start on the lakers? He is a SG, but please just have the audacity to say he can start over the legend.

  • Otis

    Harden could quite happily run the point for the Lakers, actually.

  • ka$h

    He would not start over Wade in MIA either…
    Although, @Otis, I am intrigued by your views on helpling the Lakers PG situation and would like to subscribe to your newsletter…

  • finals_start_tonight

    Big harden fan since the beard. Harden would be a sure starter for any team except those with abnormal talent on sg (MIA, OKC) and that team that cannot pull the trigger on a selfish demi-gods at sg position (LAL). Im just sayin’…

  • Bh

    Hate to say this, considering no one, not even Scotty Brooks, has said it, but the refs ate their whistles on Thunder calls last night. Harden, KD, and especially Westbrook were at the rim all night. They did miss shots, but they also took some uncalled fouls. Lots of uncalled fouls.

  • SirGrey

    What he said. ^