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Jim Buss ‘Very Disappointed’ in the Lakers’ Season

Jim Buss, the man who has increasingly more power and sway within the Los Angeles Lakers’ front-office (largely due to his father Jerry’s deteriorating health), addressed his team’s postseason flameout with ESPN: “The NBA playoffs band continues to play on without the Los Angeles Lakers joining in on the music and more than a week after their ouster from the Western Conference semifinals, the loss still feels inharmonious to Lakers vice president of player personnel Jim Buss. ‘Me personally, I’m never happy unless we win our last game in the playoffs,’ Buss said. ‘I’m very disappointed in the season. I thought we were a better team than this, but you can look at it as this was the first year these guys have played together with this coach. There’s a lot of things you can look at and build for the future and say they haven’t had the time to gel like other teams. You watch San Antonio, they can play with their eyes closed because they know exactly where everybody is and what they’re doing and what their quirks are. You see a team that sticks together like that and we didn’t have that.’ [...] On Mike Brown: \I think he did a fantastic job. … I want to sit down for a couple hours and go through (if) his influence showed up on the floor, which I think it did. I think it was just unfortunate we lost that series, otherwise we’d still be in it and we’d all think that everything is fantastic.’ [...] On Andrew Bynum: ‘I think it’s pretty obvious how I feel about Andrew Bynum. He’s an incredible All-Star center and you can build the future around him … I keep referring to Phil [Jackson]. Phil said, ‘Let the kid grow up.’ He’s still young at heart. I don’t know what else to say about him.’”

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  • http://www.slamonline.com Primoz Brezec

    derp derpity derp derp de derp derp

  • robb

    Do something about it jimmy boy


    I’m not dissapointed in the Lakers season. Thought it was ideal.

  • Bruce

    Jim Buss is on the right track. The problem is that as the Lakers are currently put together(patchwork and way over bloated payroll) fixing it is going to be a very hard job. The team is currently built around a player who has an extremely individualistic game and always has almost from day 1. That player does take well to coaching and has consistently done his own thing even when LA had the best coach in the league or maybe the second best,although Popovich has had a mature,cooperative and unselfish leader on the floor for him.
    When your leader does his own thing and goes off game plan consistently and takes bad shots it creates a bad atmosphere on the team,one in which other players are underutilized and become resentful. When one player dominates the ball by over dribbling,holding the ball through several fakes while teammates sit idle and doesn’t trust them you have the perfect storm for teams that disintegrate rather than grow and mature.
    Bynum does have potential,but he has been seven years in the league and is still very immature. Who is the leader of this team? Maybe it is the guy who constantly goes off game plan,whines if he doesn’t get the last shot even when a teammate is wide open in favorable position to score with the five second count winding down and the leader is covered and might not even have a good chance of receiving the pass and in addition has already missed 3 or 4 ill advised shots in the past few minutes in crunchtime and the teammate makes the right and safe choice? face it,young guys”follow the leader” and if the leader is selfish and doesn’t respect teammates,lesson learned.
    If the Lakers are to build a legitimate team,they will have to wait till Kobe decides to retire. Until then they are stuck with a bad salary cap,the star’s agenda,which is not to win titles,but to pass Kareem and become the all time leading NBA scorer no matter that it costs “his” team the present and the future. This “leader” has blown up teams twice. Teams that were built for him(although Shaq was already there) with the top front lines in the game. Front lines that could control the interior and rebound the bricks he often threw up. Make no bones about it,the Lakers bought five titles with these big men to make it possible for this guy to pretend HE is a winner. Unfortunately they also bought a “leader” who destroys through neglect and public criticism of the very teammates who have made him a “winner” all to absolve himself of any responsibility when the team loses,often due to his selfish play and need to “be better than Mike”.

  • http://slamonline.com badnewsballer

    Bynum isn’t going anywhere

  • tomtom

    Getting upset with the new toy daddy gave him..

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    ‘Very Disappointed’
    Yeah, yeah, we are with you to Jimmy boy.

  • Russell J

    Bruce you are an idiot.

  • Jake

    Co sign Russell.

  • DEO

    russell j you are a moron.im a lakers fan and im with bruce on this one.

  • Bruce

    Amazing how there is such a rift between Kobe fans and Laker fans. The Kobe fans exhibit blind love for Kobe. The true Laker fans can see how Kobe’s stubborn nature and failure to include teammates except to blame them for Laker defeats to take attention from his own very obvious shortcomings as a team player.
    Funniest of all are the Kobe fans who are so ignorant that they want to put Kobe in the top five players of all time. Sure,Kobe is an obvious Hall of Fame player,but there are at least five Laker players who were way better team players than Kobe (and contrary to Kobe and his worshippers,this is a team game and truly great players have a positive rather than negative effect on the play of their teammates.
    The real list of greatest Lakers in order and contributions to added value to a team with attitude and support for teammates would look like this. :
    1. Magic Johnson
    2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    3. Jerry West
    4. Shaquille O’Neal
    5. Elgin Baylor
    6. Kobe Bryant
    7. George Mikan
    8. Wilt Chamberlain
    Wilt would obviously be above Kobe and up there with Kareem and Magic as top overall players of all time,but he only spent a couple of seasons at the end of his career with the Lakers. Mikan while obviously not as skilled as Kobe and the others,could be considered above Kobe if you go by championships(one of the Kobe lovers fallbacks arguments for his “top five greatness” . He was the true leader of Laker teams that won 5 titles in far less seasons than Kobe’s 16. In addition he was the actual leader of all those five teams as opposed to Kobe who was a distant second to Shaq in three of those and even on the other two was dependent on the most powerful trio of big men in the league for the other two. When Kobe wasn’t playing with the best big men in about 2 of his 16 seasons,his teams never got out of round one. Kobe has been a high volume shooter with a good points per game average and an average to maybe slightly above average fg% his whole career. That might be acceptable on teams without other options,but on every title team he has played on there have been more efficient scoring big men who made 10-15% more of their shots than Kobe did and Kobe has always taken bad shots and wasted clock time with his overdribbling and foot fakes that do nothing but waste 24 second clock time and stifle the offense of his teammates. By the way,if you will look up the most similar players to Kobe according to Hall of Fame statistical matches,the closest match to Kobe is Allen Iverson,not Michael Jordan who is on down the list. Get real,Kobe fans,until Kobe learns to share with the bigs (and in 16 years he never has) the Lakers are going nowhere with him missing 57% of his shots as he did this year and blocking the ball movement of his team so that teammates do not get good shots. There is no one in the league you could trade for(except maybe Lebron James) who would be able to play with Kobe and win a title at this point in his career.

  • hero

    amen to bruce amen!

  • Justin G.

    Yeah, you have to hate those “distant seconds” to Shaq who score 27 ppg during one playoff run. Shaq dominated for 3 quarters and Kobe took over in the fourth. And having Kobe as the 6th best Laker is laughable

  • Jimmy

    Get a job Bruce.

  • Bruce

    Doesn’t really matter when you score on shots or miss them,the fundamental things about shots are they they are good when you make them and bad when you miss them.Doesn’t matter what part of the game it happens. Do you know who the all time Laker leader is in missed shots? Do you know that missed shots present opportunities for other teams to score as they can fast breaks off those misses? If you can answer those two questions correctly, then you will know why Shaq,Pau,Lamar,Artest,and Bynum are probablymore important in those title runs than the guy who for his career took the most shots and missed 55% of them during those title years. One other point is that without outstanding interior players the two years he didn’t have one of the best front lines in the game the Lakers never got out of the first round. Without him taking so many shots and missing them early in the game and if he had fed the higher percentage shooters earlier the Lakers wouldn’t even have played so many close games in the first place. Lastly,if the big men were taking the shots and even if they missed the ball wouldn’t rebound out so far and the guards(Kobe,Fish and whoever) would have time to get back on defense to stop the break because Kobe wouldn’t be staying in the offensive zone arguing with a ref when he (Kobe) missed a shot and hung there arguing with the ref because the ref didn’t call a foul like he does every time he misses.

  • http://www.dimemag.com showtime

    Bruce dropping knowledge..lol

  • TreSHIQ

    I think tthat list of Lakers is pretty true. Kobe is sick..Kobe fans want him to be legendary, and i just don’t see that happening. He will leave the leagues as a top 15er or 10. He is NOT as close to MJ as we’d like to think. He is NOT the best Laker in history and at this point in the game if he doesn’t adjust ..there will be no more dominating reigns with him. He’s still great. but there is a HUGE disparity between Kobe fans and LAker fans.