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Contest: Win a NOLA Hornets Draft-Day Hat

Your chance to win the exact same hat Anthony Davis will rock at the Draft.

With the NBA Draft nine days away, the League (outside of the Finals) is currently a cluster of rumors, innuendo, what ifs and excessive speculation. The only safe way to approach the Draft—as a prospect, GM, agent or otherwise—is to expect the unexpected.

Unless you’re Anthony Davis.

From the moment the ping-pong balls were drawn on May 30, Davis began to adjust—mentally more so than anything else at this stage of the process—to being a member, if not franchise centerpiece, of the New Orleans Hornets. He’s hired an agent, begun searching for a place to live, and tightened up his circle of family and friends, all in an effort to prepare for the journey ahead—an NBA career.

Technically speaking, though, the only thing currently standing between Davis and the Hornets is next week’s Draft. But that day will come soon enough, and to make his initiation official, Anthony will don a NOLA snap-back hat, shake David Stern’s hand, and smile for all the photogs in the Prudential Center. Lights. Camera. Action. Welcome to the League, Anthony.

In honor of both the Draft and SLAM 160, which features Davis on the cover and is currently on newsstands across the globe, we’re giving away one official New Orleans Hornets NBA Draft hat, the same type that Anthony will be rocking next Thursday in Newark.

All you have to do to enter the contest is drop a comment on this post (please provide your real email address) that says what you think Anthony Davis will bring to New Orleans—on the court, off the court, short-term, long-term—and why. There are no other rules or restrictions. It’s that simple.

One winner will be picked by this Friday, June 22, and contacted early next week. Be sure to stay tuned for more giveaways leading up to next week’s Draft, and a special thanks to adidas for all of the Draft hats…. Good luck!

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  • Brandon

    On the court, I think Davis can bring that interior presence that they had back when they had Tyson Chandler. Block shots, grab boards, etc. He wont come out and be a star right away because of his strength but i think he will be a likeable guy off the court. He just has that demeanor about him that says humble. In the short term, i see him helping the Hornets improve but not by that much if they don’t get Eric Gordon back. Long term, i would say that Davis is an multiple-time All-Star, borderline superstar. Maybe somewhere along the lines of Dwight Howard

  • Mujeeb Ahmed

    I think Anthony Davis will bring incredible defense to New Orleans & some excitement about a hometown kid around town. New Orleans definetly deserves something after Hurricane Katrina & losing Chris Paul & David West last offseason. This kid is ONLY 20 & is probably gonna grow, even taller! He’s a work in progress offensively though. Long term wise, I could see a championship if NO gets the right pieces, maybe drafting Damian Lilard & keeping Eric Gordon, that’s a real nice trio! The kid is gonna be special! Off the court impact for Davis? Maybe Drew Brees will grow a unibrow too!

  • j-chedd

    Anthony Davis will be an immediate impact on the court, where you can basically engrave his name on the ROY trophy. It is award to lose. And this is not really that far-fetched to think about it, but he could potentially be gunnin’ for the DPOY as well. Because of his immediate impact will be overwhelming, his off-court presence will be just as big (literally, and figuratively). Endorsement companies be knocking on his door, and soon his face will be plastered on walls everywhere. In terms of the long and short term goals, Davis will rejuvenate the energy of New Orleans’ fans, and even attract fans from road games. Trust me, you won’t be able to miss the unibrow, and you wouldn’t want to.

  • Jeremy foster

    I thInk anthony davis will totally turn the hornets around and turn them into playoff contenders.He is a dominat big man that has a great shot and can score lots of points.Off the court i think will be great for the community as he did several charity things for kentucky.I think he will get the people of new orleans excited about basketball & give the people another reason to celebrate. I think long term it could mean championships. He is a great start to build a championship team aa ot is very hard to find a great big man & teams that are able to usually win or atleat get to the finals.

  • Dee

    The one thing Davis will bring is the spotlight….positive spotlight. All the Hornets have been getting lately is negative. First it was contraction, no owner, cp3 trade then the conspiracy. On the court dude will bring solid defense along with some awesome pick&roll highlights , while I think he may struggle at first with the 3second rule and some more NBA stuff I feel he will be a All-star in a few years .I Can’t wait until next season #imin go Hornets. Oh and I love that slam cover, it’s effin dope

  • Julian Gonzalez

    Anthony Davis will give the New Orleans Hornets much needed defense on the block at the power forward position. His length and athleticism is something that has not been seen recently in the NBA at Davis’s position. As he develops his offensive skill set, he will become a weapon in the pick and roll set.

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Undoubtedly, Anthony Davis will bring interior defense and shotblocking acumen to the Bayou. He will bring a great presence and down to earth personality on and off the court. But most of all, he will bring his infamous unibrow to the Hornets! Clearly any, if not all, of his magical talent stems from the brows between his eyes!

  • al jordan

    I believe that Anthony Davis will bring to the New Orleans Hornets what Blake griffin brought to the L.A. Clippers his second year in the NBA, after getting better from the injury he had his first year in the NBA. Anthony Davis is going to get the New Orleans Hornets on the right track to be a contender for the NBA playoffs, but I do not expect them to make the playoffs this year.

    It is just up to the New Orleans Hornets to build a star cast around a future NBA elite player.

  • Adam Watkins

    Anthony Davis is about to become the next face of New Orleanes. Right away he will be a defenseive monster, blocking shots and grabbing rebounds. And eventually will become a solid first option on offense. He is an extremely unique player, he can put the ball on the floor and knock down midrange jumpers. Once he puts on some muscle, he will likey besome the best big man in franchise history.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah


  • Darrell T.

    Being from Big Blue Nation…I know Anthony Davis will be a defensive monster…he will alter every shot he doesn’t block…and offensively he will only get better…he has a great jump shot and can go to the basket. Off the court he will be a leader in the community…a great role model for kids. He is a pure winner, great basketball player and even better person. The Hornets will be the new favorite team of Big Blue Nation

  • Curtis

    He will bring a lot of excitement and youthful exuberance to the team and city. The team will definitely be better because of having him and his athleticism.

  • rob stewart

    On the court Anthony Davis will remind everyone of the last great center they had known as Tyson Chandler. In just a couple of years (that’s right 2 years) he will acquire the Defensive Player of the year trophy. Like TC he will have a limited amount of offensive moves but his put back slams and finishing OOOPs from the ALLEYs thrown his way will be amazing. Off the court he will remind us of another #1 draft pick, Greg Oden. AD will prove to be a fun loving, dry humored, jolly giant that will attract fans and kids to cheer for him all season. Short term he will be a ticket seller and New Orleans poster boy. Long term he will be top 5 All Time in NBA block shot history propelling Hornet fans to either draw in extensions on their eyebrows or neglect to cut the long eyebrows they already have.

  • ZelenakP

    i think Anthony Davis will be the Hornets` franchise player and i am sure he will be an All Star. We will see in the playoffs what can he really do on the court when he will lead the Hornets to the Playoffs. I am sure that New Orleans will love that guy. HE got a great chance to be the ROY next year.

  • http://N/A J DOGG

    AD will bring many tangibles and intangibles. Such as defensive prowless, “skinny pole” of rebounding, two handed slamma jammas in pajammas, and Alonzo Mourning will roll over in his grave when his Hornets legacy is replaced by the Fertile (non-barren) Davis.

  • Cole

    Anthony Davis will change the game for his teammates. I think he can be like Tyson Chandler was for the Mavericks, anchoring their defense, blocking shots, rebounding and helping out teammates defensively. Offensively he may not have much of an impact early on in his career, but if he hits the weight room hard and improves his skills maybe by working with Hakeem Olajuwan he can become a consistent 20 and 10 guy, at least. Off the court he will bring the city of New Orleans together and make the Hornets a popular team again. Since Chris Paul left there hasn’t been much interest from fans, but the brow will be a great face for the franchise. He will also bring a great work ethic and humility to the team, which will spread throughout the locker room. I think he will be with the team for most of his career and bring them back to the playoffs.

  • http://www,slamonline.com S-Mills

    Anthony Davis will bring winning to New Orleans. Maybe not immediately, but pretty quickly. His tandem with Eric Gordon will be a 2-4 punch possible of propelling the Hornets into the playoffs. He is defense and showtime. He will be the unibrow sporting face of the franchise who dispels failure and welcomes future.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    Defense and a winning attitude will really have a positive affect on this franchise for the forseeable future. I also think that off the court, he will bring some hope to the city of New Orleans, especially after the devestating loss of Chris Paul.

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    He will bring an attitude which embodies the concept of “hey, maybe you DON’T have to shave that”

  • Tristan Wilson

    Davis will bring the ugliest unibrow in the history of the universe

  • logues

    if this was a mitchell & ness hat i’d actually write something, not some crappy adidas hat

  • Jordan

    Davis will revitalize a team that lost it’s heart & soul in Chris Paul. I expect Davis to provide leadership, tenacity, and a much-needed defensive presence. I believe he will spark fan interest, and lead the Hornets to Western Conference title-contention.

  • Shakeel

    I think Davis will bring a lot to New Orleans. Offensively, he may have a little trouble in the post, but defensively he is going to help a ton. His shot blocking, and wingspan will help on the inside and also his ability to grab boards. He will bring a personality that is loved by his fans and the city of New Orleans. He will also help the city after its loss of Chris Paul and some problems in football, and Hurricane Katrina. HE is an overall great player, and he will make great change.

  • Benjamin

    Anthony Davis will carry this team on his unibrow.

  • Brian Brennan

    Anthony Davis is a player that possesses skills that combined with incredible length and high defensive basketball I.Q. could create a dominate defender and rebounder in the NBA, and help bring the New Orleans Hornets back to playoff contention. Davis’s defensive skills were clear throughout the NCAA tournament, as well as the NCAA Basketball regular season, where he led the country in blocks, and was a top tier rebounder. His unselfish attitude is what separates him from other elite players, and helps him always play “championship caliber” basketball. During the NCAA Championship game he did struggle to score the basketball, which would contribute to many players having a bad attiude and “quitting” on their teams, where as Anthony Davis decided to carry his team in a defensive fashion by blocking shots, and altering near every Kansas player shot; paired with excellent rebounding throughout the entire final four. Also, the well documented growth spirt going into his final high school season is remarkable, and helped Anthony keep his speed, quickness, and coordination paired with a 6’10 frame and incredible wing span. What Anthony Davis will bring to the New Orleans Hornets organization is a true pro (check out Slam’s cover story, regarding his punctuality), a player with strong work ethic, and a winning persona. This organization desperately needs the new fan support and excitement coming into the 2012-2013 NBA Season and with Anthony Davis they can expect to get just that.

  • DJMotoXDude

    I dont follow the NBA but i like the colours and emblems on the snapbacks. My favoruite team is Miami cause they have Lebron, he is a bosssssss. SNAPBACKS <3

  • TheWhiteMarkPrice

    I think he will bring a defensive presence and a positive work ethic. He will also be a marketable face (despite the horrible unibrow) for the franchise in this new chapter in their history. AD has the talent to bring the buzz back to the Hornets. That no. 10 pick could be a HUGE piece as well. Here’s to the days of Grandmama, Zo, Muggsy, Dell & Gill.

  • Kenny

    Anthony Davis is a Superstar type player hes so great that he already got a invitation to USA basketball .What I thing he will do is give the hornets is one of the best defense in the league.I think he will a better version of Tyson Chandler.This kid broke the NCAA block record held by the Great Shaq who is a future hall of famer now that tells you something great.For a couple of years they probably wont make the finals but they can make the playoffs and who knows maybe they’ll advance to the conference finals.Soon there time will come and then Anthony Davis and the Hornets team will get a ring.I think that we are all witnessing the rise of the Hornets and that they might soon become like the Thunder.

  • Dani

    Davis is a great defender, so maybe he’ll turn the Hornets into a good defensive team and I can imagine the same thing on the offensive end. I don’t think that they will reach the playoffs next year, but the year after that they have a chance for it. (It’ll be better to look out for them though) I hope he can maintain his good attitude and become a role model for young kids on and off the court. In short-term Davis will bring confidence back to New Orleans and in long-term he can turn things around and create a playoff team.

  • Thomas

    Anthony Davis will bring the new prototype NBA player. Much like MJ, Kobe, and Lebron. He isn’t finished growing yet and we have a C/PF with handles like a true PG. His shot blocking skills are phenomenal. He will be a true catalyst for a Hornets team. Give him a solid point guard, and the Heat have a true challenger within 2-3 years.

  • http://me_losh50@yahoo.com Milos Sotirovic

    On the court, short-term I think Anthony Davis will give the Hornets an undeniable interior presence that they are undoubtedly missing. Davis size and length not only allows him for plenty of blocked shots, but his presence alone forces players to alter their shot, as well as get in the offensive player’s head mentally. Just look at what he did in the NCAA Championship game…he’s defensive presence was unbelievable. So I expect Davis to have an immediate impact defensively for the Hornets, but as far as long-term, I think it will take him a few years to develop his offensive game, and become a more complete player. However, Davis will definitely be the center piece for the Hornets to build around for years to come. Now if they can just get him to shave that unibrow…

  • Alex

    In the first game in the Unibrow era, a young fan will run onto the court during the game to give Davis a hug, which gets him and his family kicked out of the arena. Anthony then buys the kid and his family courtside season tickets. The kid tells AD that he is expecting at least an average of 30 Points Per Game, which Anthony lives up to averaging 36.6 points, 18.1 rebounds, and 6 blocks per game. He then wins MVP, but because of a different voting panel for the All-NBA Teams, he doesn’t make The 1st, 2nd or 3rd team, leading David Stern to make an All-NBA 4th team just so that Davis makes one of the teams.

  • MDubb3

    I’m going to make this short and sweet. Anthony Davis is a Reincarnation of Rasheed Wallace. Davis previously played guard until his growth spurt. He will develop that 3point shot like Rasheed and will have a verbal impact on the game like Rasheed. Off the court, a media attention seeker, in a Ron Artest kind of way. Him and Lillard are bringing Hornets Basketball Back. Besides, the league needs another Rasheed Wallace, Allen Iverson Mashup.

  • J Blackburn

    Anthony Davis will have the first Uni-bobble brow and it will be a huge promotional item for the NOLA Hornets. On the court his defensive presence and improvement in the paint will propel his team to the brink of the playoffs and keep fans in the seats both home and away for a long time.

  • Tony Carroll

    Anthony Davis has been nothing but a class act in the Lexington area. He brings instant defensive credibility to the Hornets and he is a very marketable individual. But most importantly it’s that class. Everyone that has met him around here has had nothing but good things to say. I met him and he was a great guy. He posed for a picture with my very cranky little one year old son. I told him my son was crying because he was leaving after only one year, to which he got a kick out of. (PIC: http://i49.tinypic.com/17flag.jpg ) All things aside, New Orleans will be welcoming a great guy to their program. Major kudos to them.

  • Josh Caudill

    Anthony Davis will bring basketball passion, back to the city of New Orleans. A type of passion that ‘Pistol’ Pete Maravich brought when he was becoming a basketball wizard and Hall of Famer for the New Orleans Jazz and for the LSU Tigers. Before Pete, no one cared about basketball in that area. When Pete came to the area, every little kid was wearing floppy socks, growing their hair longer, and practicing dribbling drills in their driveway. Anthony Davis will be this community’s new Pete Maravich. You’ll see kids wearing #23 jerseys (Pete’s LSU jersey #) and growing uni-brows. And above all else, you will have a player who WANTS TO BE THERE unlike their previous star! A player who is humble,has a great motor, quiet, but ferocious like Tim Duncan. New Orleans, this is the moment your franchise starts its journey to the inevitable championship with Davis on board.

  • Nathan Hutchinson

    On the Court – He brings defensive stability with his rebounding, blocked shots and ability to alter almost every shot in the paint. (Serge Ibaka like)
    Off the Court – ?
    Short Term – Instant rebounding and fear among his opponents and a unique unibrow
    Long Term – Maybe develop a little jumper and become one of the best centers in the game

  • sideburn2go

    On the court he will bring a defensive presence for years to come. His offense will continue to grow but from the get go it will be the defense that he constributes and that is his short term help. Long term I think he develops into a terrific player as he continues to learn to play with that new bigger body.

  • http://slamonline.com Eldon Khorshidi

    Thanks a lot for all the great entries! We’re closing comments now and winners will be contacted by someone from the staff shortly…