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Agent Says Jeff Green is Back to ’100 Percent,’ Ready to Make Return

After being traded from Oklahoma City to Boston in exchange for Kendrick Perkins, many believed Jeff Green could be a difference-maker on the Celtics during the ’11-12 season. Instead, he suffered from an aortic aneurysm that kept him sidelined for the entire year. But Green is healthy now, and according to his agent David Falk, will be ready for next season, SI.com reports: “Green’s life, let alone his profession, was on the line when his heart condition was discovered during a team physical last December. He had successful surgery to repair the aneurysm on Jan. 12 and has since returned to ’100 percent,’ according to Falk. Now, he’s ready to return to the livelihood that he loves. Because Green became an unrestricted free agent in December after Boston withdrew its $9 million qualifying offer, teams are already calling Falk’s office to discuss his possible exodus from Beantown. Free agency negotiations won’t officially begin until July 1, but Falk said he has already had exploratory discussions with ’12 to 14 teams.’ While there is a strong mutual interest in Green returning to the Celtics, Falk said it’s far from certain that it will turn out that way. Boston has nine unrestricted free agents in all, most notably Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. And judging by his view of the free agent market on the whole, Falk — who is best known as the longtime agent of Michael Jordan and an influential advocate of the league’s stars for the last 30 years — will be driving a hard bargain as always. ’With the possible exception of (Brooklyn point guard) Deron Williams, I think that Jeff will probably be the No. 1 unrestricted free agent on the market,’ Falk said. ‘It’s not like we have LeBron (James) and (Dwyane) Wade and all these guys floating around.’”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    chill out falk. no 1 urfa after deron. dude hasn’t played in a year. garnett is more desireable by far

  • Basketball iQ

    im glad hes back and all but #1 after Deron? yeah right … steve nash, jamal crawford, gerald wallace, nick young, kirk hinrich, … damn… the list aint long at all so hes gonna find a place for a few bucks. But some rfa’s like OJ mayo and Eric Gordon may be higher on the radar for bean town

  • greg

    jeff green is better than crawford wallace young and hinrich. he does a lot of things to help you win: he rebounds, shoots the ball, drives, posts up , passes, good team guy. and he is one of the best guys we have at guarding lebron james, thats worth a lot right now

  • Basketball iQ

    hes coming off surgery,,, before that when he was deemed healthy, he got 1year 9 million. thats it bro. itll be less this time,, league wide. im not looking at none of those other guys for the c’s & green is a priority in my eyes but a discount some where round 4-5mill a season sounds much better than 9. With Eric gordon, BrandonRoy, & Mayo in the air, we will have a new 2guard next year and we need to pass some dough out to get him. KG is a must right now. he’ll sign for 2more years 8-9mill per.

  • dannyb

    That’s just good news that he’s healthy, what he had was pretty scary. Hope he makes it back to Boston.

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    Bball IQ, he got the $9 mil as a qualifying offer, not an offer sheet. C’mon man, that’s basic.

  • Heals

    Interested to see how how much Bass and Green are interested in staying Bos. They have $$$, an unselfish pg and a player’s first coach, but are in transition and Bos has been notoriously poor at luring in FA’s ever since the 90′s…

  • Respect

    Hes headed to D.C.

  • Shifty

    yeah heals, I too am intersted, I honestly have no idea what the celts will look like next season, Danny Ainge better make the right decisions though.

  • andy

    lol at the first two guys being surprised at what falk said.
    of course an agent will say good things about a client!
    yall are ignant

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    ^I was thinking the same thing. What is Falk supposed to say “Jeff is about the 6th or 7th FA prospect out there.” Just happy he’s back healthy and the physical caught it before something tragic happened. Always liked him since his Hoya days.

  • MirChilly

    Boston will be interesting next year. They should of kept Marshon Brooks and got DeAndre Jordan a few years back when scouts in boston was loving him. But they need to resign ray, kg and paul for close to 50% less if possible and focus on signing Green and cheap young players i.e gerald green and hitting completely on their two first round picks.

  • Mac

    I’m not crazy about Green. Even when he was healthy, he seem to play timid. He can make the shot, but half the time he passes it up. He seemed afraid to shoot.