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Will Fan Criticism Help Drive JR Smith Away from New York?

After getting kicked out of the postseason, Knicks fans were an angry bunch last night, and some of them took their frustration out on JR Smith (via Twitter). Smith responded by saying that he might bolt next season. From the NY Post: “Damn didn’t know this [many] people didn’t want me in #NY might just get what you asking for!’ he tweeted, adding the ominous hashtag ‘#sorrykidz.’ Smith has a $2.5 million player option for next season he can either exercise and remain with the Knicks or decline, which would make him a free agent. The erratic-shooting 2-guard is a valuable sixth man, but he was brutal in the final three games against Miami. Smith, who, ironically, has a tattoo behind his left ear that reads ‘swish,’ shot just 3-for-15 in the Knicks’ 106-94 Game 5 loss last night, which followed his 5-for-18 brickfest in Game 3 and his 3-for-15 nightmare in Game 4. In the final three games of the season, Smith threw up 48 shots. And hit 11. ‘You can’t make shots every night,’ he said. ‘Just gotta go back to the lab this summer and work hard.’ In the series, Smith launched more shots than any Knick other than Carmelo Anthony — and to be fair, Smith’s talent coupled with the Knicks’ injuries made that a necessity — yet he shot only 31.6 percent (24-for-76) from the field. The question is whether his terrible performance will impact his decision to opt out or stay put.”

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  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Knicks fans turn on everybody. They are ridiculous. If things are going well they love you, when things go bad they turn vicious. I’ve never understood that mindset. If you behave like that in real life it makes you a douche, right?

  • http://Xvideos.com Bravo

    Yup but I swear its not only New York, it’s the whole 50 states


    I remember an article in Slam magazine couple years ago about him. The dude seems very professional. He always bring good stats to his team and he even played a full season in China. But for some reason, like with Stephen Jackson, lots of media and fans believe he’s evil… must be the tattoos

  • L Dribble

    ‘You can’t make shots every night.’ But it helps if you make them at least some nights.

  • T-Money

    allen – i agree with you on a macro level (ny fans can be really short sighted and impatient). but i don’t think it applies in this case, jr was pretty much miami’s mvp. he’s a mental midget. as long as he thinks that a hesi/cross stepback long 2 with a hand in his face is “his” shot – there’s no hope for him.

  • bike

    @Allenp. You are right, in real life you would be a douchebag–in sports, however, you are a passionate fanatic. Because sports ‘aint real life.

  • abaci

    I thought JR and New York were a good match.

  • tomtom

    “knicks fans this, knicks fans that” dude played BAD as a knick, that’s why people don’t want him. He played superstar in China for a while and now he has come back down to earth with a bang. Heard him giving it all that ‘be carefull what you wish for cr@p’.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    He was always the same player. The Knicks were just playing in the regular season and it worked. In a series where the Knicks were shorthanded and Smith had to become their second scorer it was more detrimental to the team. But, Smith did nothing in the Heat series that he hadn’t don’t all year long. He was the EXACT same player.
    It just bothers me when you cheer a guy like a God one minute, then treat him like scum the next. Something is wrong with that. You knew who JR Smith was when the series started. NOthing that happened should have been surprising.

  • http://wow.com whoeversaidjrissmart

    wow knick fans?> are you kidding me . you goddam right knick fans dont want this piece fo trash on my team. Suprisingly, jr ddnt have any coach isssues with woodson because he obviosuly gave him a green light ot embarrass himself all over the place. how many turnovers bricks and in general teerrible off blaanced chuck up out of your asshole shots did it take for him to realize WE DONT want you back. give me a break fairweather basketball fans, knicks fans know what good basketball is and how its played and this guy was the opposite. His ball handling is almost as laughable as his inability to make a good pass ad knowing when to do the right thing in general. There is a reason he has a reputation for beng a POS wherver he goes, and his stint with the knicks clearly validated this cause

    oh and by the way, his playoff numbers were god awful.-this guy stepped up about 1 oevery 7 games to hit a big shot. Melo was our mvp and carrried this team.

    All the people that trash Fields, are just dub as a stump. The guy does everything you want besides hit shots from the outside consistenly, moves without the ball gets others invilved GREAT IQ.

    learn the game of basketball and oyullundersatnd this jr guy is an overpaid tattooed punk .good ridddacne you joke

  • T-Money

    haha i get your point. dennis green.

  • http://abcnews.com charliewinning

    He’s a crybaby. If you are sensitive or thin skinned don’t play here. Athletes pretty much all know what it’s going to be like playing on a NY sports team. They know how passionate NY sports fans are. Guys come and want to revel in the fame when they perform well, but conveniently forget that the same vigor will be used with criticism. It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s fair because it won’t change. JR grew up in NJ. He should know the drill by now. If he wants to cry after being called names maybe he should leave.

  • http://abcnews.com charliewinning

    Allenp: Just as the Knicks knew what they were getting into with Smith, Smith knew what he was getting into with NY. The kid grew up across the river.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    And while it’s fair to note that if athletes like the outsized praise they will receive for succeeding in New York they should be reading for outsized criticism, does that really make sense?
    Why not just tone everything down a little bit? You know, be a little more rational. Not totally rational, but just a little more rational. JR Smith has been a chucking, can’t go left, no defense playing, numbskull for years now. I was complaining about him in Denver for a long time.
    But, New York fans were hailing him as their savior when he was coming over from China. Something is wrong there.

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    Though NY turns fastest, lots of other teams turn on their stars pretty quick too. Back in 07, we here in Sacto LOVED Kevin Martin: little college boy, pure scorer, quirky yet lovable shooting form, and high character. Then Tyreke Evans came. And suddenly Kevin became the hindrance to Reke’s development (for some reason) and was promptly traded.

  • http://minusthebars.blogspot.com Don

    What exactly will New York Knicks lose if JR Smith doesn’t return?


    dont single out knick fans for things that every city has been known to do. shoot just look at cleveland and lebron.

  • bmorezbest

    can’t blame it all on jr. but you can blame alot of it part of it though comes from not having a true PG to set up the offense and coordinate the coaches vision NY is a mess with or without jr IMO

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance

    ^Apparently a chucking, can’t go left, no defense playing, numbskull. Idk Allenp, thats what makes NY NY. The fans have been fickle since Pat was there, don’t expect it to tone done now, especially with them not winning.

  • http://abcnews.com charliewinning

    Allenp: Is anything ever toned down in NY? Yes, NY sports fans can be irrational, but I actually have a slightly different take on how NY sports stars are treated. My theory is, win something significant and you can never do anything wrong again. Look at Jeter. He hasn’t been producing at a high level for far longer than folks outside of NY care to admit. A-Rod got torn apart every time he faltered in the playoffs. Eli got torn apart regularly before he got his 1st ring. Criticism after a huge accomplishment is the only thing that gets toned down. When a basketball team accomplishes something, those players won’t get torn up as badly.

  • Sizzle

    JR needs to tone his game down a little bit (ala Jason Williams when he left the Kings). Too too much one on one play. He is a good shooter when he sets his feet off of a pass, but too many times he tries to shake someone and then hit a tough shot. His defense is also suspect. He has a ton of talent and natural ability but he needs to harness it and use it in the right ways. It’s a shame, story has been the same on this kid since he entered the league..

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Maybe you are right Charlie.

  • http://www.crappyrappers.com Simon Caine

    Is the “Swish” tattoo behind his ear bigger than the one scrawled across his neck?

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Never let JR Smith or Landry fields run point guard ever again. For the sanity of all basketball viewers, just don’t do it.

  • bmorezbest

    he needs a mentor he seems alienated alot it shows cuz it’s like he’s not playing to win he just out there doin him like it’s the same thing every year he stays in shape but he’s doing nothing to truly polish his game like you see KD and BRON perfecting their craft all summer JR be twit beefin ijs from a fan perspective it seem like he don’t care one way or another

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    That being said, I hope he stays. He’s a good asset to have; they needed him to do too much this playoffs, that’s all. He’ll be fine. Knick fans are ruthless sometimes but that’s okay. He’s playing across the river from his hometown, and besides, who gives a sh!t about Twitter??

  • MIGZ

    NEW YORK is stupid if they want to put the blame on somebody let the blame be on Carmelo, you’d think he’d learn by now but ball hodging is his nature, well JR we’d love to have your scoring in Boston next season….. lol

  • T-Money

    charlie does have a point. new yorkers will also love a winner unconditionnally forever more. mark messier is a very good, not great player in historic terms but after 94, he became lemieux and gretzky rolled in one in manhattan. and that will never change. it’s also why pat ewing will always be somewhat unfairly dissed.

  • T-Money

    i guess what i’m trying to say is that ny doesn’t do gray: you’re a champ or a bum.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    It’s also funny how Knicks fans love John Starks, but hate Charles Smith.

  • Starks

    seems like JR needs to learn how to play the game, should of gone to college, idk if he ever will, look at wade, he plays smart he adds that to the tremoundous talent he has, JR has the talent but makes poor choices on both ends of the court, i like JR, id like to see him with the knikcs, i think woodson can help him, fields has to go to summer league.

  • http://nba.com 19821982

    50/50 about him on the Knicks. They need his ppg – but it’s not something they can’t find in another player for the same price. I guess I could say that about most of their bench, and that’s not a diss. As for NY Fans, well their season just ended, what did you expect? No one’s cheering for a first round loss…

  • Kadavour

    this kid has always been an idiot. You can’t shoot 30% and expect NY fans to be forgiving. You want the media interest and its spoils that NY offers? Then PERFORM. Otherwise, pack up and go. P.S. Tahiry WON’T be coming with you.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    I heart JR.
    He shouldn’t go back to NY. He should go to team where he can shine. That’s what he likes to do.

  • http://abcnews.com charliewinning

    Why Allen? Considering what Smith is most famous for, which completely changed that whole series, it shouldn’t be surprising. Stark wasn’t always the brightest player but he played damn hard.

  • Ryan.T

    Keep put & do work next season

  • Iggi

    NY fans socks wheather is Baseball or Basketball.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    2-18 Charlie
    Basically, Starks is the reason y’all lost in 1994 in your only real shot. Unlike Smith, it wasn’t one play of boneheadedness. It was an entire game of crazy chucking.

  • @boweezy24

    Hope He Stays, So #NYK Can Look For A Good Trade For Him! ha

  • LA Huey

    JR will be happiest on a team with low expectations and an open wallet.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    NY has a habit of overpaying overrated players and then complaining when it doesn’t pan out. How bout doing your due diligence in free agency and drafting/keeping the right players.

  • http://abcnews.com charliewinning

    It definitely was horrific. He tooks his lumps for his crappy shooting. He wasn’t immune to criticism at all. Those four blocks on Smith lead to a game winning basket for the Bulls that could’ve had the Knicks 3-2 I believe, so I wouldn’t say Starks was the only reason we lost. We wouldn’t have even had a shot were it not for his defensive aggresion. If Smith’s importance to the team was equally as important as Stark’s I’d agree with your view.

  • http://abcnews.com charliewinning


  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    Delete your twitter account.

  • elmaar

    those ain’t ny fans or they must be clueless!
    yes he ain’t a second option on a playoff team!
    but he worth much more than those 2.5 mill!
    and imo he is leaving anyway!
    hello brooklyn!

  • MikeC.

    I didn’t read all the comments, so this might have been mentioned already, but John Starks was erratic as hell and Knick fans revere him like he’s a golden god. As a Knick fan, I hope JR sticks around. In a reserve role, he’s a great fit. As a starter, not so much. He personifies the saying “give him an inch of rope and he thinks he’s a cowboy”. If he’s on a short leash and can get yanked when he’s 0-fer and hikacking the offense, then I want him to stay.

  • MeloMan15

    Ok, I’m a huge Jr Believer, i love watching him when he’s hot, so i take the good with the bad. I’ll admit, he played pretty bad for most of this series. But one thing he gets unjustly gets criticized for his his defense. He may not have the best mechanics, but he tries his ass off on defense and usually gives it his all.

  • ChipS

    I think he will be fine. Gotta remember alot of his shots came from someone throwing the ball to him with 5 seconds on the shot clock, hard to get a rythm like when that happens. He needs a Chauncey Billups. Chauncey was the best thing to happen to him in Denver.

  • RunNGun

    Delusional Knicks fans believe they can have their cake and eat it too. AllenP is right; when they got JR they thought he was their savior when they knew exactly what kind of player they were going to get. LOL Karma is a lil’ b!tc#, isn’t it? Knicks lost the series because of ball-hogging Carmelo. And y’all can also thank STAT, for punching glass. If Walsh was around, this wouldn’t be a mess of a team…

  • DEN

    Id like Jr smith to return to denver. I sorta miss him even tho he sometime shot terribly like this years post season.

  • http://www.t-mac.com/tmac/index unf*ckwitable

    lol are they serious? had they never seen him play before he got to the Knicks? Dude wants to shoot and dunk, thats it, he dont care about trivial things like the score, or winning.

  • MikeC.

    @run n gun – what do you do with cake? Whenever I have cake, I eat it.

  • crooklyn

    @allen p – really… charles smith over john starks? That conversation brings your “opinions” to a surprising low. Even to make a point, that B S is just dumb.

  • nails


  • Omar

    Dumbest player in the league…STILL!!!! Don’t let the door hit you….

  • Treshiq

    @ DEN don’t you EVA say you want that kid back on the team here…My GOD i am so glad MElo him and Kenyon are gone…Melo was great and I cheered for 7 yrs …but once he’s gone i’m loving the brand of bball that BASKETBALL is the star on the court..JR felt if MElo can shoot whenever why can I…Which is why Coach K got cancer! ( that’s not funny sorry) but that’s why he couldn’t stand them…the ONLY guy that i would pay to have back on my team healthy is Denver’s own..C Billups..otherwise…THis whole team basketball thing is working great. JR should go to….uhmmmb the bobcats. they would love him there.