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Kevin Garnett Says Philadelphia Has ‘Fair-Weather Fans’

Kevin Garnett is already an unpopular figure in Philly, and after his comments following the Celtics’ Game 5 win over the Sixers, KG can expect to receive a less than welcoming reception from the fans in the City of Brotherly Love for Game 6. Per the Boston Herald: “What started as an ode from Kevin Garnett to the Garden fans ended as another reason for 76ers fans to hate the Celtics center. After praising his own crowd following the Celtics’ 101-85 Game 5 win last night over Philadelphia, Garnett, asked to compare the two groups said, ‘Not even close. You got fans (in Boston) and then you got fair-weather fans (in Philly). Take it how you want.’ Come the start of Game 6 tomorrow night in the Wells Fargo Center, Garnett will find out exactly how it was taken. He was even more expressive on the subject of his home crowd, which came alive during the team’s third-quarter comeback for a 3-2 series lead. ‘This crowd sparks you,’ said Garnett. ‘It doesn’t take much here. Speaking about this crowd, it’s like plugging in. You’re enthused from 48 minutes on from the tip. I can’t see the difference from minute-to-minute. I feel like every minute I look up I see my family, I see people yelling, I see the drunk fat guy. I can’t decipher one from the other. This crowd is ridiculous. I love it.’ Garnett, asked for a comparison, was at his metaphorical best. ‘It’s like taking a cold shower and stepping into a freezer that’s 60-below,’ he said. ‘I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you want the feeling, try it out, come back and let me know.’”

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  • Ryan D.


  • Well DAMN

    Philadelphia does have the worst fans though… in all sports.

  • Heals

    Kev look out for batteries on Wed night…

  • http://www.borntocompete.com Money$hot

    You wanna see some fair weather fans come to Atlanta!!

  • CrossOver

    Boston has a lot of fair-weather fans too. Beantown was going to sh!t until until Ainge traded for Garnett and Allen.

  • http://abcnews.com charliewinning

    KG is a douche

  • queazy

    @Crossover: what are you talking about? even when it was pierce and the shuffle king antoine, fans still showed up.

  • MeloMan15

    he’s right about [hilly fans a bit… they never have fans in their building unless its the playoffs… But i recall Celtics fans chanting mvp for Kobe the year before kg was there.

  • Feez_22

    … Philly fans aint fairweather 2 me … they always are wild, come out and defend their team no matter how crap they are. They are very annoying but are loud and show their teams support. To me, fairweather fans are like miami fans in general (not talking specifically, i think Eboy is a dedicated fan). However, they don’t show the commitment to their sports teams like other cities.

  • FnF

    Them sound like fightin words.

  • SixURRRS

    lets be honest, the Sixers arena and fans suck. We’re barely selling out these playoff games. The only time you’ll hear huge cheers is if an Iverson highlight is shown on the scoreboard. Other than that no one really seems to care.

  • jbone23

    Philly fans wanna be tough and think they just expect greatness, but what they really do is booooo their own team in every second of every level of failure. This is what KG is talking about, the fans don’t do everything they can to bring the team up, they’re too worried about being the tough, hard-to-please crowd and that can negatively affect the team, or at the very least give them no pick-me-up.

  • ClydeSays

    Philly fans were probably put off by the mess of the end of the Iverson era… But they seem to be back now. KG just concentrate on getting another win. You are OLD and DIRTY, remember?

  • Shecky Shabazz

    I’m from Philly and he’s absolutely right. The people here could’ve cares less about the Sixers until they made the second round. Worst fans in sports.

  • Fat Lever

    What’s ironic is that KG is exactly the type of player we would LOVE here in Philly. Gritty and always gives 100%. Concerning the Sixers, he has a point. There are only like 7 of us hardcore Sixer fans(at least it feels that way) that have always cared about the team, even after era’s like post-AI.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    I never heard Philly fans being fair-weathered, poor sports and classless, but never fair-weathered. Miami fans are fair-weathered. And this is from a guy who has rooted for the NHL Panthers, the Heat the Dolphins, the Marlins and the Hurricanes most of my life or some of these franchises live’s. The fans here, as a whole, are awful.

  • Sarah

    Philadelphia is more a football, baseball and even hockey town than basketball, it seems. Anyway what authority does KG have to speak on how real Boston fans are when he’s only been there 5 years and came in when they were building their superteam?

  • http://espn.go.com/blog/truehoop/post/_/id/3796/isiah-thomas-wasn-t-on-the-1992-dream-team nbk

    Cosign Eboy, although, I don’t know from experience that Miami fans are awful, or that Philadelphia fans are classless assholes. But I have heard that from a Miami resident (Eboy) and quite a few people from Phili

  • Fat Lever

    Jimmy Rollins called Phillies fans fair-weathered and took a lot of heat for it. Philly will always be a football town first. Eagles fans are the exact opposite of fair-weather. Phillies and Flyers fall in that same category, they’ve had die-hards for generations. The Sixers are #4 in the city mainly because we don’t have a superstar. Each of the other 3 teams have at least one guy that fans of other teams instantly recognize.

  • Mhalten

    KG is right. But thats because all the REAL Sixers fans know this “mirage” playoff run will ultimately lead to to years of 8 seed MEDIOCRACY. Its a team floating in NOWHERES LAND. MAN I WISH THE SIXERS TANKED AND GOT ANTHONY DAVIS… Right now this Sixers crowd is a bunch of little kids who got free tickets from the new ownership. When the Sixers arn’t contending people in Philly are watching the future NBA stars in small high school gyms.Boston has no street ballers. Boston has no BALLERS.

  • Steps Around Lue

    i hate to agree with garnett, but i have too. no one in philly cared about the sixers until they started winning games this year. all of a sudden people are showing up to their games. but even though they are showing, they care about getting food before the game. ive been to 3 sixers games this year and i notice each time that the fans dont sit down till half way into the first quarter, then suddenly its a packed house. the sixers fans are fairweather. i for one watch the sixers no matter what, even when they were struggling with an identity towards the end of iverson’s first tenure. but what gets me is there are plenty of flyers fans. people never went to phillies games before they won the world series. really is a shame, now every night at the bank is a sellout. end it on this note…i was walking around the other day wearing my thad young jersey and i had 3 people who yelled go sixers! i can bet my life that they jumped on the bandwagon because they are contending in the playoffs by just looking at them. hopefully these garnett comments fuel the sixers fire wednesday night.

  • Mhalten

    Im a sixers fan and i still wanna puke thinking of that PUNK Iggy jumping on the scorers table. That PUNK has STUNTED the growth of Holiday and Turner and kept us 500. so we are robbed of getting a legit big through the draft.

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    So are we all going to gloss over the fact that KG said he can’t tell the difference between his family and a drunk fat guy?

  • Heals

    Ditto FatL on KG fittin right-in in Philly (see AI). Truth be told when the C’s were under .500, the Sawx were a fiasco, the Pats in SB and the Bruins defending their title, the C’s were 4th in their own city…

  • Greg

    Guys…dont over examine KG’s words, he’s known for spouting junk. Cant stand him though…hope the REAL KG emerges…a choker!!!

  • Mhalten


  • js

    He’s right. Booing their players off at half time, the cheering when they’re on top. Awful.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkhGPrEMx5c The Mauve Avenger

    DC teams easily have the worst fans though

  • dt

    Boston Celtic fans are the worst they chanted MVP for Kobe Bryant a LAKER that’s like Jesus getting a devil tattoo its unheard of, Celtic fans are the worst (period)

  • DieHardPhiladelphiaFan4Life

    Philadelphia fans are anything but fair weather. We are die hards. Always have been and always will be. We are hard on our teams/players/coaches because we care so much and pour so much into being fans; we expect that same passion and dedication to winning and being the best each and every game from all members of the team and the orgaization. We expect 100% all the time and only criticize someone when that person fails to give their best (ahem, McNabb), especially when it counts the most (i.e. playoffs). I think Iverson said it well during his interview in game 6, he absolutely LOVED playing in Philadelphia because he gave it his all almost every single time he was on the court and is first to admit that he deserved most of the criticism he received from fans during his career because he knew he fell short on those occasions and, like the fans, knew he was capable of better and was disappointed in himself …. Every team, in every city, experiences more support when they are winning and less support from the very same fan base when they are losing; therefore, it is ignorant and naive to single out one team’s fanbase and not include all others in that same category. The difference in Philadelphia is that our fans are always behind our city’s teams and ONLY our city’s team for life … if the Sixers aren’t good, our city doesn’t follow the NBA as closely and instead puts our hopes and dreams into one of the other professional sports teams in Philadelphia (hey, we even got behind a horse!); we don’t jump ship and pick another team in another city – that is definitely not true for most other fan bases. On a final note, while I am supporting the Sixers because I would love to see our team win, with the exception of the plaayoffs, I really have not cared much for the NBA during the past decade. If anything, I probably would have

  • DieHardPhiladelphiaFan4Life

    (Cont’d) been happy if the strike had lasted all year …. I HATE those times of the year when the NBA dominates sports center; I practically stop watching all together and I LOVE college basketball, which is arguably my favorite sport to watch – there’s nothing better than March madness!!