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Larry Bird Calls Out Indiana Pacers for Being ‘Soft’

Larry Bird has done this before. He called his Boston Celtics teammates “sissies” following a humiliating loss to the Lakers in the 1984 NBA Finals, and Bird publicly called out the Pacers last night after losing the physical battle (and game) to the Miami Heat. Per the Indy Star: “Indiana Pacers president Larry Bird doesn’t do a lot of interviews. He prefers to stay in the background and let his players get the attention. But when Bird talks, you listen. That was the case about two hours after the Pacers suffered the worst playoff loss in franchise history – 115-83 – in Game 5 against the Miami Heat.  ’I can’t believe my team went soft,’ Bird said on the phone. ‘S-O-F-T. I’m disappointed. I never thought it would happen.’ When asked to elaborate on those comments, an obviously frustrated Bird said, ‘That’s all I have to say.’ Those are the strongest words I’ve ever heard Bird say about his team – good or bad – in my seven-plus years of covering the Pacers.”

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  • Björn Atli

    The Legend is right. The Pacers need to bang inside and didn’t do any of that yesterday.

  • Heals

    Where’s McHale when you need him…

  • jsmallz

    this is a true statement from bird. It would be different if the pacers didnt already show that they could win against this heat team. That is the difference. Losingislosing……but a blow out loss in the play-offs to a team youwere putting to the ropes in previous games.

  • crooklyn

    Why bother with game 6? These jokers got punched in the mouth and ran home. Next round please

  • MVP23100

    Bird played in a grimey era when things get nasty you don’t whine you get more physical he knows no suspensions should be handed out his boys need to man up especially after the tough talk

  • LA Huey

    Well, suspensions should be handed out but Legend is right. Pacers wilted when things got rough.

  • IGGI

    @CROOCKLYN…Punched in the mount Good one yo. Good one yo.. What happened to Granger I thought he was tough????? HAHAHAHA