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Kyle Singler Returning to Detroit Pistons

After scoring 12 points in Real Madrid’s decisive Game 5 loss in the ACB League (Spain) title series, former Duke standout and Detroit Pistons second-round pick Kyle Singler will return to play with the Pistons summer league team. Over the span of 36 regular season games for Madrid, Singler averaged 8 points per game, shooting 54 percent from the field and 43 percent from behind the arc.

(h/t Detroit Free Press)

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  • LA Huey

    Miami Heat: Damn. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    Now introducing your 2013 NBA Champions…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    In all fairness to singler, 8 PPG in Spain translates into (approx)36 PPG in the NBA…

  • Canesta

    Who would rather live in Detroit than Madrid?? He’s making decent money and getting playing time, why leave for the league minimum and sit the bench in cold and depressing Detroit??

  • http://www.blogspot.com LLC#12

    It’s about chasing the dream canesta, what kind of basketball player wouldn’t want to make it to the NBA? But of course, Madrid > Detroit in anybody’s eyes…

  • Detroit Dave

    These means only 1 thing. Bye bye Austin Daye. hallelujah

  • cardel

    Singler is a solid player… he will probably be a starter for Detroit by the end of the season

  • Heals

    Always love these stories about guys fighting to stay in/get back to The L, can’t help but to root for em’…

  • sduke

    Heals, what are you talking about “fighting to stay in the league”? Do you not remember that we had an NBA lockout this year? Tons of players played overseas, but came back when the agreement was reached and the season was started. Kyle chose to stay in Spain because that’s the kind of kid he is. Once he makes a commitment, he doesn’t leave until the job is done. He’s gonna be great in the NBA and will never have to fight to stay in it.

  • McWill

    Cosign sduke

    Singler chose to stay in Spain until his contract with them ran out….just like everybody else Im curious to see what he will do in the NBA…this guy was one of the hs “slam all-americans” with KLove, Beasley, DRose, Eric Gordon, and OJ Mayo…so for a hoop/slam junkie like me I’ll be rooting for the kid…

  • Heals

    Yeah I’m so far off base it’s crazy, “fight to stay/GET BACK TO.” Typical Dukie flopping when there’s no need to. Nice reach there and “great in the NBA,” don’t hold your breathe buddy. The question is what are you talking about smart a$$…

  • kostar

    There’s no need to get all touchy touchy with this aspect. Singler chose to go play in Spain as it was a good way to keep playing a very high level of basketball due to the lock out. When the lock out was finished, it was stated by Detroit Pistons media relations that Joe Dumars had a talk with Singler and they wanted him to come back for the lock out shortened season, however Singler felt it was better to finish off his season with Madrid in Spain and return to the Pistons at the start of full training camp for the 2012-2013 season. Singler was not ‘fighting to get stay or get back to the NBA’ he was already an NBA just a guy who fell to the 2nd round. That said we well, my understanding (if I am wrong please correct me) although Pistons still own his rights, due to Singler playing this last year in Europe he is no longer relegated to the “Rookie Salary” structure, it was something I remember reading but I could be wrong, At the end of the day Singler and Detroit had a mutual desire to be together, the timing during the 2011-2012 season due to lock out did not let that happen. Singler is an NBA player, he may not be a star player, but he will be a consistent contributor to any team he is a part of. Go Duke!

  • sduke

    Why are you getting so worked up Heals? What does flopping have to do with anything? Fighting to stay in and getting back to are not the same thing. Typical Duke hater using flopping for everything and getting mad for no reason at all. What makes you think he’s not going to be good in the NBA? Let me guess, because all Duke players suck in the league right? We had 9 players average double figures in the NBA this season, more than any other team. We had the ROY and a player who is a huge part of the NBA finals, with a record breaking shooting percentage, but keep on hating my friend.

  • Heals

    I was just havin some fun with ya sd since you nit-picked my phrasing so I did the same with you saying he’d be “great.” It’s all good we both know what the other meant, plus I’m actually a fan of Singler Wireless (his nickname from Bobbito). Do you my man and all you gotta say when heads diss Dukies is Kyrie “muthaucking” Irving…

  • sduke

    No hard feelings Heals, I guess I’m so used to the unwarranted hate the program gets, that I instantly put my walls up. I apologize and am glad that you are a fan of Singler! I always thought even if people weren’t Duke fans, they could still pull for a kid like Kyle. He is such a nice, hardworking kid and I’m glad to see you enjoy watching him play.

  • http://aol.com jbod

    Duke players scored more total points in the NBA season than any other school.

    It’s not the 80s or 90s…Duke players EXCEL in the NBA!!

  • Jeff

    Hey idiots,

    Auburn Hills isn’t Detroit. It’s a much better area than many of you scumbags live in for sure.

    You all look retarded. Learn facts.