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Kevin Garnett Told Celtics He Needs More Time to Decide on His Future

According to Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge, Kevin Garnett told him that he needs time to come to a decision regarding what he wants to do with basketball career going forward. From WEEI (via ESPN): “Despite a strong finish to his 17th season in the league, the 36-year-old Garnett is pondering retirement and needs time to make a decision about his basketball future. ‘Kevin and I had a good conversation last week and the conversation was mostly on how he needs time before he makes that decision,’ Ainge said. ‘I think we’ll talk within the next week, but I’m not so sure that’s a decision day for him. He may want to wait and see what sort of team we have. I’m not sure. I know that he wants to come back. I know he likes Boston, and I know he loves playing for (coach) Doc (Rivers). He loves everything about the team and the city and so forth. I think that his decision will be, ‘Do I really want to play? Or do I not want to play.’ If Garnett needs additional time for a decision, it puts Boston in a tough spot with both the NBA draft approaching later this month and cap space tied up in holds for Garnett and Ray Allen when free agency opens in early July. ‘It is complicated and the timing is complicated. Juggling all these different scenarios is difficult,’ Ainge said. ‘But the reality is that, on July 1, Kevin Garnett is on our books for $21 million until we either sign him to a new contract, or renounce him, which means we can’t re-sign him. Otherwise, it really limits our cap space.’ Ainge admitted that renouncing Garnett — or any of Boston’s big-name free agents such as Allen, Brandon Bass, or Jeff Green — is unlikely. Ainge hinted that re-signing the team’s own free agents, particularly with a slim pool of available bodies on the open market, might be the team’s best approach this offseason. But it all starts with Garnett, and Ainge understands why he is weighing the decision to possibly walk away.”

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  • Heals

    After what he’s given the past 5 seasons on and off the court I wouldn’t care if waited until tip-off of the first game to decide. If the C’s are smart then even if Ticket retires they invite him to the first home game for a retirement ceremony just before tip-off, keep an open spot in frontcourt line-up and his jersey on hand. Once the “bleeeepin Jungle” starts rocking Ticket will be unable to resist the urge to cuss at himself, pound his chest and headbutt the basket stand before a) running back to the lockerroom to change or (my favorite scenario) b) ripping off hos suit to reveal that he was wearing his uniform the whole time. Other than that I haven’t given it much thought…

  • Clay

    Please play a few more years KG… You were fantastic this year! You really did enter the the machine in these playoffs

  • dsleepy

    both those scenarios described above sound awesome.

  • Clay

    ^ time machine

  • jay cutler

    I don’t see why he should stay. C’s are done and at this point in his career KG needs to be on a built-for-now contender.

    I’m going to wince if I see him pining next to Jeff Green and Keyon Dooling.

  • http://Www.achtamsterdam.nl Phil

    Well…the c’s still have rondo, pierce and bradley wich is a nice combo. Then if KG returns and green also, plus with two draft picks and some free agents…i see only miami as the clear better team out east, with Rose also out and Howard in limbo.

  • vtrobot

    Please f*ckin’ stay for one f*ckin’ more, Ticket. We f*ckin’ love you, MFer!!!

  • Lloyd

    Honestly wouldn’t mind if he retires. I don’t want to see him go out like Shaq did, a ghostly shell of the dominating player he used to be. I want to see him go out a beast.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Redd

    I’d like KG to keep playing so I can watch younger players own him.

  • kobesbiggestfan

    We love you KG.

  • ClydeSays

    I hope he decides soon. Draft coming up, free agents, players rehabbing from surgery, etc. Ainge is going to have a busy summer …

  • Antonio

    KG is the best, the best pf with Tim Duncan in the history, only and the one.

  • Mike

    I want this dude on the thunder.

  • LA Huey

    I want him to hang up his sneakers the same time as Duncan. Plus, I love the KG-Pierce-Rondo-Doc Celtics. Ainge had better have the decency not to trade him if he comes back though.

  • Billy Hoyle

    Why would he leave? They got all the way to the semi’s this year what more does he want? He doesn’t need to go to a contender cuz hes’ already on one. Just get rid of Jeff Green he’s weak sauce and keep Allen and Bass or sign and trade Allen for someone younger or a draft pick

  • Nate

    Kg don’t retire, you’ve been my favorite player for over a decade when you retire so will I as a fan of the nba..cant stand lebron, next year kick his sell out cocky attitude out of the playoffs and end on that note would be the greatest retirement of all time

  • gene scott

    KG you are simply the best, the intensity you played with is what the young athletes should see. I love you, iwant you to come, but only if you can play the way you love to play and that’s all out love ya KG!!!

  • Ross

    I don’t know why what I get the feeling the only way KG will come back is if they sign Ray back….thats unlikely but maybe if Paul and KG talk him into staying as a 6th man he might….I’m sure they all have a sentimental tie to the city and to each other….With Green and a couple of good draft picks…the team could easily be in the finals.

    Starters: Rondo,KG, Avery, Pierce, and Green
    Allen and some good draft picks off the bench…thats a good team

  • Lombardo

    KG and Ray Allen will both sign with the LA Clippers. Clippers/Heat Finals 2012-2013. Fasten your seatbelts!

  • Linda

    KG Please, please, please come back. Hey I am sounding like James Brown. In all seriousness, I would enjoy seeing KG again. He is actually funny and adds his own spice to the Celtics. Come on KG! Bring Ray back too; when he starts really chewing that gum; aint no stopping him then. Love those Celtics !!!!

  • Kimah

    Come on KG, Boston needs you! I do not know of any team that treat each other like family. Love KG and love those Boston Celtics!!

  • Shifty

    Heals I would love to see KG do some sort of superman esque move. Cannot believe its been 5 years. 5 years where he has given us everything we could. Love him an his work and no one can question his drive. All the players who hate on him are non all stars pretty much. All the major players in today’s league respect him and do do the greats. Will congratulate happy with whatever decision he makes.

  • http://yahoo.com smith

    go to miami period. go heat

  • Monte Moire

    It is cool that the C’s front office is letting KG take his time with this. KG will make the right move on this, just give him time.

  • http://yahoo.com rlyn

    celtics will never be the same without KEVIN GARNETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dana

    I sure hope he comes back with the Celtics and believe he will. The Celtics, with a few good moves, will be right back in the conference Finals. Then, they can finish off “Queen” James and the Heat like they should have this year.

  • http://yahoo Leanne

    Pleaseeeeee let KG stay !!! Pleaseeeeee Boston left KG stay !!!

  • Kevin

    It’s can’t be over yet! It seems like just yesterday we were all singing ” I remember finding out about you”
    DON’T GO KG!!!

  • james

    Juwan Howard retires, Heat trade off some bench players, KG and Ray Allen go to Miami. They win 70 games and another title, KG and RA retire.

  • JoJoWhite

    garnett will play next season, but it will be for a team other than the celtics.

  • http://slam PARKER

    Let the dude go, all he does is curse on the floor.
    he has no respect for anyone , or anything. Never has there been
    a player who curse, and holds everyone in contempt. Just ask Minnesota.

  • BostonFan

    If KG wanted to play for Boston next year he wouldn’t need “more time”.

  • KG Fan

    I’m not understanding what him cursing on the floor has to do with anything????

  • Richard

    Hey KG if u leaves the C’S the Heat could use another big man.

  • alex

    “Ainge hinted that re-signing the team’s own free agents, particularly with a slim pool of available bodies on the open market, might be the team’s best approach this offseason”

    I know that im just gonna end up getting my bubble popped but I take that as goods news that just Maybe Ray Allen might be back!!
    Ray, I cant tell you this enough!! I HATE the idea of you wearing another uniform!

    And it goes without saying that I DEFENTIALY want KG back!!

  • jsmallz

    After this past seaon. Just showed that as old as these guys are….still have enough for another season or two of work to get that second ring and another banner

  • Jasom

    Come on Ticket. Sit these miami spoiled brats down and go out on top! Its going to be really hard to watch the NBA with you gone. I know you have 1 or two more in the tank. The truth needs you… go out with Paul.