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LeBron James Says His Life Has Been Like an ‘Amusement Park’

For the past two years of his endlessly-chronicle life, LeBron James says he feels as though he’s been on a twisting, turning ride. He compares it to being in an amusement park. From the Miami Herald: “What has your life been like the past two years, LeBron? He laughs at the question. He is walking back to the locker room now, having cut short his bored media responsibility when asked what part of his game needs improvement in this series. ‘Everything,’ he said. ‘Appreciate it.’ Then he got up and walked off. But now, in the bowels of the arena, he gives a head nod and a ‘What’s up, KD?’ to Kevin Durant as he passes him in the hallway, and he laughs at the very idea of what his life has been like these past two years. ‘You ever been to an amusement park?’ he says. ‘That’s what my life has been like. Twists and turns. Up and down. Uh-oh, here we go, the roller-coaster is going into the dark hole again. Where’s the light? There’s the light. Up and down. Back into the dark hole. Back in the light. That’s what my life has been like.’ He can see the light again from here. Only Durant, three-time scoring champion at the age of 23, stands between LeBron and the light. Are you tougher, LeBron, given the past two years? He won’t bite on that. He shrugs his giant shoulders and makes a face like he’s chewing something sour. The easy answer would be, yes, I’m tougher. That’s not the route LeBron goes. ‘The best teacher in life is experience,’ he says. ‘What I am, more than anything, is comfortable and prepared. I’m more prepared. I’ve been through everything. There is nothing I can see that is going to surprise me. I’m more prepared. Mentally and physically.’”

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  • KaneDaddyBig

    Good response.

  • John

    ^^^Exactly like what did u think he was gone say “nawl pressure gets to get and is super overwhelming”

  • http://30homegames.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/tim-legler-miami-heat-had-all-there-fun.html 30 Home Games

    Interesting. Tim Legler on NBA Today leading up to Game 6 in Boston said something similar, likening the Heatles experience to a rollercoaster

    TIM LEGLER: There is so much talk of their offense, its just so heavy. They don’t look like they’re having any fun. If they win it they’ll be the only team in NBA History to win the NBA title and just walk off the lot, walk off the floor.
    (room laughs)
    Thank God! Thank God thats over. Like a 7yr old on a rollercoaster that was just taller than the clown and barely got on the ride and hated it…
    ADAM STANCO: The only fun was when they were in line

  • MtotheS

    Yeah he’s prepared for his *Nba Championship
    *shortend season

  • Anon

    *Still counts
    *More rings than you have

  • Conor

    Not yet.

  • kobe

    If anything the shortened season makes it harder. More taxing on your body you have to be in it mentally everynight back to back.

  • KaneDaddyBig

    Every team played the same amount of games. Pipe down hater.

  • MtotheS

    Still not a full season. Still going to have an asterisk. I also aware I’m not an NBA player. Im not a hater I just think shortned seasons degrade your championship claim. Last time this happened the Knicks made the finals… Just saying.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rwDluFZQmtQ Max

    When the Knicks made it to the finals it was with series of a best of 5… Just saying

  • KaneDaddyBig

    Having a condensed, grueling season where teams have played 3 games in a row “degrades” your championship? Your logic is so flawed it doesn’t even make sense. If they played less games over the same time period as an 82 game season you might have a point. This season was more physically challenging and the post season is longer than in ’99. Nice try tho.

  • LA Huey

    I’m curious as to wining the title in a season playing 82 regular season games in 6 months is more noteworthy than 66 games in 4 months. I understand both have their unique challenges but don’t see what makes the other a superior feat. And we ended up with what most expected in the Finals: Thunder v Heat. Yeah, the Knicks made the Finals and they followed it up in 2000 with a trip to the ECF. It’s not like it was a garbage team that got hot for one month.

  • Feez_22

    @Mthothes by your logic, tim duncan’s 1st NBA championship has an asterisk… OH WAIT… no one says that. even though tim won his ring in the shortened NBA season… asterisk my ass. gtfoh.

  • Heals

    @Huey, again on point. This season was a GRIND for every team, injuries on top of injuries, rookies forced into big roles, no time to practice. Yeah this season gets an asterisk, an asterisk for being uniquely challenging…

  • http://www.sportsgrid.com/media/shaq-kobe-highlights/ shutup

    @feez people do try to put an asterisk on Duncan’s shortened season championship, and Its BS just like whoever wins this championship will have earned it fully. The playoffs aren’t shortened, and every team has had the same opportunities and challenges this season.

  • Pais

    The shortened season does nothing to devalue winning the championship. All teams and players were subjected to the same set of circumstances. If the Heat end up winning it all, they will have conquered every feasible obstacle to get there. The rough and tenacious teams of the east AND the west’s undeniable ‘creme de la creme’ in OKC. No asterisk warranted here, and if it goes to the Heat it should also dispel any notion of Lebron not being a true star who may even actually deserve the gaudy moniker of ‘The King’. He’s matured tremendously on and of the court, and for the first time has my full admiration without any caveat.
    Yours truly, a former Bron hater.
    P.S. – I still hope OKC wins it all

  • Phil_JackZen

    Like it or not if LBj gets his ring in the asterisk year it WILL be degraded and looked down upon. Doesnt really matter if u think the season was harder then other years. Any team running sets and especially defense that they ran last year with same personnel was definitely at an advantage this year. Minimal practices, 2 wks to learn new plays, this season was not the same difficulty for every team, ya they all played 66 but dont give me that crap. Half the NBA conceded b4 the season started, drooling over the then ‘loaded’ draft class. LBJ will be known as the asterisk man if they win, dont think the most hated man in sports is gettin off that easy.

  • Pais

    ^Methinks if you’re gonna use a name like Phil_JackZen you gotta come with more sense than that. Hypothetically speaking, had this been a regular 82 game season, which team would have fared so much better that they would’ve reasonably been favored over either MIA or OKC? In other words who was soooo disadvantaged by not having an additional 16 games?

  • MookieBlaylock

    *LeBron is the best player on the planet

  • LA Huey

    “Half the NBA conceded b4 the season started, drooling over the then ‘loaded’ draft class.” Yeah, because if those lottery teams decided to really play instead of tank for ping pong balls, the entire complexion of the playoffs would have changed. Man, if GState won 6 more games or if the Bobcats won one more, that would have really altered the landscape for all the contenders…

  • Phil_JackZen

    Methinks that if you honestly believe that fans and media r ever going to reference LBJs 1st (potential) ring without mention of an asterisk ur kidding urself. And I didnt reference the loss of 16 games once. I said that 2 wks of training camp and 1/4 of the normal practice time means a core from 2010-11 has a distinct advantage. But ya, this season was totally legitimate NBA basketball at its very, very best, not sloppy at all and every team and player gave their %110. Thats definitely what I witnessed from every team in the association.*

    * = Sarcasm

  • KaneDaddyBig

    If you’re going to say things like “half the NBA conceded before the season started”, then you can’t be taken seriously. You are telling me that playoff contending teams were so enamored with this top heavy draft that they tanked to get into the lottery? You know this for sure? I bet you couldn’t find one reasonable shred of an argument to back up that statement. I also challenge you to name one single playoff contending team that was aversely affected by new sets this season, to the point that they underachieved. Name one team that failed to make the playoffs directly due to the lockout.

  • Phil_JackZen

    LA huey – Im not talking about altering the playoff landscape, I think a ring is a ring regardless. I am just stating fuel that is going to be used to tarnish LBJs success this year. Does everyone honestly believe that hes not gonna be labelled ‘asterisk king’ or some shit like that!? Seriously do u regular commenters think hes just gonna walk off with the Larry Obrien like its Legit? ESPN is already writing stuff to deflate the guy, assuming he wins.

  • KaneDaddyBig

    Name one contending team that you think would have beaten Miami or OKC if they had more of a training camp and normal practice. Name one. Every contending team was at the same disadvantages. Key word being ‘contending’. I guess you expected the Hornets to be in the conference finals with more practice and training camp though.

  • Phil_JackZen

    Hey you guys r right, LBJ will get his Larry Obrien, we will never hear any mention of an asterisk. Nobody will break down how its not legit, and ESPN wont profit from airing it all summer long. Personally I think a ring is a ring, but I also have an understanding of how bashing one of the most famous/hated/polarizing sports figures gets you mad ratings. We will see though, they’ll probably go easy on him though, they usually do.

  • Phil_JackZen

    Kanedaddy despite your requests Im not namin playoff teams that tanked. I dont know y I would or y u requested it.

  • KaneDaddyBig

    You’re right. I don’t know why I would ask for you to back up outlandish claims that have no basis. That was silly. When you present such hardcore arguments such as “Half the teams conceded before the season began” or “2 wks of training camp and 1/4 of the normal practice time means a core from 2010-11 has a distinct advantage.”, I shouldn’t expect you to actually provide a fact based argument to support ridiculous statements like those. My bad fam.

  • Phil_JackZen

    no problem

  • http://slamonline.com p

    I used to say that the Spurs 99 chip was an (*). i cant agree with that anymore. the last time i checked, there is no (*) in the playoffs…

  • Heals

    People can say whatever they want, but there’s no denying we’ve all SEEN him ball the uck out this ENTIRE season and 90% of this playoffs…

  • trueballer4life

    2 more gms 8 more quarters lets go miami!.. the heat is on!..,,okc will get theres for years to come.. its lbj’s turn!

  • Bill

    The “asterisk” is for people who either didn’t win the championship and are bitter about it, or watched their team not win the championship, and are bitter about it especially with the 4 games in 5 nights the NBA was playing. I’m sure KD ain’t saying’ it though.

    I wish Lebron would talk more like AI “Practice?! Who needs practice?!”

  • MtotheS

    *I’m allowed an opinion

    *Shortned season = less cred in my opinion

    *you can all have an opinion too

  • Kyle

    So if Kevin Durant wins it’ll be an asterisk?
    Nope, didnt think so