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Michael Jordan Thinks the Miami Heat Will Win the NBA Championship

The owner of the Charlotte Bobcats was in Miami Beach for Game 2 of the NBA Finals, and according to Gossip Extra, His Airness predicted that the Heat would go on to capture the title: “When ABC aired an old Jordan commercial during a timeout, the patrons of Lincoln Road restaurant broke into a ‘Jordan! Jordan!’ chant. And after the game’s final buzzer sounded, His Airness was overheard predicting that the Miami Heat would win the championship!”

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  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    Looks like MJ hasn’t lost his touch of kissing up to potential customers.

  • Heals

    Wouldn’t this be the same as calling heads or tails? He only had 2 teams to choose from. If he said after Gm5 of the ECF’s then that would be saying something…

  • FnF

    Easy to say that now when they are up 2-1. Where was this prediction 2 weeks ago?

  • RunNGun

    The Heat better win or the Big Three’s promise of 8 championships…

  • http://nba.com GP23

    I said the Heat would win it from the start of the season. I’m sure a lot of y’all had them winning it all right?

  • http://WWW.SLAMONLINE.COM spit hot fiyah

    according to gossip extra, sounds credible

  • Phil da Windmill

    nobody from okc is on team jordan thats why mike said that.

  • http://slamonline.com samoaninlondon

    haaaaaaaaaaa @ spit hot fiyah! that got me – what a stupid publication to quote indeed

  • http://juan.garcia@computershare.com PutUrMomma2Wrk

    Kobe thinks this years champ should have an * on the side of every ring.

    * Not a full year

  • ash

    If its not out of his mouth on radio or tv its not true

  • Lou


    Come on’ now, you know Kobe would be jumpin scorers table with that trophy if he wins the championship in a shortened season. Nobody cares about it being shortened. The playoffs had all the best teams and yo still had to win 16 games. The Heat and Thunder were preseason favorites and they’re in the finals. If anything, the shorter season helped the old ass lakers. Remember kobe taking a few games off at the end?

  • http://slamonline.com Brion

    The Heat need to remember the Spurs were up 2-0 at one time against OKC.

  • http://360special.blogspot.ca dev0

    It was “overheard” by “Gossip Extra?” yikes…

  • Sean B

    @FNF… “The owner of the Charlotte Bobcats was in Miami Beach for Game 2 of the NBA Finals, and according to Gossip Extra, His Airness predicted that the Heat would go on to capture the title:”

    It sounds like he predicted this when they were playing Game 2.

  • http://juan.garcia@computershare.com PutUrMomma2Wrk

    Doesn’t matter. it is still a short season. Not a regular one.

  • http://www.google.com/news BETCATS

    He’s looking to make money off of Wade’s endorsement lol

  • Jeff

    If I follow the story line, the Heat should have won this year, just like a story book ending by winning it in Miami in 5 with a blow out in Game 5. Just like Jordan won it when he had the flu, Lebron won it with cramps, being carried off the floor, trying to come back in, hitting the go ahead 3 pointer, and leaving again.

    Ever since 2004, it seems to work, the NBA wants to give a story that creates the maximum effect on the masses and gets the maximum reach to the masses.

    BUT, if the NBA wanted the most revenues, then they would have made it go 7 games.

    A story book ending for Dallas last year. It is tough to agree with this story book theory if one is confined to only what goes on in the USA, but it one broadens the coverage to worldwide and incorporates the various cultures and mind sets, it would be apparent.

    I think Coach Brooks and the refs gave the Heat 1 game that could have gone either way.

    D. Wade played a hell of a game 5, finals, and playoffs considering his bad knee.

    C. Bosh comes back from abdominal strain, Battier, Chalmers, and Miller comes through for the Heat.

    Lebron vindicates himself and does not give up at all until there is no more time on the clock.

    Somehow it is in our DNA, to love and hate. To have the good guys versus the bad guys, the boogie man theory, like Pearl Harbor, 911, etc.