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Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh Must Play Better for the Miami Heat to Succeed

Dwyane Wade skillfully side-stepped questions about why he wasn’t more aggressive in the opening game of the NBA Finals last night, but it was clear to everyone who watched that Wade and Chris Bosh must provide more support for LeBron James for the Miami Heat to have a serious chance at winning this series. From the AP: “LeBron James put up the kind of point total he never had in the NBA Finals before, and it still wasn’t enough. It will take more from the rest of Miami’s Big Three for the Heat to get past the Oklahoma City Thunder. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh combined to go 11-for-30 from the field in Miami’s 105-94 loss to Oklahoma City in Game 1 on Tuesday night, totaling 29 points to go with the 30 put up by James. Wade was an inefficient 7 for 19 from the field but did have eight assists. ‘I was attacking, I was getting my teammates shots and I got shots for myself. Attacking to me is just being aggressive. Some nights, I have big nights scoring and some nights I don’t,’ Wade said. ‘That’s been this season. That’s just the way that it’s designed for me.’ The Thunder’s trio of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden teamed up for 68 points and stormed back from 13 points down to defeat the Heat, who got 59 points from their three top scorers despite coach Erik Spoelstra shortening his rotation. ‘We know we have to have more production for sure,’ said James, who had never scored more than 25 points in his two previous finals appearances. ‘We have to have more guys in there to give me and D-Wade a rest, and Shane (Battier). Shane played a lot of minutes. But Spo will figure that out.’”

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  • baller23

    See when the heat lose, they start pointing fingers at each other! u guys loss together. Clown!

  • http://www.twitter.com/hurstysyd Hursty

    I’ve already made my points regarding Wade (in the ‘Bosh says attack the rim’ post). However, I’ll reiterate it.
    Dwyane Wade, was baaaad for stretches last night. Blame the loss on him. The ‘other’ guys on the Heat are just NOT going to play better than they did. Battier, Chalmers & Haslem were excellent. Bosh needs to start next game, and Wade needs to pull his finger out big time.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    i said it yesterday. and cosign hursty, wade off

  • Cizzo

    DWade Sucks, is Garbage, very terrible,very very terible in Charles Barkley voice….they’re terible Kenny…they’re awful, I hate watching them play… I never seen a collection of alleged Superstars that are this bogus together…. They think it’s the Olmypics….Somebody please tell how The Heatles are going to win his series?

  • satchow

    I don’t get it. Wade/Bosh went 11-30 for 29 points and are scapegoats for LeBron. Westbrook/Harden went 12-30 for 32 points. Not that much different. Can we stop with the “LeBron can’t do it by himself” excuses already? LeBron chose his team, he made his bed, now let him sleep in it.

  • mask

    WOW The Heat role players played their best ball arguably and they still came up short…i said thunder in 5 but if they cant even win when the guys are hitting their threes imagine how its gonna be when they are back to normal.

  • Do Work

    @baller23 where in the article does any heat player point the finger or blame anybody else?

    @satchow the difference between wade/bosh and westbrook/harden last night, even with those numbers being close to each other, was down the stretch whenever durant didn’t hit a shot it was westbrook draining a pull up jumper. whereas wade and bosh missed everything down the stretch.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    co-sign Do Work, @satchow, are you really suggesting that Westbrook didn’t provide Durant more help than Wade did for Lebron?! Westbrook dictated the pace during their comeback. He split the pick and roll numerous times which either lead to layups or uncontested shots for his teammates. There’s no way you can convince me that Wade and Bosh played to their potential last night!

  • satchow

    @Do Work – I think you mean LeBron was missing everything down the stretch. He went 2-6 in the 4th quarter while Wade/Bosh went 4-7.

  • tpathi1

    if Lebron doesnt guard KD straight up from the beginning to the end in game 2, then i am going to have a problem! Spo is such an idiot, didnt you see what happened to Battier when Carmelo was crossing him over left and right in the first round?! What do you think will happen when a more potent scorer is against him? Why would you not want Lebron to guard him every opportunity you get?? SMH

  • tpathi1

    im tellin yall man..this era in basketball is the AAU era or the Too Nice league..none of these guys have the mental attributes that made the 80′s/90′s era of NBA basketball so great. 98-2005 was the worst time in NBA history, and 200-present is shaping to be the next worse era ever…in what planet does Spo or Lebron come from if they think that Shane Battier should be the primary defender on KD over Lebron..how arrogant/stupid is that?? Anyone on any level will be demanding to guard the best player on the opposite team, especially if they are the best baller on their team AND they are listed at the same position

  • tpathi1

    im watching the game with my roomate, and he is like “that will be the Heat’s adjustment, they will put LBJ on him primarily from the beginning of the game for game 2″ – did no one see this as a problem?? Its so ridiculous..its like Spo made an adjustment before the series even started…now we might not ever see LBJ be the primary defender against KD.

  • tpathi1

    they will tell you that the scheme was to switch on all picks..thats why shane battier was guarding him but LBJ would pick him up on a switch..if i were the coach i would slap lbj across the face and explain to him that i would still want KD to run around you, thats more physically exhausting, if he finds a pick..then go thru it and continue to d him up!! That was so pathetic last night. I’m shocked Spo still has his job..he makes mistakes all the time…but then makes up for it..but the mistakes he makes are so damn dumb

  • http://360special.blogspot.ca dev0

    “Spo will figure that out…” okay LeBron

  • http://Www.twitter.com/StarksIsAWESOME Starks

    Typical over reaction, only game 1 I have seen plenty of teams look like they were outmatched in game 1 and come back and win the series kinda like the Mavs and heat last year the series isn’t over actually it’s far from over

  • Ldub

    @da meat hook……Wade and Bosh definitely underplayed last night. Russ got up alot of shots (which is normal for the Thunder)…but he outplayed Wade and Bosh damn near didnt show up. 10 points? This coming for a dude that said he was prepared for the finals. that last year he was just “happy to be there”. He needs to stop shooting the 3 and get his ass either in the post or mid range. Granted he can spread the floor but he needs to throw some head fakes at the closing D, and take it to the cup. If everyone is jacking 3s…then the D doesnt have to work as hard and its easy rebounds for them. James was the only one that was aggressive…and he got tired. The entire Heat team did. Still looks like they havent figured out how to play together. Wade needs to move without the ball, as does James. They just put up 71 when they did it. IDK why you would go away from movement. It puts the D in awkward positions! Simple basketball.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    Cosign Starks
    One game down and people start overreacting. They will make adjustments and besides the Thunder did what they were supposed to do last night and that’s win at home.

  • ash

    I’m not going to overreact one game doesn’t decide the whole series. Stop shooting jumpshots. Lebron needs to go at KD, I bet he can get him in foul trouble. Make adjustments and be consistent for 48mins

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    remember that time the Thunder lost 2 games in a row in the WCF and then came back to win the series? we should all act like this is over after the home team won one game. duh

  • FnF

    There should be a plus 1 series with the Conference Finals losers.

  • Fat Lever

    In an era of instant gratification, is it really a surprise that people are overreacting to game 1 of a 7 game series? OKC landed the first punch, let’s see what Miami does to counter. This is a chess match, some of yall swear it’s checkers.

  • http://www.thenation.com/blog/168311/do-you-know-your-enemy-why-we-should-all-root-miami-heat-beat-oklahoma-city-thunder# albie1kenobi

    lebron did get KD’s early first foul by posting up and faking a turnaround jumper. he looks so uncomfortable backing people down, but that could have taken durant out the game quickly and effectively.
    the main problem is wade and bron still stepping on each other because their skill set is very similar and their lack of spot up shooting screw up their spacing. the only remedy is to install something like a princeton offense with lots of body and ball movements. isolation plays are killing them.

  • http://www.thenation.com/blog/168311/do-you-know-your-enemy-why-we-should-all-root-miami-heat-beat-oklahoma-city-thunder# albie1kenobi

    regarding to the decision of battier guarding KD, here’s a thought exercise: if bron guards KD, KD will most likely have lower scoring output. however, bron will also have to exert a lot more energy on D, which means his offense and rebounding will suffer. because the heat depends so much on bron in every aspect of their game, is that tradeoff really worth it?

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    albie, I still think it’s best to have Bron try to slow KD. That’s the only hope for the Heat to win the series.
    Although, (thought exercise part) if Bron tries to slow KD, and can’t, then it was in vain, and Bron will not be able to implement himself offensively how he needs to. I’m not one of those idiots that thinks that the Super Star should guard the best player and still be able to be the exact same things they normally do on the offensive end. I’m not an idiot.
    So I think they are going to have to at least try for a game to see how it works.
    The Heat played a good game though. If they had one of their guys able to close like KD did then they may have won the game. Neither Bron, Wade, or Bosh were able to make any big plays down the stretch.

  • http://www.thenation.com/blog/168311/do-you-know-your-enemy-why-we-should-all-root-miami-heat-beat-oklahoma-city-thunder# albie1kenobi

    @Lake, yeah that’s really the main problem right? the Heat just didn’t execute down the stretch yesterday. (they did get as close as 6 points during the home stretch.) but were there anything for them to execute? as in, did the Heat have a strategy to begin with?

  • push

    Wade needs to be quiet.

  • Chris

    Like it matters. The refs will give the calls to the Heat because this sport is fixed. Funny how only one ref went to Federal prison. Look for 7 games so they can strech as much money out of a short season as possible. Also, watch the Heat win it all. The NBA wants to crown the so called king in the worst way. There is more chance in the WWE but, hey people love watching that also.

  • Killroy