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Free Agent Steve Nash Would Listen to Offer from New York Knicks

Amar’e Stoudemire, Steve Nash’s former teammate in Phoenix, has already put the word out that he’d love to reunite with Nashty in NYC. Steve, for what it’s worth, says he’s all ears if the Knicks decide to reach out to him this summer (though, money could prove to be a major roadblock). Per the NY Daily News: “The Knicks are a great franchise and I live in New York City (each summer), so I’d definitely consider them if they were interested,’ Nash said, according to ESPN. Whether the Knicks will actually have what it takes to bring Nash to the Garden remains uncertain. They are still awaiting a decision in the early Bird rights arbitration case, which will determine whether or not they can re-sign Jeremy Lin and Steve Novak without using exceptions. The league says players claimed on waivers cannot be signed under Bird rights. Should Lin and Novak lose their case, which NBA commissioner David Stern said before Game 1 of the Finals he anticipates, the Knicks would have very little cap flexibility and would be able to sign free agents only to minimum contracts. [...] Nash, a two-time NBA MVP, said he will wait until after free agency begins on July 1 before making a decision, and that he wants to play two or three more years. ‘I want to wait and see what’s actually on the table,’ he said. ‘I’m open and excited. I’m looking at every possibility right now.’”

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  • AT33

    The Knicks have no money and they’re not a contender, if i were Nashty i wouldn’t go there. Go to Miami or maybe if Dallas beefs up during free agency maybe reunite with Dirk!!

  • Exile

    Translation: I like you A’mare and won’t publically embarass you… but not gonna happen.

  • http://ulf Ulf_Stewart

    I love Nash as a player, and yes he’d improve the offense, but I can’t help but think that a team that was obviously so poor defensively could do with somebody tougher at the point. And would he really work that well with Melo? If they get to keep Lin on the cheap then I think other areas need addressing before a flashy point guard.

  • dsleepy

    mavs and dirk would be great but i don’t see him going back there. not after cubes disrespected him all those years ago

  • http://www.nba.com danfields

    i think nash is a better player than kidd but id prefer to have kidd fpr one or two years as lins backup coz he still brings some toughness at d and rebounding which nash cant provide. after a full training camp with woodson the knicks offense wont be any problem.

  • joshuasymons

    Amare: ” mr i need nash or else ill suck for the rest of my career, cause he made me when i was in phoenix” NASH JOIN THE HEAT IF YOU WANNA WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP BEFORE YOU RETIRE.

  • John

    I really don’t think he’s a good fit in Miami, they don’t need a PG, they need a big man. Chalmers doesn’t even bring the ball up, just shoots 3′s and the occasional drive. Nash needs the ball to create, and that would make 4 stars that need 1 ball. And Chalmers shooting is great, his defense is better, and he’s much cheaper.

  • Wayne

    Chalmers is a decent PG for Miami, but Nash running pick & rolls w/ LeBron & Bosh would be filthy.

  • Mas

    Amare was doing his thing with Nash and in NYC with Felton and even Billups.
    The problem is that Amare needs a PG. Not Nash . ANYONE! Even a full season of Lin will benefit Amare. Carmelo…not so much. I’d build around Lin-Amare and Tyson. With Shumpert as the new NYC Harden. So long Carmelo, Landry and Co.

  • patrick

    He lives in NYC in the summer?? I thot he would stay in Phoenix since he loves the outdoors so much..im surprised he lives in NYC in summer…

  • RunNGun

    Make it happen, Walsh!

  • Ldub

    There is no improvement here. You get better shooting at the PG spot. However if Melo is a ball stopper, how efficient would Nash be? @Mas…shumpert as the NYC harden? no….better comparison would be tony allen. Its clear that Shumpert cannot create his own shot, and is a good perimeter defender ala Tony Allen. But not to totally knock what your saying, I get your thoughts.