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Kobe Bryant: Lakers Are ‘Not Going Anywhere’

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

The inevitable took place last night in Oklahoma City, as the Thunder unceremoniously ushered Kobe Bryant and his Los Angeles Lakers out of the Playoffs.

The young, frighteningly talented Thunder simply outclassed the older, slower, and bickering Lakers.

Kobe Bryant, ever the optimist, boldly claimed that it wouldn’t be long until Los Angeles would be back on top of the NBA again. He also vehemently denied that he was nearing his own basketball mortality.

From NBA.com and Yahoo! Sports:

“It’s kind of unfamiliar territory,” Bryant said after midnight and after the Thunder beat the Lakers 106-90 on Monday night at Chesapeake Energy Arena and 4-1 in the series. “I’m really not used to it. It’s pretty odd for me. I’m not the most patient of people and the organization’s not extremely patient either. We want to win and win now. I’m sure we’ll figure it out. We always have and I’m sure we will again.” Pressed about being a veteran team that had just been knocked out of the playoffs by the youthful Thunder, Bryant said: “I’m not fading into the shadows, if that’s what you’re asking. I’m not going anywhere.” “The entire team…” a reporter began the follow-up question. “We’re not going anywhere,” Bryant interrupted. “It’s not one of those things where the Bulls beat the Pistons and the Pistons disappeared forever. I’m not going for that (stuff).”

And yet Bryant is willing to gamble considerable stakes against any critic who suggests the Lakers’ championship window has closed. “Put your house on it,” Bryant said. “I would put my house on it. I ain’t going nowhere. They can put their house on it, but I don’t think they want to bet that because they’re not stupid. They’re foolish, but they are not stupid.”

Bryant, smartly, wouldn’t speculate on what changes the Laker front-office needs to make this offseason, but it would seem obvious that a major shake-up is needed. Kobe netted 42 points last night, and except for Pau Gasol (who he’d publicly shamed into being more aggressive), he was seemingly all alone out there.

After a tense and highly competitive first half, the OKC Thunder made quick work of the Lakers in the second half, sending them into an offseason of great uncertainty. And despite Kobe Bryant’s assurances, there are no quick and easy answers for his Lakers going forward.

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  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    After the loss last night, that kind of seemed obvious, Kobester.

  • Lz – Cphfinest3

    Yes, they are; fishing.

  • http://abcnews.com charliewinning

    You mean, “Not going anywhere far”.

  • http://slamonline.com samoaninlondon

    Lebron travelled.

  • Rik Smits Mullet

    looks like Derek Fisher has a chance to become a better player then Kobe.

  • Dirtybird

    Vacation is where they’re going.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    Tough talk for a team that got crushed in the 2nd round for 2 straight seasons. Unless the Lakers make an over the top move, they will be no better than the Thunder again next year and probably no better than the Clips or the Griz and depending what type of shape the Spurs stay in, them too. Dude is the ultimate bulls*it artist. Without Phil, you ain’t sh*t, son. Get over it.

  • Mike Mihalow

    “Put my ex-wives’ houses on it”

  • B.C.

    Kobe showed all of you haters out there that he is not washed up and is still the best player in the world, he clearly showed he needs help from his teammates. Lakers need to make changes starting with Mike Brown, then I would try trading Sessions and Pau for Deron Williams, then trade Bynum for Dwight, and then resign DFish and Lamar. Championship guaranteed.

  • Thee SwissArmyKnife

    @Eboy Calm down bro, Kobe is still Kobe.

  • B.C.

    @ Eboy, don’t ever discuss basketball again, you’ve never played organized ball in your life you scrub.

  • Drig

    Lakers right now are between a rock and a very hard place. Both suck. But it is what it is. Even the Spurs needed 5 years since their last chip to get back on top and I’m not too sure Mitch has another ace in the hole like Pau. Anything short of us turning our bench and our front court into a star PG, a solid front court and a solid bench would require a miracle on the scale of the 2011 Mavs for Kobe to get another title soon. And that’s disregarding how MikeB can elevate or drop the team’s performance and Kobe’s decline as well.

  • JML-G

    yall Lakers stans are ridiculous – why would Nets give up Deron for weak ass Gasol and mediocore Sessions?! and why would Dwight ever want to got to Lakers when its clear Kobe will retire sooner than later and he will be in awful position to carry them on his own without any chances of winning chip?!

  • http://abcnews.com charliewinning

    THE best player? No. Not by a long shot. One of the best players? Absolutely.

  • Niio

    Did anyone else notice that whenever a shot went up Gasol was the only one that was “trying” to get an offensive board? Every time in the 3rd and 4th Gasol was crashing to the rim to take on 3 OKC players for the rebound

  • http://ZOGS1.COM ZOGS1


  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    Kobe’s garbage. A dude that makes shots. That’s all he has been for 3 or 4 seasons. Anyone that can’t see that is just an idiot. When it takes you almost the same amount of shots to score any number of points, you’re as overrated as the scrub team he plays for and his clown-ass fans.

  • MVP23100

    F*** outta here Lakers been done

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    Tell us how the Lakers title win feels this season though. We’ll be waiting.

  • Drig

    BTW guys, honest question : Assuming Deron says he isn’t committed to Brooklyn, would a Pau-Bynum-Sessions-Blake-our first rounder of ’14 for Deron-Marshon-Lopez-1st rounder of ’12 make LAL better or worse??? NJ get a young and more talented C to build around………and just assume it does go through……

  • Drig

    Lakers are by no means a scrub team.

  • Kobester

    I am a Kobe fan but I do think he can be a stubborn a-hole sometimes. Trade Bynum for Dwight, make it happen Mitch!

  • Drig

    @Kobester……..why would we get Dwight when he’s said he doesn’t want to play in LA?

  • FnF

    @B.C. Kobe didn’t prove any haters wrong. His haters will still say he played selfish. The Thunder knew Kobe would come out guns blazing just so he can say it wasn’t his fault his team lost. He threw teammates under the bus more than he threw them lob passes. Also, where is all of this mysterious money going to come from to resign the players you suggest. They are already taking on more in contracts in your proposed trades.

  • Jay cutler

    Umm. Don’t the lakers owe Kobe 58 mil over the next two years or something like that?

    How do laker fans expect to be “back”?

  • Rik Smits Mullet

    You guys got the second best center in the league. In Andrew Bynum and a top 3 PF in gasol.
    And you guys still need more help. This is ridiculous. I think the problem is clear. Mister 5 rings is just not the most perfect team mate.

  • FnF

    @Drig, not sure if NJ will even have their own 1st this year. it is only top 3 protected or else goes to Portland. LAL would have Deron but then not be able to rebound/block/defend well against any of the top 25 big men of the league. More moves would have to be made.

  • andy

    The Pistons “disappeared forever” Kobe? You sure about that?

  • MAS

    You guys remember that polo shirt R.W. wore for a post game interview? It’s a Lacoste and it’s on SALE. Anyone else thinks its awesome? It has bait…for those who have a fishing hobby.

  • bike

    The million dollar question LA should be asking is what to make of Bynum. This guy was supposed to be the best center in the league and the future of the franchise. He has been a no show for most of the playoffs and was borderline pathetic last night. He’s been in the nba long enough to get his head right. So what do you do with this guy?

  • Tempest

    Kobe has no faith in his team and in turn they dont play as hard as they could! Keep Pau and Bynum but trade other pieces for a good pg or wing player

  • http://ZOGS1.COM ZOGS1


  • http://none hardumas

    haha @ Eboy let us see where your punk Heat bandwagon LeChoke and your stats go after they gone fishin’ after Pacers send them to their caves haha

    and yeah where’s your boy’s rings at? nah you like ‘em stats and mvp awards and praise him as the greatest ever. Chump

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    If Bynum doesn’t get consistent touches on offense, he will quit out of spite. He cannot go two or three trips up and down the court and not touch the ball. It pisses him off completely. You could see it all in his face the entire night.

  • B.C.

    @JMl-G, why wouldn’t they do that deal? Logicallly, Deron Williams is going to opt out and sign with another team that means the Nets aren’t that stupid to let him go for nothing like the Cavs let LeBron go, this is the best deal for them considering no other teams have anyone valuable to give up for DWill. Why would Dwight go to the Lakers? Once he sees that DWill is there he will want to go because he knows that’s a championship team immediately.

  • Off The Backboard

    The game was lost at the start of the 4th when Mike Brown sat Kobe while Durant. WB, and Harden were on the floor. A 5 point game that turned into a 14 point game with him on the bench for 3 minutes. Mike Brown’s horrible coaching chops strikes again.

  • jay rose

    Kobe is obviously one of the best to ever play no questions but people gotta realize that all the other teams have great young talent and rising stars. Its going to be hard for kobe to get his 6th ring, hell it will be hard for him to even make it back to the finals. I don’t believe kobe is washed up but the problem he has is he shoots to many dumb shots. I don’t mind kobe shooting 100 shots if he wants to but they have to be smart shots. Check all the shots kobe did in the series and tell me how many shots were just plain stupid to shoot.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    The fact that Kobe (wrongly) referenced the Pistons franchise ‘disappearing’ after they got beat by the Bulls had me laughing up a storm.
    Not that they beat you in the ’04 finals or anything like that, eh Mr. Selective memory?
    yet another gem of a soundbite from him this postseason, my fav being the mysterious “gambling, unconventional defense OKC we were not used to” he clamed was the reason they lost Game 4.
    Gotta luv him and his fabricated world where he can do no wrong.
    This guy is the most delusional sports star out there.


    Check yall later Faker Chumps!

  • LP

    the Pistons clearly dissappeared for 14 years…he isn’t saying forever LITERALLY, but when the Bulls beat them, they were pretty much not competing for a championship until 2004…..assist much,KOBE?

  • Mack

    Bye Bye Gasol and maybe World Peace… This team should move a couple pieces considering their success in the past two seasons.

  • lakernation

    @Kobe Bryant, I approve this message….. BYE BYNUM, keep Gasol. ITS STILL LAKESHOW BABY!!


    Brain Crawfish your plans for lakers next year wont cover up thef act that the Lakers lost because of your man Loby Tryant’s greedy tactics always fail in the end. He should stop trying to be like MJ because he might end up like Iverson before you can say …

  • LaKid

    @Darksaber – he was probably referring to the fact that they got bounced by the Bulls in like ’91 and then either didn’t make the playoffs or didn’t get out of the first round until something like ’02. The franchise really did disappear for a good 10 years or so. So calm down man.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    Really not sure why a lot of people are going crazy after the elimination. It happens man you’re not going to make it to the finals every year. As far as Kobe’s response I think it’s funny how he curses like it’s the cool thing to do. That was a dumb question by the reporter he should have known what the response would be.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Double J

    cosign LP, you guys are idiots.

  • http://espn.go.com/blog/truehoop/post/_/id/3796/isiah-thomas-wasn-t-on-the-1992-dream-team nbk

    Well the Pistons ,made the playoffs in 92 then again in 96, 97, 99, 2000, 2002 and every year after that. So they only took a 4 year hiatus, and that was because Isiah retired. So….in a way, I guess Kobe is right. But considering he is about to make the equal of 2 Max Salaries by himself, I doubt the Lakers are back in legitimate contention again during his career. Unless they find a way to trade for Dwight.

  • Drig

    @nbk……….know if LAL can restructure his contract??? Add in a kicker for an extra 3rd season when he gets amnestied and gets the dough as well as create cap space for the team??? I’m still sour about our loss and I’m looking at any loopholes to help console myself that the team’s cap situation can improve lol.

  • Bruce

    42 points and 0 assists. That has to be some kind of infamous record. Best move for the Lakers would be to fire Mike Brown(who needs a coach when you have Kobe calling everyone but himself out and he’s proven time and again he can run his own offense without listening to a coach anyway). Cut all the rest of the team.
    1. Lakers finally can get under the salary cap with money to spare.
    2. The Kobe fans just come to see Kobe anyway,so you can still fill Staples every night.
    3. The team should be lots more cohesive because its obvious Kobe won’t accept any responsibility or blame himself. This of course should solve the problem of the dissension and petty bickering that seem to mark the demise of all Kobe “led” teams.
    4. Kobe will finally get all the shots he wants without having teammates to clog up the court for him.
    5. The stars who show up just to be scene at the game really have no clue what goes on at a real basketball game anyway so the Hollywood crowd will remain happy.
    6. His former teammates won’t have to put up with his churlishness and being constantly called out in the press by Kobe as a diversionary measure to ensure that no one looks at his “contributions” to the dysfunction that used to be the one of the greatest organizations in the NBA.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Sorry Drig. The only way to get out from under Kobe’s massive contract is to amnesty him. And by doing that you are forfeiting the right to have Kobe on your team for at least a year. So, no there really isn’t anything the Lakers can do.

  • anonymous

    @bruce 7. kobe will finish out his career with at least 1+ scoring title and 0+ championship titles :)

  • ash

    Trade Pau Gasol, get some bench players, and a point guard. May have to upgrade your coach too. I wonder if, rockets are still interested in Gasol??

  • R32

    42 points, 0 assists = LOSS. Lakers were playing their best when everyone was involved. See Game 3..

  • Jamaal87

    Eboy = irrational hater.

  • B.C.

    @ FNF here you go http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine, as for Deron Williams they can trade for him because the Nets aren’t going to be willing to let him go for nothing. They have the money to sign the long term deal the Lakers have several free agents and will most likely use the amnesty clause on Steve Blake or Ron Artest. These trades and signings are realistic.

  • http://juan.garcia@computershare.com PutUrMomma2Wrk

    Hop on board the OKC wagon. I have a feeling all of you here are jumpers and will soon be saying you were on board the whole time. Bunch of hating fans who jump from team to team. Real fans respect the legends.

  • jimmer

    Kobe plays basketball for himself, and always has. From the holding off til crunch time thing in his high school and early pro days, right up to what he did last night. The number one priority is to make himself appear infalible and indispensible. Who knows where this complex comes from, but his warped mental dependence on proving himself individually, and his increasing age, make him highly dispensible right now. The best thing the lakeshow can do is find a star hungry small market team and go all Peyton Manning on his a$$, quite frankly. Gather up a boat load of expiring contracts and see what Bynum can do as the main man for a year. Whats a first round exit for one year gonna hurt when they’ve been blasted out in the second for two consecutive seasons?

  • shutup

    0 assists I must have missed that stat lmao. That sh!t is so crazy

  • http://www.dimemag.com Showtime

    !rst of all kobe a gunner always has & always will. He will still gunnin the next 2 to 3 season to get the all time scoring record. Lakes it over the window has close. thier regressin ever year. U have the second best center and the top 3 PF and you dont steadily feed them the ball / that THE F’in problem. I would be disintrested to when i know on the next 3 possesion it a jack fade with 2 defenders coming about. It over the Lake have no cap space to add piece due to kobe, gasol, bynum contracts and if the get rid of one the two they lack height advantage they so use to luv& the piece they would get probaly just be mediao core so they just trailing okc, clippers,denver,memphis,timberwovles next season . ( sings..it closing time )

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    I swear the Lakers just shifts the average IQ here down towards simian levels. Sigh. Kobe is not the best player in the league and wasn’t a top 10 player in the playoffs. The Lakers aren’t looking too good for the future…

  • everything

    Hated the lakers when they were winning but i hate to see them go down to a younger team.
    I got the Spurs in 5

  • http://nba.com GP23

    0 assists.. You know why??
    Because he is trying as quickly as possible to capture the all-time points record in Playoffs history. He’s about 300 behind Mike.
    So he’s, scoring and scoring and scoring to get there.
    I know it sounds petty, but he is now thinking of cementing his legacy, and these little things will only enhance it.
    But, I think a 6th ring is what he most desires..

  • michelle

    Stop hating

  • SixURRRS

    i watched Iverson and Jordan for all of their careers. They never chucked it like Kobe does. Plus Mike and A.I. could rack up assists like crazy.

  • Marc

    Everything on here is opinion based. So to call someone an idiot just because they have a different opinion than you is childish. Also can someone tell me how Kobe is “garbage”.

  • SixURRRS

    Gasol and Artest are past their primes and Kobe is crippling the Laker’s cap more and more every single year. I can’t see them getting out of Round 1 next year without some drastic moves.

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    Marc: Not garbage. He is overrated at this point in his career, sadly. His shot selection and lack of other facets of his game outside of scoring right now hamper his overall effectiveness on a game. Honestly, these playoffs, he looked like a very rich man’s Kevin Martin.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Caboose, name those 10 players for me would ya?

  • JL

    spurs are the team to beat right now. kobe, seems to have regressed in his understanding of making his teammates happy. this isn’t highschool. he can’t do it all himself. and as a leader he has to get people involved. if he’s going to dominate the ball, then he has to create assists to keep the rest of the team happy. zero assists. trying to prove a point? trying to do a good job on his part and ignore the effects of not passing on his overall team performance? come on kobe stop being a selfish pompous prick. oh well i guess the lakers can try to trade him or amnesty him. lol. not going to happen and that’s the sad part. by the time the lakers feel like they can get rid of him, he won’t be worth anything and the lakers would have wasted two years of pau’s prime and bynum’s wobbly knees.

  • everything


  • everything

    no particular order

  • EJ

    Kobe should realize he’s getting old. I know he wants to will his team to victory like Jordan, but Jordan could do it as he aged because he got smarter with age.
    If he keeps this up he’s probably gonna end up in a team that gets eliminated in the 1st round and averaging around 25 with 39% shooting.
    I don’t want him to go out like that, age gracefully like Timmy in San Antonio. Duncan really seems like somebody who enjoiys playing basketball, whereas Kobe seems to have a huge chip on his shoulder and is just obsessed with proving people wrong. That’s probably really stressful.

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    Thanks, everything.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Wade and Harden are both borderline. Wade has played like crap and his shooting percentages have been down both series. Harden shot like 30 percent against the Lakers, so he slummed as well. If you’re going to kill Kobe for inefficiency (rightfully so) you can’t throw Harden and Kobe on the list.
    But, you could argue that Blake Griffin and Ty Lawson were better than Kobe this playoffs.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Sergio

    Kobe? Who gives a f**k about Kobe. He was talking about the Lakers. And he is right. The Lakers will not be going anywhere. They will be getting another ‘ship soon enough. They made it to the second round in a season where two of their best players knew they were almost traded. Again, who gives a f**k about Kobe. This is the Lakers we are talking about. This is not Miami or San Antonio. Please focus on the Lakers. Not on a single player.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Kobe’s been better than Wade this post season. That is for certain.

  • anonymous

    cosign @sixurrrs. MJ and AI knew how to get there teammates involved. there is a huge difference between having to shoot and create offense for your team because you don`t have sufficient help and having a chucker-like attitude despite having the best front court in the game. If you are wondering why bynum and gasol were so inconsistent throughout this postseason, it`s because of their inconsistent inclusion in the offense system from one game to the next. There is a direct correlation between a big`s effort/production and their involvement within the offense.

  • everything

    im not knocking kobe out of the ten because of his percentage numbers but because of his lack of trust to his teammates. by going all out by himself, he effectively knocked the lakers out of contention

  • http://twitter.com/TwelveInchFinch Creflow Dollars

    Shouldve traded Bynum and Pau for Dwight before the season started WHOOPS

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Okay, thank you Caboose’s secretary. Now what exactly is more impressive about Harden’s 17PPG on 41 %FG’s, 5.0 Rebounds, 3.1 Assists, 2.0Stls?
    And what exactly is more impressive about CP3′s 17PPG, 5.1RBS, 7.9 AST, 2.7Steals, and 4 Turn overs?
    And what about Duncan’s 17,9,3 on 54%.
    And what about KG’s 19,10,2,1.6 on 53%.
    Wade, 21,4,4,2,1.2 on 44%.
    Westbrook, 24,4,4,2,0 on 47%
    Parker, 19,7,1,0 on 43% FG’s
    Kobe: 30PPG ,44% FG’s, 4.8 Rbs, 4.3 AST, 1.3 STLS, 0.2 blks…
    Now i’m not saying you can’t argue that those guys have had better playoffs. You can, but I could counter an argument for Kobe for everything. Kobe has been as good as anyone in the playoffs outside of LeBron, KD, Rondo(IMO) and maybe Westbrook.
    So nice try with the “Kobe isn’t even top… blah blah blah”

  • MJ

    Can’t win them all…you have 5, the Lakers have 16…whether you will bow out gracefully or not is your choice. Father time is undefeated, as much as I dislike you as a person , that also is what makes you great. This Laker team had a good run, the lakers will probably rebuild but not this year, nor last. You may not be patient…but you sure were humbled. Hoorah for German medicine , i am still amazed how well you played this year…but you know it as well as everyone else knows it that this team overachieved… you didn’t have enough…hope the marlin and swordfish are biting

  • http://espn.go.com/blog/truehoop/post/_/id/3183/tex-winter-compares-kobe-bryant-and-michael-jordan Allenp

    Click on my name for an oldie but goodie about Kobe. Just for kicks.

  • everything

    i just think he went for personal glory. The numbers are nice and those 5 dunks in game 5 are too. i think those other guys i listed did more for their team than kobe. but that’s just me. dont get me wrong, im no okc fan, i think the spurs are taking them out in 5 games.

  • Bruno

    only in the first quarter I saw two passes from Kobe that Ramon couldnt score in transition so saying Kobe doesnt pass at all has no sense … just saying

  • http://vigilantcitizen.com WBB

    kobe shoots too much, not enough shots for Bynum

  • Heals

    Watching Beanbags/LAL fans Drig and BC talk about “basketball” is amusing. Their “knowledge” is both narrow in scope and shallow in depth…

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    WBB, Bynum was 4/10 FG’s in the game. He’s a great Center in the L today, but he only deserves more touches if he’s proving he deserves them. He didn’t prove that IMO. He shot way to low of a percentage and missed to many “gimme’s”.
    Drew shot 43% in this series. Think about that. Kobe shot a better FG% than Bynum… Think about that. Bynum did not deserve more touches IMO.

  • Heals

    @ZOGS, I don’t agree with you, but since you used all-caps it must be correct (and loud)…

  • Maniac


  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Is that my dood, the real Maniac? Hey, we’ll get them next year right fella? Haha..

  • http://sdfjklc.com Jukai

    Does Kobe understand the irony of claiming the Pistons disappeared forever?

  • http://sdfjklc.com Jukai

    Damn, peeps noticed it way before me.

  • vtrobot

    Kobe is definitely moving into the delusional part of his career. He’s like AI now. So many shots needed to get the big numbers. No way the Lakeshow are going to get better and win another before Kobe is done. Kobe is amazing but he’s getting WORSE tho, not better. Same thing with Pau, same thing with Ron Ron. Bynum is the only one getting better. Lakeshow are heading in the exact same direction as the Mavs, but at a slightly slower pace. They’re a horrible TEAM too. Not looking good at all. Guess Kobe should have been a little more selfish and tried to get that scoring title, since he played all season like that, and not the championship was his ultimate goal. Playing better as a TEAM usually translates into better playoff success. Good luck, chucker.

  • bike

    I agree w/ Lakeshow. Bynum was pathetic this series. He gets pissed at lack of touches but his field goal % is way to low for a big man. And to have so few offensive rebounds indicates lack of drive and motivation.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    You cannot average 30 ppg for the playoffs (which leads the NBA so far) and not be a Top 10 player in the playoffs.

  • alphabeta

    0 assists! I don’t like Kobe at all, but being a shooting guard with a season ending playoff game and you have zero assists! Wow, this is the definition of ballhog. How he calls out others on his team, someone should call him out on being a ballhog.

  • http://espn.go.com/blog/truehoop/post/_/id/3183/tex-winter-compares-kobe-bryant-and-michael-jordan Allenp

    Are we judging “better” by raw numbers are by impact?
    I think Ty Lawson was more impactful in that series, but I can see why Kobe fans would disagree. I think the same thing about Blake, but again, it’s debatable. I wouldn’t have said Kobe wasn’t top 10 as far as individual performance.
    But, when I consider what he did for his team, it makes a little more sense. It’s close though.

  • Red Star

    Enjoy it while it last haters, enjoy it while it lasts! Kobe!! Lakers 4 Life!!!

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Eiter way Allen,(raw numbers/impact) how did Blake Griffin and Ty Lawson do more for their team or have a better playoffs? I don’t see it, but I got the blinders on so I guess it’s me.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow


  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    So a team’s best frontcout player and a cat that made the all-star team “has to prove he deserves more touches”? What kind of twisted way of thinking is that?

  • http://espn.go.com/blog/truehoop/post/_/id/3183/tex-winter-compares-kobe-bryant-and-michael-jordan Allenp

    I thought Ty Lawson was the clear difference maker for his team in that series. They lost the final game on the road, but he was amazing and the Lakers had no answer for him during the series. He changed the game for the Nuggets and he didn’t take anything off the table. For the Lakers in that series, the bigs were the difference makers.
    Blake is more questionable. I would say the work he put in against the Grizz Bigs and some of the stuff he did against Duncan was impressive, but the flaws in his game were clearly exposed this year.
    Then again, the flaws in Kobe’s game were on full display and contributed MIGHTILY to the Lakers’ losses.
    It’s all a perspective thing. If you believe that Kobe’s points outweighed all the other stuff he did wrong, then you think this is crazy. I’m sure many people feel that way. I think that if you’re touted as one of the greatest basketball players of all time your team shouldn’t lose because you refuse to make adjustments to your game. That’s just terrible in my mind.

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    Kobe is done, Laker fans are holding on for dear life. It’s over now, maybe in 2, 3 years Kobe can contend again but not for the next year or so.

  • Ken

    Oh my…………….OBVIOUS Kobe haters make me cringe. James harden, Parker, Westbrook, Duncan, KD, etc. better in the playoffs……….hahahahahahahahahah James harden lol. Shot like 31 percent against Kobe

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Blake I don’t think is even debatable. He is a PF and averaged 6.9 RBS. Ty Lawson on the other hand I see what your saying, in terms of what he did for his team, but still can’t figure how someone would say he had a better playoffs than Kobe, but you see what you see.
    So it sounds like you really, truly, believe that the Lakers lost mainly because of Kobe Allen?
    Taylor… Honestly don’t even know where to start with you.
    You really think that Bynum deserved more touches after that series? Did you not see the facts. He shot a worse percentage than Kobe… He’s the L’s 2nd best center (imo) I don’t think anyone should have been passing the ball to Bynum more. He proved he cannot handle the spot light in a major contributing role right now. That seems way more twisted to me. “Give the ball to a guy because he made an all star team…” HMMM..

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Garnett – James – Durant – Westbrook – Rondo – Parker – Duncan
    are the only players that I think have been better than Bryant this post season. So I have him at #8

  • http://www.nba.com Red

    I’m with nbk that makes good sense to me. But Kobe killed his team with not trying to set guys up. Anyone catch Kobe shaking hands with everyone except Fisher? PRICELESS lol.

  • http://espn.go.com/blog/truehoop/post/_/id/3183/tex-winter-compares-kobe-bryant-and-michael-jordan Allenp

    I feel like they lost because they played horribly as a team. And I feel like the main culprit in that horrible play was Kobe and the decisions he made.
    Bynum pouted like a child, Gasol played soft and the rest of the Lakers were the rest of the Lakers.
    But, that could have been massaged away, and was BEING massaged away in three of the first four games. And on two occasions the Lakers lost because Kobe decided he couldn’t abide by that state of affairs.
    That is what I saw as a fact. I saw that fact, and I saw Kobe decide in possibly the final game of playoffs that he wasn’t interested in keeping is petulant immature big man involved (The same big man you touted as awesome a few weeks ago) because he’d rather take the shots he wanted to take. He made a lot of them, but that was never going to be enough. 0 assists is damning.

  • http://espn.go.com/blog/truehoop/post/_/id/3183/tex-winter-compares-kobe-bryant-and-michael-jordan Allenp

    Basically, Kobe had the power to make or break the Lakers with his attitude and decision making because he is still the undisputed ALPHA dog.
    He chose unwisely, in my opinion. If you disagree, fine, but I consider that choice a huge blemish on his playoff performance this year.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Completely agree with you on Durant, LbJ, Rondo. I think Kobe played as well or arguably as well as Westbrook, Parker, Garnett, and Duncan.
    It’s apples and oranges though. There’s no way to compare them and what they “truly” did for their team, but I do think it’s ludicrous to not call Kobe a top 10 player in these Playoffs. It’s just such an unnecessary slight. You just expect to much out of Kobe if your going to downgrade his performance in these playoffs that much. He wasn’t legendary or prolific, but neither has anyone else.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Before Game5, Kobe was shooting a stellar 39% from the field. I never heard you once say that “kobe needs to prove he deserves all those touches”. I know you will hit me with the but “kobe is an all-time great” line and I agree with you but this season he was basically a 6-6 Allen Iverson.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Lakeshow, there is just no way I can put Kobe over guys who have not only had more success than Kobe, but do more on both ends of the court, and haven’t cost their teams a single post season game. You could put the onus on Kobe for at least 2 Lakers losses because he wasn’t willing to put the team above him self at the end of games or because he just played terribly. You can’t say that about any of the other guys on my little list.

  • Sergio

    Allenp, I agree that Kobe lost game 2 for the Lakers. But I wouldnt blame him for Games 4 and 5 defeats. In those games, Bynum simply could not get a good position in the post against Perkins. And when he got the ball, he didnt have much success most of the time. Gasol, like you said, was terribly soft and looking to pass every single damn time he got the ball. What happened to the 2009/2010 Gasol?
    So, most of the time Kobe had to do something by himself, simple and plain. It was heartbreaking to see him doing it all yesterday and playing an amazing game (despite the 0 assists) while his teammates weren’t givin a sh!t.

  • Eazy

    all these goin fishin and there on vacation jokes are stupid. 29 teams will be fishing 2 by the end of the year idiots

  • Backboard

    Lakeshow is making good points but will forever be picked apart by the know-it-alls on here. its like pi$$ing in the wind – pointless. I didnt look at the numbers but i am not sure that Parker had so far played better than Bryant. One more thing – PLEASE: leave that sorry grumpy old man Eboy alone. He is just… i dont even know what to say, but it amazes me that he would come back on here to bash Kobe when – after all the trash he was talking in the playoffs last season – he straight up dissapeared when the Heat lost in the Finals. That guy is something else….

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Oh and please please please, explain to me how Kobe has been as good as Garnett and Duncan this post season? Those two are playing ridiculous basketball.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    I won’t argue with feeling like Kobe has been better than Parker. That belief, if you have it, is obviously only based on statistics.
    Westbrook is similar, although you’d need an explanation (imo).
    Duncan and Garnett though? Not even close.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Is it Bynum’s fault that his teammates don’t understand how to pass to the post when defenses are fronting? That is basic basketball skill that is taught at a very young age.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Garnett is averaging 19 and 10 on 52% shooting. And his defensive rating is a 92
    Duncan is averaging 17 and 9 (in 32 minutes) on 54% shooting. His defensive rating is also, a 92.
    Kobe is putting up a 30 4 4 (40 minutes) on 43% shooting. His defensive rating is 112 (which is good for a net negative impact defensively. Yeah.)
    Not even remotely close.

  • Heals

    My bad if already posted – Seton’s Stat of the Day (DP Show): Kobe has 4 assists in the Lakers’ last 5 elimination games. Let that sink in Beanbags…

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    There’s the difference Taylor. You think that Kobe deserves similar respect and consideration as a 1 time All Star… I view Mr. Bean a little differently than you. Bynum was shooting the same percentage as a SG. I’ll side with Bryant over Bynum. If you think that 40% from a big man is just as good as 40% from a guard then that’s on you brotha.
    Allen, very well said and articulated, not that you need to hear that. I see what your saying and agree on some points and not so much on others.
    Things I know:
    1. Kobe can’t make Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum play up to their ability. That is on them. They did not play up to their ability.
    2. Kobe CAN help them feel more confident and get them easier buckets. He did not do that through out the playoffs. He did it for the majority of games and then vanquished that when it was “winning” time. That’s where he lost games for the Lakers.
    3. You need good coaching and PG play to do well in the playoffs. They had neither.
    4. You need a good bench in the playoffs if your starters aren’t able to get it done. They have the worse bench and their starter couldn’t always get it done.
    5. Basketball is a team sport. BUT, there are superstars in this team sport. Superstars deserve more credit, and more blame, depending on the direction their team goes.
    Kobe did not have a great playoff’s by his standards. He had moments that were damning of him as a player. Whether it was a blown defensive assignment or a missed shot, he had his fair share of bad plays. But Kobe’s standard is much higher than anyone elses. Rightfully so. While he did have his bad moments let us realize some things. He has had Phil Jackson for every successful post season run of his career. Props to both Phil and Kobe for that. Mike Brown is some what notorious around hoops heads for being a bit of an offensive… umm… Whats the right word? Let’s just say, “Not very good offensively speaking.” So Kobe went from the greatest coach of all time to a defensive first, defense second coach. I like Brown. The guy. He is a solid dude from all accounts, players like him, media likes him, but he isn’t a very good head coach. I think he’d be a great assistant and defensive coordinator, but he just isn’t a very good head coach IMO. Kobe also went from having a post player in Pau that was world class at passing and with his skill-set, to the Pau we see today… A borderline All-Star who is more likely to give you 10 points and 5 boards than 20 and 10. While Bynum had a career year it was more of Lamar leaving and himself staying healthy than him improving. (Also, I know what Bynum’s limitations are and what his main issues are. You can act like i’m wrong or hyping him up by saying he is the 2nd best center in the L, i’m not, he just is….)
    No Lamar Odom (6th man of the year, PF/PG extraordinaire), a weak, non-AllStar, Pau Gasol. Bynum limited on what he can do on a nightly basis, new coach that is not exactly a genius on the offensive end along with a swap at PG that is a big deal due to who and what Fisher brought to the table in addition to the worse bench the Lakers have had in a fresh minute = To me an understandably bad post season by Kobe/Laker standards.
    I know where Bryant deserves blame(Leadership, accountability, shot selection, team involvement, post passing, smarter defense) I also see what else is on the table. ALLOT of SH*T is on this teams plate. Kobe deserves as much blame as anyone else, but I will not put more blame on Bean when his team and his coach failed just as bad and in general worse.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Lake, no one is saying that Bynum deserves the same respect/touches as Kobe does but Kobe doesn’t deserve 33 shots while the 2nd best player on the team barely gets 15. If you think the lakers are coming close to competiting for a championship in the near future with Kobe taking that many shots, I overrated your basketball knowledge.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    If you think the Lakers can improve without making a miraculous trade i question your basketball knowledge.
    Wanna See Kobe Bryant’s Salary the next 2 years???
    - $27,849,000 (2012-13)
    - $30,453,000 (2013-14)
    Wanna See The (estimated) Salary Cap the next 2 years???
    - $60,000,000
    - $62,000,000
    UH-OH SPAGHETTI-O’S, that’s just a hair below 50% to one player.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    I see you Taylor. That’s not what i’m saying. I’m saying if Bynum was 6 for 10 shooting then yes he deserved more touches, but dude wasn’t being forceful or nearly aggressive enough for me to say, “Get that dude some more touches!” You see me. In a perfect world (as you know because I’ve said this before) I would have Bryant with below 22 FGA, Pau and Bynum both at 15-17. It’s not perfect, and sometimes Pau and Bynum cannot get their own shots, and sometimes they can’t complete the easy ones. I can’t be upset with Kobe making 55% of his shots. While Pau and Bynum are both sitting below 40% and just say “Kobe should have gotten them more involved.” He just plainly was not the most glaring problem to me. Bynum’s lack of concern and aggression with poor PG play with bad coaching mixed with Bryants HERO ball are all the attributing factors for the Lakers demise.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Lake, I had no problem with Kobe’s play last night (apart from the 0 assists) because he shot a great percentage and did it within the confines of the offense (well if we could call what MBron runs an offense) but I have a problem with his play and refusal to get bynum involved during the 4th qtrs of Gm2 and Gm4 losses.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Then you and I are on the same page. I just wish Bynum made it easier for Kobe to want to give him the ball… Same with Pau. It’s partially KB’s fault for them being so scarred to fail that they can’t play with exuberance and joy, but it’s also just on them as MEN that have a job they get payed well to do and they just need to play up to their ability independently.

  • rand33p

    PEOPLE talking about touches for Gasol and Bynum are ridiculous.. Gasol WAS looking to pass almost throughout the playoffs and Bynum had horrendous positioning to receive the ball in end game situations (Pau and Bynum surely should have run the high-low more often) BUT that is the reason Kobe had to iso throughout the fourth quarter.. too big a load for the Mamba who is still freakin insane good

  • shutup

    Whatever happened to great players making the players around them better. Honestly you don’t think Kobe pouting when someone else misses a shot has an impact on their confidence? if anyone is responsible for Pau turtling up its Kobe. You think Pau is worried about Mike Brown chewing him out? NO, its that look Kobe will give him. Think about this you think Kobe didn’t say something to Blake after that missed shot? You don’t think Pau had thoughts of that at the end of the game and thats why he forced that pass? Because we all know if he would have missed that shot he probably would have got the look from Kobe and death threats from the fairweather fans of LA. Lastly you don’t think Pau knows hes gonna be gone next year? he help the Lakers go from early playoff exits to 3 finals appearances and 2 chips. Yet most Laker fans were calling for him to be traded like he didn’t do sh!t for this team.

  • Mike from Spain

    Let’s see… I pick a dude and I say ‘his primary role is as scorer’. Now, he has the league’s 25th best guards’ FG%. Question: do you give him the best salary in the league? He’s not even top 10 in his role in his position. So, what should he be making?

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    No, Shutup. In life one of the first things you learn is A.) Life is not fair. B.) Man up and make it better yourself and don’t rely on other people to motivate you.
    Pau Gasol would not have made it to the NBA if he had banked on people getting him where he is. He is a MAN. He doesn’t need Kobe to motivate him or make him feel special to do well. He can do that on his own.
    When Michael Jordan gave team mates a look of disapproval after a poor choice it was considered good leadership, and good no nonsense style. When KB does it he’s being a bad team mate…
    LeBron is one of the best team mates ever and he chides Mario Chalmers all the time. I have seen Bron chew out a few different guys on occasion. IMO that’s good. If you think that’s bad leadership, then many, many, greats were bad leaders. Charles Barkley, Oscar, MJ, Wilt, Shaq, Bird. Nahh, I think that respect is the best indication of leadership quality and that is something that Kobe gets no matter where he goes.
    If you don’t understand why Pau Gasol is not liked much in LA these days after the last 2 playoff performances, that is once again, on you.
    We respect Pau for what he use to be able to do, but it is obvious that he is past his prime and he appears to be emotionally distraught. Those are not qualities you want in your 2nd best player…

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    I’m glad I missed this convo. And AQWORD is an idiot (what else is new) if he really thinks I made those earlier comments.

  • shutup

    So now we should act like disapproval from the alpha-dog doesn’t have a negative impact on other players. You think someone with Kobe’s success would understand the team dynamic. There is no one way to deal with people and clearly Kobe doesn’t understand what is needed from him to have team success. Despite putting up high scoring numbers his game has lost a step and usually as the greats age they learn how to use their team, this concept has been lost on Kobe. Oh and I understand why Pau isn’t liked in LA I just think its ridiculous to expect someone to flourish when Kobe plays the way he does; and people act like Pau didnt save LA, or do you not remember all the Kobe wants out drama?

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    People blaming Kobe for playing hard and wanting to win at any cost, need to relook at the performances of Bynum and Pau. Kobe does what he does and if Bynum and Pau do not want to come to the party, then Kobe will play without them. Pau is playing soft and always had and Bynum thinks he is a 10 time all star now. Bynum is overrated and Pau is very tradable. I take my chances with Kobe. People were killing Kobe before he won two rings with Pau-who is a borderline HoFamer. Kobe is the only player in History to win two straight rings without another HoFamer on the team. Its not a guarantee that Pau will make it. Especially if Pau gets traded and does nothing later in his career. Kobe gets blamed for nonsense, but its easier to blame Kobe, BUT MJ did the same thing in his playing career. People act like MJ won a ring every year he played.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Stop acting like Bird, Magic and MJ didn’t have great players. MJ never won without Pippen. Bird without all of his HoFamers and Magic never won without Kareem. Cut out the Pau talk, because Kobe needed a big man and you act like Pau is Kareem or Shaq. Pau is a good big man that has skill. Pau is not great, he dissapears some nights then have great games. Pau is very inconsistent. What greats are you talking about, check what greats won rings later on in there careers like Kobe, you would be surprised. Also if Kobe was not a team player you think he would have 5 rings. You just don’t like Kobe, because MJ was way worst as a teammate or about the same. Rodman has stated they never talked, Pippen wanted out of chi at times, Grant left and MJ punched his teammates in practice and even Phil stated MJ was to hard on his teammates. I bet you won’t blast MJ. BOOK IT!!

  • Hobbes

    Lakers will never win another championship with Kobe Bryant as the main ball hog. End.

  • shutup

    Why does every convo about Kobe revert back to MJ? You wanna discuss MJ’s lack of leadership why not wait until a MJ thread pops up, I never understand why people insist on calling on MJ to defend Kobe. Kareem deferred to Magic and Duncan differed to Tony Parker, Shaq differed to Wade Kidd deferred to Dirk history is full of great players that age well. You think Bird had a problem giving the ball to McHale? Winning is all that matters but surely you cant equate Kobe’s performances with wanting to win. You know who is responsible for Kobe’s 5 chips? Phil Jackson, the Zen Master kept his team playing well despite Kobe’s selfish antics. Young Jordan played like Kobe has his whole career, then he matired and realized he had to rely on his team more, thats when he went from being a great scorer to being imo the greatest of all time. Book That, BeanBag( sorry had to use it Heals)

  • shutup


  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    ^^^ You straight dumb, you are actually going against what you posted earlier. Phil Jackson won Kobe his rings with Shaq and after Shaq. MJ wasn’t selfish later in his career. You need to read more, its a reason MJ stated Kobe can be compared to him. Go read some articles and learn the reason why. It will open you eyes.

  • Tierra kelly

    kobe all day everyday

  • shutup

    I dont think I mentioned Shaq in this thread at all. But yes the first 3 were Shaq’s teams, the Finals MVPs show that. But if you don’t think Phil was the glue that held that team together despite clashing egos than you have a very short memory. I was pointing out that Kobe’s lack of leadership didn’t really matter because Phil was a master at managing personalities, so despite Kobe chucking the team still played at a high level. Like I said Laker fans act like Pau didn’t turn the franchise around and was the main reason that they went from early exits to 2 time champions.

  • shutup

    When you typed “You straight dumb” did you have one hand on your hip while snapping your fingers on the other hand while your neck went side to side?

  • Bruce

    Dear Mitch:
    As everyone knows I do what I do. I have formulated a five year plan for the remainder of my Laker career. As you have probably learned by now,big people annoy me,they usually get upset if they don’t get 10 shots a game. As a favor to you and the organization I have scoured the NBA for players whose games are compatible and complementary with what i do when I do what I do. Here is a complete list of those players. In order to comply with my demand,trade or sell all 11 players who cost me a title this year. In return here are the players whose game is compatible with mine:
    1. Chris Paul
    2. Jason Kidd
    3.Steve Nash
    4.Rajon Rondo
    5. Derek Fisher

    Our starting lineup will be Paul,Nash,Kidd,Rondo and me. Derek Fisher will be our sixth man and my ambassador to the other four players.We won’t need any more players since I can’t any more whose games are compatible with mine. Goals for the five year plan include:

    1. Pass Michael in career scoring.
    2. Surpass Wilt’s 50.4 points per game scoring average for one season.
    3. Pass Karl Malone in career scoring.
    4. Pass Kareem in career scoring.

  • roybot

    42 points, 0 assists. I liked Kobe better when he was a complete basketball player and not just a scorer. He has taken it on himself to shoulder the scoring load while neglecting other parts of the game that are just as important. Kobe became the best player in the world because of his versatility, not just his scoring abilities.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Of course Kobe should v’e passed more,Sometimes people act like Bynum always got the deep post position all throughout the playoffs….it really hasn’t been that way. So it’s kind of a hand-in-hand thing to me.

  • http://nyill.wordpress.com Enigmatic


  • Justin G.

    @The Seed, if the MJ was such a terrible leader why do Pippen (him wanting out of Chicago had to do with salary and nothing to do with MJ), and Steve Kerr (the guy who got slapped) call him one of if not the best teammates and leaders they’ve ever had? Dennis Rodman said the same thing and he played with a lot of the great ones. Just because they didn’t talk off the court doesn’t mean you’re not a great teammate on the court. What would the two of them have to talk about anyway? Rodman went out to party and be a freak show. Jordan went home to the family. Horace Grant left because he wanted more money and he was tired of being Phil Jackson’s whipping boy. If you want others to start doing their research, perhaps you should too

  • sheedfan

    If they woulda’ had Sheed, the Lakers season would not be over.

  • Bruce

    I don’t see where Kobe has ever been the best basketball player in the world or that versatile. Before him there was Jordan who excelled him in every aspect of the game,between Kobe and LeBron was Duncan who has always played much better than Kobe in every aspect except scoring(although Duncan was a more efficient scorer) and was a unifying rather than divisive influence with teammates and LeBron came into the league a better all-around player than Kobe in every aspect of the game except raw scoring(though he is far beyond Kobe in efficiency in scoring and enhancing the games of his teammates.
    All things considered,raw scoring is a neutral statistic. It can be a good thing if you lead the team in scoring and you make the highest percentage on the team in fg% or it can be a negative or neutral statistic if you are below the team average and if there are other stars on the team who are higher percentage shooters on the team(which has almost always been the case with Kobe). When this is the case and you are a high volume shooter you are taking shots away from your most effective scorers which is a negative for the team. In every season except about two or three of Kobe’s there have been stars who are more efficient scorers who are deprived of opportunities because of Kobe’s personal need to be “the man”.
    Now,unfortunately for everyone involved,Kobe has become a parody of himself with games like 42 points and 0 assists(it was not long ago when he had a thirty something game with no assists). In the few seasons he played where the team actually needed him to score tons of points and his field goal percentage was actually near the highest on the team,the team went nowhere. They missed the playoffs one year and were eliminated by Phoenix the other two. Kobe had great stats during that time,but the team went nowhere.
    Bottom line on Kobe is that when it comes to individual play Kobe is great offensive player(and an overrated though good one, when he chooses to be, defensive player).
    As far as top ten player of all time,that is ridiculous ,and better than Michael absurd, except for the Kobe worshippers who consider only scoring and hype when determining how good a player was/is.True greatness has to factor in how the player fit in and worked with them for team goals and while Kobe scored a lot of points,his high volume shooting to enhance his own stats has often made things more difficult for team chemistry and team success through the years.
    As for “his” five titles,again irrelevant when you consider who his teammates were over the past 15 years. Consider that using that criteria,if DFish wins a title this year(a very good possibility) he will be greater than Kobe. Not as far fetched as you may think since Fish was an important person in smoothing over the many problems caused by Kobe’s personal contempt for his teammates at times. That stuff is important to a team.

  • PnoyVibe

    Ayo, looks like Kobe and Vanessa are back together.

  • Socrates

    I just love reading all of these arguments. You’re all so cute. You all think you’re right and you all refuse to accept very good arguments from each side.

    I am a Kobe fan, but I am a basketball fan too. So I, unlike almost everyone here, am not so ignorant to the game itself. The stats, reports, and media will all say something at some time to disagree with what you think; your collective biases are why you will all never get along, shut up, and watch the game and appreciate it, before stars like Kobe Bryant are old and retiring and leaving you to watch only the highlights to reminisce on a time when basketball was much different, for better or for worse.

    That being said, continue the naivete; it is entertaining.

  • adayala

    how stupid all of you haters look today!
    we’re not going anywhere!. wanna bet your house now.