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Deron Williams’ Soon-to-Be Former Agent ‘Would Love to See Him’ Sign with Dallas

At the moment, there’s no telling what Deron Williams (or his new representative at the negotiating table) wants as free agency looms, but this much is clear: his former adviser wants him playing in Texas. Per the Star-Telegram: “Unfortunately for the Dallas Mavericks, Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams won’t be renegotiating his contract with his longtime agent, Tommy Thomas. Otherwise, Williams could be wearing a Mavericks uniform. Thomas was Williams’ high school coach at The Colony from 1999-02, has watched Williams mature into being one of the game’s best players and has been a major influence in his life for many years. Thomas also was Williams’ agent, via Houston-based McClaren Sports, when he became the third overall pick of the 2005 NBA Draft by the Utah Jazz. Williams becomes the NBA’s hottest free agent July 1, and Thomas said ‘I would love to see him’ sign with the Mavericks. However, Thomas’ contract with Williams ends June 30, and Williams’ new agent, Jeff Schwartz, will be handling negotiations with whichever team Williams decides to play. ‘We want him to make the best decision for him and his family, wherever that is and wherever God leads him,’ Thomas said Tuesday. ‘I told him the other day, ‘Hey, I let God do all the heavy lifting in my life, so you’ve just got to pray about it and then see what path God has for you and then be committed to wherever He takes you. That’s the advice I gave him a couple of Saturdays ago.’ Asked if he advised Williams not to go on live TV — a la LeBron James — to announce the decision about his basketball future, Thomas said: ‘That’s his new guy’s deal now. I’m out of that part. All I do is pray for him and wish him well.’ The Mavericks are hopeful that Williams, an All-Star the past three seasons, will return home and sign a long-term contract with them. So, too, is Thomas.”

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  • http://www.darinforderon.com Darin’ for Deron

    Thomas sounds like he was a great friend and agent. Plus, we agree with him 100%. Come back to Texas Deron!

  • AD

    i think deron staying with BK is the best option. Dallas is too old and the LaL do nat have enough money. Stay with BK and watch josh smith and eric gordon suit up in a BK UNI.

  • Kadavour

    @AD not if Josh Smith insists on take those god-awful jumpshots outside his range.

  • http://slamonline.com Caboose

    I love his game but I hate Williams’ attitude.

  • bonk

    Deron jus go to Orlando n u n howard can live happy ever after. But the media will Jus hype this till the end. along wit slam n all there rumor updates every 10 secs

  • Ldub

    People seem to have forgotten how good Williams is. He is on the CP3, Rose, Rondo level. But no one is able to see it cuz he plays for the horrible Nets organization. Granted they had a major injury with Lopez but still. IMO Williams would be best suited playing either in LAL or someone with Dwight. Problem is..the CBA may not allow them to bring in anyone else to help. And a Williams/Howard combination alone is not going to equal contender in either division. I dont think DAL is a good fit, only because they dont have anymore. We know that Cuban will throw his wallet to gain players, but who else could he bring in to lure Williams. Dirk has already gone on record saying he only has about 2-3 years left. That is time where you need to build chemistry. If possible…Lakers could trade Pau for Boozer, get rid of blake,barnes and mcroberts and sign Williams. Which would give Kobe the backcourt help he needs. Boozer and Williams would reunite and you might see that 18 and 8 Boozer from Utah!?

  • tpathi1

    heres to deron williams potentially becoming relevant again..i havent seen him hoop in two years..every time someone brings him up amongst friends, he gets quickly dismissed..i almost forgot he had 57 points this regular season and he played well in the all star game…either get on a team with better talent, or lead your team to the playoffs dwill!!

  • lowendtheory

    so deron is supposed to pray to god and see what path god sends him on? those quotes alone should have deron sending this guy packing. schwartz, leave all the god’s path and praying jibberish to the republican bobbleheads. you are an agent, not a minister. leave all that religious nonsense in your pocket.


    kobe doesnt need any backcourt help the only thing they do is throw him the ball in the post anyways

  • http://slamonline yesyesyes

    Go to Dallas lol the nets are gonna be worse than the bobcats

  • Dingo Rob

    Let baby Jesus guide us

  • ab40

    dwayne wade and mario chalmers to new jersey for kris humphries and deron williams. Let’s do this. Bosh for deandre jordan, kenyon martin and caron butler. Let’s do this haha. Ok I admit I’ve played too much nba live trying to trade everybody for everybody when I was younger. Getting old hehe.

  • RunNGun

    To the Knicks… make it happen, Dolan.