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Chris Bosh Expected to Play a Larger Role in Game 6

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra, somewhat unbelievably, said it would have been “unfair” to play Chris Bosh more minutes than just the 14 he did in Game 5. Issues of fairness are apparently no longer a concern for Spo, who knows he needs more from Bosh with the Heat facing elimination in Boston tonight. From the Sun-Sentinel: “Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra is still debating whether to start forward Chris Bosh Thursday against the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals. Bosh returned to the lineup for the first time in Tuesday’s Game 5, scoring nine points and grabbing seven rebounds. He had missed the previous nine postseason games because of a strained lower abdominal muscle. ‘I’m still going through that thought process,’ Spoelstra said. ‘I think he’ll be able to handle to a bigger load of minutes, and it will be based on how he feels throughout the game.’ Bosh said he is comfortable returning to his starting role or coming off the bench. He referred to himself as 99 percent healthy, saying he was fortunate to get one game under his belt before facing an elimination situation. ‘I just want to play,’ Bosh said. ‘It doesn’t matter to me. I think we feel confident in whoever we put out there. … We’re good enough to get the job done.’ Bosh played 14 minutes Tuesday, but only a stretch of 3 minutes, 48 seconds in the second half. Spoelstra said he felt it was unfair to expect Bosh to play in such a crucial stage in the game. Bosh said he understood the decision but should play a bigger role Thursday. ‘It’s not frustrating at all,’ Bosh said.”

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  • Da-REAL-Meat-Hook

    I have no doubt he’s going to play more minutes. They said he could physically play up to 25 last game so he’ll play more tonight with their backs against the wall. Give him 25 minutes off the bench and they’ll likely win…Kinda like how I’ll scored on Caboose’s mom.

  • Fat Lever

    Based on the headline pic, is that what they meant when they said Bosh’s Pit?

  • barnabusb

    Bosh’s core looked fine when he was flexing and mugging it up after that and-1. If I was guarding him, I’d just keep giving him little shots in the abs the whole time.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    Anyone think Spo returns after anything short of a ring?

  • KrispyKreme

    Unfair? @dfrance it’s gonna be hard for Riles to stand pat with comments like that. Bosh was killing the C’s in the 1st half. Boston has Spo to thank for that coaching deecision as a large part of gm 5 win.

  • anthony

    It’s all or nothing for Spo.

    Bosh starting or coming off the bench doesn’t matter. He needs to play the minutes.

    The C’s as lackluster as they are in game 6′s on paper, WILL CLOSE OUT THIS SERIES AT HOME!! They know this is our last run and their going to stamp their ticket tonight.

    The bigger issue is who do you think Pat gets rid of first?

  • Ldub

    FAIR? WTF? I hope he isnt referring to the other players! This better mean that it wouldnt be “fair” to try and bring him along so quickly. Fair lost the damn game! Get in there and get dirty, grimey, gritty and do what you gotta do to win for your city. Dont make me start rhyming in the B!tch! Fair? Now I see why so many people have said to fire Spo! I was at work and couldnt “see” the game, but I did notice Bosh had 9 and 7 in like 12 minutes. But didnt see anymore action for the rest of the game. Makes no damn sense! Fair!? GTFOH! totally just lost a gang of respect for ES’s coaching decision with the basis being “fairness”! Its the playoffs. Could be up 3-2 with a chance close it out! DUMBASS

  • Da-REAL-Meat-Hook

    All this imposter’s got are gay jokes and mom jokes. Even takes the time to change his name when I change mine. If you gonna troll, at least be remotely funny about it. Even your insults are generic.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    He’s actually being misquoted here. What he said was it would be unfair(as in disrespectful) to put Bosh back in “with 3 mins left in the game.” Still extremely stupid, but not the same as unfair to play him more than 14 mins.

  • LP

    Eddy Curry expected to eat a Larger Role before Game 6..

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    I would have fired Spoelstra after that press conference.

  • bike

    …as in take over the game if Wade doesn’t show up and LeBron has an off night ’cause we is in big trouble boyz.

  • Da-REAL-Meat-Hook

    Please stop using my name. It’s incredibly immature of you to go on with this pointless crusade. What are you trying to accomplish here?

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Spoelsta is probably gonna be done as Head Coach. Then again, I ever thought he was really fit for the job as soon as LeBron and Bosh came to town.

  • Da-REAL-Meat-Hook

    Aside from your self-inflicted-erection, no one finds what you’re doing the least bit entertaining.

  • Da-REAL-Meat-Hook

    All you do is obsess over me. You get off on this don’t you? You have issues. You want to be me. Go ahead and jack every screen name I have. I’ll keep changing it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom


  • Da-REAL-Meat-Hook

    Question, am I the only one who thinks the entire city of Boston should just fall into the ocean?

  • Cizzo

    I love this segment of this site…you guys are hilarious…only got one comment…the Eastern Confrerence fials end today…I’llcomment in th morning about how much the Heat suck azz….

  • Cizzo

    @Da-Real-Meat-Hook…you need to get over that Miami high it’s over for the MllionDollar South Beach Bumm…We got to go thru this with yall again his year….really? Quick question for anybody who really know BBall…..How many teams in the last 10 years have we witnessed win a Ring without a some kind of Back to the Basket\ Center in the paint? Get a clue you dumbazz LBJ\DWade\CB1 ball suckers….And please spare me the excuse except that Miami are GARBAGE!


    nbk that makes 2 of us. i was so disgusted with his words. it’s just a lost. no b1tch its 3 str8 losses. i hope lebron is on super sayan mode tonight cause i lost all hope on DWade inconsistency.


    cizzo who on the C’s squad plays back to the basket? garnett? pp? rondo? lool. they’er a jump shooting like the thunder and now they’re hitting everything. that’s the only reason they’re up 3-2. wait 4 the series to be over before that miami garbage talk.

  • Wet

    Boston, detroit, dallas, and whatever team wins this year.

  • Phil da Windmill

    Bosh maybe next year son with yo ostrich neck.

  • http://scal4three.blogspot.com/ Jon J

    Spoelstra is at a lose-lose situation with Chris Bosh right now, in the sense that the media will criticize him either for playing Bosh too much or too little… but if they lose it will be considered Spoelstra’s fault. The truth is that Bosh was ineffective on defense and had the lowest plus/minus on the team, and when he came in the 3rd it sparked an 11-0 run for Boston to finish the quarter. No wonder Spoelstra benched him for the whole fourth quarter, I would have done the same!