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Baron Davis Determined to Return Following Knee Surgery

When Baron Davis’ right knee exploded during the NBA Playoffs, there was speculation that he might call it quits as a result. But Davis says he has every intention of suiting up (preferably for the New York Knicks) next season. Per the NY Daily News: “I don’t know how long (for the brace and crutch), but once I am done, it’s on to rehab,’ said Davis. ‘I am coming back.’ Davis, who signed a one-year deal for the veteran minimum last season, suffered a partial tear of the patella tendon and complete tears of the anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments in Game 4 of the Knicks opening-round playoff series against the Heat, the eventual NBA champions. [...] ‘We have a talented team,’ Davis said. ‘We have a good team that was getting better, but we had a lot of injuries.’ The 33-year-old point guard who missed the beginning of the season with a herniated disc would love the chance to come back to the Knicks when he is healthy. He said he loved playing in the New York. ‘I think that people, the fans are kids out here playing basketball right now, dedicating their lives to it, I felt that. I felt that NY is the mecca of basketball,’ Davis said. ‘The love that I have for basketball, I feel it here. This is the best stage and the best opportunity, to play for a top-notch team.’ And Davis could see himself back in the role of back-up to Jeremy Lin, if the Knicks resign the free agent this offseason as they are likely to do. Backing-up Lin was the same position Davis was in until Lin went down with a knee injury March 24. Davis said he thinks Lin can be a long-time starting point guard in the NBA. ‘He’s proven he can handle the job,’ Davis said. ‘I think he has proven himself.’”

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  • lakernation

    He’s done stick a fork in him bruh!


    for his sake i pray that he doesn’t that injury was horrible to watch and rehab will take probably 12 months.

  • HowHeDoDat

    Dude should just let it go. He’s been in the league since 1999. That’s extremly long a point guard. He’s probably 1 step faster than Derek Fisher.

  • bonK

    Davis is done he’s injury prone. Every yr sum team goes thru this with him. Wish it could’ve worked out different for him . He was a promising ball player early in career

  • Dennis

    Davis look man when its over it’s over, don’t be a fool there is life after BB. You ain’t got nothing to prove.

  • http://bebe310.blogspot.com/ anonymous

    baron may be 33 but he is 43 in basketball years. never understood why the knicks signed him and bibby last offseason. age is just an allusion because there are players who are fortunate enough to play into their late 30s and early 40s but I dont think baron will be one of them. you have to know your own body and it seems like his body has quit on him for good. click on my name.

  • chillout

    maybe if he lost some weight that would help his cause of keeping his legs healthy.