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Houston Rockets Reportedly Looking to Trade Luis Scola, Others

The Rockets’ plan to gather assets until they can put together a solid package for a Dwight Howard-like superstar (OK, just Dwight Howard) is moving right along. According to ESPN, Houston GM Daryl Morey is actively attempting to move Luis Scola—while Kevin Martin and Kyle Lowry also appear to be available: “The Houston Rockets are actively looking to trade veteran power forward Luis Scola, according to league sources briefed on Houston’s plans. Although a specific trade partner for Houston has not yet emerged, sources told ESPN.com that the Rockets — stocked with big forwards after coming away with Royce White and Terrence Jones in the NBA draft earlier this week — are working to find a new home for Scola as they rebuild their roster. Veteran guards Kyle Lowry and Kevin Martin have also been made available in various trade scenarios by the Rockets as they continue to stockpile young assets as part of their well-chronicled intent to pursue Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard or another franchise player in trade scenarios. Scola, a 2002 second-round pick by San Antonio, played in all 66 games last season.”

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  • gusisit

    trade lowry and martin for josh smith and pachulia, then trade patterson, scola, parsons, pachulia and 2 first round picks for dwight

  • http://www.slamonline.com Redd

    dumb…Howard is not staying.

  • Rob

    Haven’t we seen yet that when a superstar is coming to the end of their contract and wants to leave town, it is guaranteed to end badly for someone. Either the hometown doesn’t make a move and they lose out (Cleveland and Toronto), or someone is stupid enough to trade everything they have for them and the hometown comes out great (Denver and Utah) but the one with the superstar gets ruined (NY and Brooklyn). Why would Houston do this, even if they could talk Dwight into staying, they’ll leave the cupboards bare.

  • LaKid

    @Rob – I think the general consensus is that they would try to push themselves into the Deron sweepstakes if they managed to become a front-runner to land Dwight.

  • Anti Rob

    The Rockets are the generic team that is stuck in the middle, drafting 15th every year. Trading everything for Howard would bring along Deron, and they become contenders. If both leave after the year, they can properly rebuild with high lottery picks. Obviously if they stay they are set. Rockets need to do something drastic. The worst case scenario if they trade everything for picks, they have a young core that will win 8 games next year.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    I will seriously be pissed off if Kyle Lowry is traded to get Dwight Howard only to have Dwight Howard walk next summer…

  • Anti Rob

    If you’re the Rockets, you do everything to get Dwight. Howard/Morris/Hedo/Lee/DWill plus extra kids they dont trade, Parsons, Motiejunas, Brockman, etc, is an instant contender. If you honestly think that Lowry *should* hold you back from getting a top 5 player in the game, you’re nuts. Also, *IF* the Rockets put that team together, don’t you think that Howard would be enticed to stay?

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah


  • Doug

    Trading for howard is too risky. I would rather rebuild on my own terms. The only was houston is gonna secure a superstar is by drafting them and developing them. Any other way is to risky. Honestly, I would rather ficus on guys like dragic, lull, montie, lamb, white, morris, and jones than go all in for howard. You dont know what you have with all of these guys. Dragic, motie, lull, and lamb all intrigue me. Dragic has shown what he can do but who knows what the rest can do. Everyone but those guys should be up for grabs and we should jist get this started.

  • Anti Rob

    Good thing you can see into the future. Anyways, you do realize that if Houston got rid of every player on the team for draft picks right now, they would be better off, right? Lowry, Martin and Scola most likely won’t compete with the top 4 seeds in the west.

  • Anti Rob

    Not @ above

  • Bob

    I like Lowry and Martin for Josh Smith and Zaza. Then, send Josh Smith and a couple (or one) prospect to the Lakers for Pau!!! Sign Goran (just not for 10M per)Keep Scola and have all those forwards fight it out for minutes. Keep Courtney Lee, too. A much better team that will season well.

  • http:www.macknificentcasey.com Macknificent31

    The Rockets are trying hard to get some star power. I say offer Lowry, Martin, and Chandler to NY for Carmelo. It’s far fetched, but NY needs to realize they will never win with Melo. Getting three quality players and the fact that Martin’s $12m salary is expiring after this year, sounds like a good way to fix that Carmelo mistake to me.

  • davesmall

    Scola is a good player and well respected around the league. He comes to play every single night. If we trade him, we should get something good in return. Agree we have too many power forwards.

    Dwight Howard is a confirmed head case. He’s a bag of hurt for whichever team gets him. I’m hoping that’s not the Rockets.

  • Sarah

    There’s probably no chance it happens, but would be pretty crazy if he came back to SA and finished his career with Manu.

  • Bob

    I like the Melo deal………….. Martin…. Lowry…. Royce White….Patterson. Then, sign my man, Beasley for offensive firepower. I love Beasley, if he were an important piece on a contender, I think he would set the league on fire. Oops, I said, fire. That is so doable, man.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2012/06/houston-rockets-reportedly-looking-to-trade-luis-scola-others/ Mike

    I say, too bad Morey didn’t have a crystal ball and accept the offer of the trade that Orlando made Gortat for Kevin Martin. Martins walking anyways. I like Lee better. Houston needs all around players that don’t walk after their contracts are up like Gortat. Then build around them like San Antonio. Forget the super star model. Heck I want to see what these young kids can do , not a bunch of prima donas.