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Chris Paul Made the Re-Signing of Chauncey Billups His ‘Top Priority’

When it comes to the contract situation regarding unrestricted free agent Chauncey Billups, Chris Paul is acting as an unofficial member of the LA Clippers’ front-office. Paul is determined to play alongside Billups again. Per the Denver Post: “He knows my top priority right now is to make sure he’s back with us again next season,’ Paul said. ‘That was the best backcourt mate I played with since I’ve been in the NBA. He just gave me so much confidence and made things so much easier for me. So I need him back and want him back.’ Billups’s season ended after 20 games because of a torn Achilles tendon. He said he’s ahead of schedule in his rehabilitation and should be 100 percent healthy by the start of training camp. The former Colorado star averaged 14.9 points and 4.0 assists in 20 games — all starts — before his season ended Feb. 7. He was playing on a one-year contract with the Clippers after being waived by the New York Knicks. ‘I liked it a lot (in Los Angeles), but of course I would be crazy not to entertain any other offers that I might have,’ Billups said. ‘That’s the fun of being a free agent.’ Billups has been Paul’s mentor and friend ever since the point guard arrived in the NBA in 2005 from Wake Forest. Paul called playing with Billups last season ‘the best thing ever.’ ‘I tell people all the time had Chauncey not got injured, we were going to win the championship,’ Paul said. Any progress on his recruitment of Billups? ‘I think it’s going well,’ Paul said. ‘The top priority now is to get him healthy. I think that was the toughest thing for me. When he got injured, I was messed up because I know how hard he works and how much he loves to play. It feels a lot better now because I know how hard he’s been working and I know he’s going to be back.’”

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  • Jake

    THIS IS A REAL TEAMMATE. THIS IS A REAL STAR. He was even willing to take a paycut to make his team better. bravo cp

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ the_unknown

    I honestly think that the team they have in place now (with a healthy chauncey billups) can make a run to the wcf.

  • greg

    they should go after brandon roy for real they need a big guard who is consistent

  • Ash

    That’s why I think OKC will not automatically make it to WCF. With Chauncey Billups playing its a tough team to beat. His leadership, sscoring, takes a lot off of Chris paul

  • Fat Lever

    Billups is also over 35, coming off a major injury. They need a legit 2 guard that can shoot lights out. A-Morrow comes to mind, I feel like he would be a perfect fit there and probably cheaper than Billups. If CP3 is trying to play buddy ball, bring back Billups, otherwise they need to look elsewhere, IMO.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    Billups would be nice, but they need some depth all around.

  • http://www.slaminline.com spit hot fiyah

    they had a really good record with billups in the line up, the question is: do they bring back nick young

  • http://www.slaminline.com spit hot fiyah

    and what about mo williams as well

  • LA Huey

    Fat Lever, Clippers aren’t a threat to the Thunder unless Blake puts serious work into his mid-range jumper and both he and DeAndre learn to shoot at least 70% from the charity stripe. An OKC-LAC series would be fun as hell to watch.

  • http://slamonline.com 19821982

    I thought the Chauncey-Paul experiment worked out 1000x better than I expected, but keeping him will help them get out of the 2nd round in the very best case scenario.

  • monkeyball

    Surprising that Paul would make such a bold claim. Clearly the Clips were not winning the championship, even with Billups. It’s also pretty clear that CB is an injury risk regardless of how he heals from this particular tear. The man is OLD.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    @ LA – Blake needs to learn how to play defense too…he doesn’t need to make any all-defense teams, but he at least needs to be compotent.

  • tpathi1

    does anyone know how i can apply for the GM position with the LA Clippers?

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    What they need to do is lock DJ in a gym with Kareem, Hakeem, Malone and Ewing and pray that he at least comes out with a decent post game. They don’t lack perimeter threats what they do lack is depth and skill in the frontcourt.

  • Wayno

    Wayno, agreed. But that’s something better learned with team practices and experience. He and Durant could grow a bit on that side of the ball this summer playing with their elders on Team USA but it’s more practical for Blake to aim for offensive growth with offseason work.

  • bdhpoet

    Keep Nick Young to come off the bench for Chauncey and to learn and mature with Chauncey. Let Mo go, he plays no defense and is a gunner even when he’s missing. Let Mo go! Vinny is not a great strategist but he is good at developing players. He needs to work hard with Nick and DeAndre this summer while CP3 works with Blake in the Olympics. Coach K could help Blake develop.

    If Chauncey stays healthy and Blake improves we can win the WCF and go to the finals. We have the only true Point Guard in the NBA.

  • Waggle

    Hmm this is interesting..I was thinking that bledsoe was a fair bit better than billups

  • basketball_iQ

    if the clips had billups, this team was my pick,,, TO GO to the west finals, thats it. They need a 2or3 who can create for himself better than a caron butler. BrandonRoy sounds very good. also,,,
    A decent headcoach will be in order. DelNegro got by on “on the floor talent” alone.

  • basketball_iQ

    i just seen someone say bledsoe was better than billups,,, im logging off. they obviously let anyone on here

  • LA Huey

    My bad, Wayno. Just realized I replied as you thanks to SLAM’s wonderful tech.

  • MikeC.

    Paul just wants to keep Billups around so there can be one competent coach in the organization.