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Mutual Interest Between Ray Allen and the Miami Heat?

Ray Allen may go from bitter Miami Heat rival to teammate this summer. ESPN reports that there is mutual interest between the free agent sharpshooter and the squad in South Beach: “The most the Heat can offer is a contract starting at $3 million per year, which is known as the taxpayer’s midlevel. Allen could get more money elsewhere, but the Heat offer an attractive portfolio that goes deeper than cash. But before you consider how Allen might look in a Heat uniform, take a moment to get a more well-rounded view of the situation. A big issue is just how much money is the team is willing to send to its competitors in luxury-tax payouts to add Allen or any other free agent. It is a championship team as is, and its payroll is ballooning even without adding players. The Heat are one of the teams that will test the mechanics of the new collective bargaining agreement, which places a heavy burden on the big spenders in an effort to control competitive balance. This season the Heat will write a check for about $7 million in luxury tax. They are in position to have the third-highest payroll in the league next year at nearly $80 million, and that’s before signing a free agent. That will cost them $10 million in tax in 2013, and they will have to pay millions more in revenue sharing that also will go to their rivals, including the Oklahoma City Thunder. In the ’13-14 season, when the new enhanced tax takes effect and the Heat already have in excess of $80 million committed, they are looking at a potential luxury-tax bill between $15-20 million. And just to repeat: That’s without signing any free agents this summer or next summer. As Heat owner Micky Arison said in December, ‘We can keep the Big Three together, but they have made it expensive. … It was a bad financial deal for us.’”

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  • cashville2400

    If this happens I might quit watching the NBA, well except for the Bulls. Don’t make this wwe. The horrible officiating is already making me less interested.

  • http://www.slaminline.com spit hot fiyah

    it was a bad financial deal for us? not if u win more rings. they have to be selling a sh!? load of merchandise

  • Emmanuel

    Ray ray please don’t go to Miami :(

  • http://friendhour.tumblr.com/ cramzy

    Don’t listen to Emmanuel, Ray Ray. Your talents belong in South Beach.

  • Top$helf

    OKC would be a nice fit depending on the money

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Joining OKC or MIA would make them deadly.

  • Dagger

    Spit hot: Arison is saying that the new CBA was a bad financial deal for the Heat, not signing the big three (obviously).

  • Sizzle

    Primary difference between Allen signing with OKC/MIA is in MIA he is going to get more shots. LeBron loves to pass and the team as a whole seemed willing to make the extra pass as the finals went on. In OKC where are you getting shots from? Durant/Westbrook/Harden are all shoot first players. Bringing Allen in when Wade sits is a perfect situation. Where does Allen fit in the OKC rotation?

  • OKC

    Ray could come off the bench with Maynor and Harden thats were his shots going to come from and Durant will pass the ball Westbrook will 2 when westbrook drives the lane the paint is going to close and that will leave Ray open for a three all day

  • http://www.matsugov.us Candie from Alaska

    Dear Ray,
    Please come to Boston for the spring time.
    I’m stayin’ here with some friends
    And they’ve got lots of room.
    You can sell your paintings on the sidewalk
    By a cafe where I hope to be workin’ soon.
    Please come to Boston…

    In all seriousness Ray, please don’t go, I was coming to see you next season. I have wanted to since you got there and will finally be able to. Why on earth would you want to play with a bunch of thugs anyway??? and besides you look so good in green.

  • Mooch_32

    Really OKC? They are already a team that relies way too much on jump shots. I understand he’s one of the best shooters the league has seen…but really? Another jump shooter?

  • tpathi1

    prediction – in no more than two years mickey arison and pat riley will corner d wade and ask that he takes a pay cut

  • Trav

    The Heat could def use Ray’s shooting. I think we’d see him in full force playing for my favorite team. :) On the other hand they don’t have extra salary to stack the team in MIA or OKC and Westbrook doesn’t pass at all compared to Rondo. If Wade is good as I expect next year and Lebron don’t break nothing it’ll be a repeat.

  • ClydeSays

    Ray’s game is now based on running off screens & someone delivering the ball to him at exactly the right time & place. I’d argue he needs to be on a team with an elite PG and some forwards that are committed to executing plays. That’s not the Heat.

  • anthony

    OKC is not an option with Westbrook as the point. He doesn’t pass near enough for Ray to get any shots. The reality is as much as I hate saying it, he’s going to Miami. Champion team, great location, and he’ll get shots..On top of Pat wanting to stick it to my C’s like ” We beat you AND we stole your best shooter!” smh…

  • Ash

    @ ClydeSays great point! That means he would have to stay with Boston or prehaps go to Clippers. There are not a lot of passing point guards in the league. Maybe NJ Nets can go there with Deron Williams.

  • http://www.hoopsworld.com IamYOU

    It would be cool to see ray ray to MIA with James Jones retiring and Mike Miller with his injuries we need a 3 pointer man!

  • http://www.slaminline.com spit hot fiyah

    got u dagger, i missunderstood that statement. and i love that people on here seem to think there is a chance of ray allen checking out this thread

  • http://slamonline.com 19821982

    I don’t have that much contempt for the Heat – I feel like they made enough sacrifices in pay to make it seem like they didn’t just buy a championship. Plus, they wouldn’t have won even if Bron averaged a triple double the entire playoffs if the role players didn’t step up. But Ray should go to the Nets – IF they can pick up Dwight which is very iffy at the moment. It would be hilarious if every old guard just went to the Heat for the minimum in each of their last years. Nash wins one, then AI, then Chauncey, then Roy after whichever team picks him up gives up on those knees. Oh the type of crap they’d take…

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    @ Clydesays: The Heat don’t have forwards who are commited to executing plays? Is LeBron James not a forward or something? If there’s a team not commited to executing plays it’s the Thunder… who have the worst offense out of the elite NBA teams.

  • Sizzle

    @Teddy-the-Bear, I wouldn’t even call what OKC runs an offense. If so they have three plays A) Russell Dribble Up ISO into jumpshot or drive, B)Pray Russ passes to KD, KD then catches and shoots, or ISO’s into jumpshot or drive, C) Substitute Harden into A or b above..

  • Top$helf

    One of the reasons OKC shoots alot of jump shots is when KD and Russ drive you can cheat off of Sefolosha so instead of being able to get all the way to the rim they have to pull up and shoot. Westbrook avg. like 5 assists it could easily be 8 if he was passing to a knockdown shooter, how many open looks did Thabo and Fisher miss. So you would have to pick your poison let Ray have wide open threes or let Durant, Westbrook, and Harden drive at will.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMo_HcRBnUY LakeShow

    Daaaam that Candie chick… Weird as fack.

  • ClydeSays

    Teddy, Ray could help almost any team. I just don’t think MIA is the best fit. They don’t have an elite PG & you expect LBJ to handle the ball & score, not to set screens. Clippers or CHI might be better in terms of his skills & the personnel on the team.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    LOL @ Lakeshow. Candie’s Feenin!

  • Top$helf

    Alaska? Candie Palin??

  • iknowmybasketball

    I can see Ray ray leaving the Celtics, but not KG. Just not getting that vibe from Jesus Shuttlesworth. As a die hard Celtics fan, it’ll really hurt us to see him leaving at the end of his career. The Big 3 should retire as a big 3, nuff said.

  • JoSe

    He is an adult and he can choose which team to play for just like LeBron and Bosh did, so good luck to him and think Lakers.

  • basketball_iQ

    If Ray goes to south beach, I’ll eat my work pants on youtube.
    He shoots waaaaaaay too many 3′s for my taste now. We need someone in boston who goes to the damn cup man! and can run with rondo penetrating that lane. we settled way too many times. Paul is becoming more and more perimeter, a slasher/scorer is needed at the two. someone to move the franchise forward with rondo

  • Shifty

    As a C’s fan I am not sure how to process this but the man is a gentleman and if he decides to change teams I am sure he will be a man about it and I hope he decides to stay with us.

  • http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine VanCityBBall

    ^^^ the (BOS) Big 3 should not only all be retired together but they should have their own separate banner… leaving one open blank in the stitch for you know who as well when the time comes. honestly if ray goes to the heat or anywhere else in general, i will cry for the whole season

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2012/06/mutual-interest-between-ray-allen-and-the-miami-heat/ NvrenoughBJ

    Its funny how all these heat haters have a bitter taste in their mouth.
    And believe me if you stop watching the NBA there will be 10 more kids with aspirations of being a basketball player watching for you.
    Dont make bad assumptions. I believe Micky Arison is ok and remember the guy OWNS Carnival Cruise Lines which owns 100 other ships and hotels.
    Stop crying and learn from this.

    All my best

  • PG

    With James Jones and Mike miller more than likely retiring they definitely have the source to sign ready and a free agent. As far to people saying ray don’t go, why not you can’t give him a championship and thats what its all about. Nobody complained when boston put a team together. When the lakers put a team together or San Antonio ect. Get over the bs stop the hate n enjoy the sport. The refs been doing what they do since the game started…. #TeamHeat Allen will be south beach bound. You saw that game 7 after the buzzer. He burned no bridges!!!

  • Ldub

    I think that it wasnt a bad idea, financially, when the CBA didnt affect his wallet. And youre right NVRENOUGH….He does have other assets aside from the Miami Heat…so he can basically afford to keep them together. I would enjoy seeing Allen come to the Heat. People tend to forget…Heat are over the cap by whom they have now…but if Howard and Jones retire (whatever they have on their contract, can be bought out…usually by 50%) and then that would clear some cap space to make a sign or 2. Either Allen or Dalembert. Both those dudes wanna come to Miami! Money is the only issue.

  • Will Collins

    For the people complaining about Ray Allen going to Miami, you had better study the NBA history of teams that won multiple Championships.
    The Lakers is the 80s had 6 Hall of Famers – Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, James Worthy, Bob McAdoo, And Jamaal Wilkes.
    80′s Boston had 6 Hall of Famers- Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parrish, Tiny Archibald, Dennis Johnson, and Bill Walton.
    This is not even including the other ALL STAR players on the roster. Miami better get Ray Allen if they want to go back to the Finals. Mike Miller and James Jones are probably not going to be on the team next year. I’m sure Miami is going to draft a big man. Lamar Odom is still out there.

  • Kendall

    If Allen goes to south beach the heat will be unstopbale so please come to south beach the NBA legaue will hvae no compition!!!!!

  • james

    Man I hope it will not happen. If Allen will join the Heat there will be almost no competition for the heat in the East. NBA will be boring and not worthy to watch plus the refs in this game are horrible.

  • mochi

    It would just make the heat more “invincible”, unless his injuries worsen.

    But he’s still one of the key players of the celtics, so…

  • Ryan

    Ray please either stay in Boston or go to San Antonio and help them win. You’re too classy to play for Miami or OKC.

  • PG

    Exactly!!! To build a dynasty you can’t settle for half way decent player, you must get the best of the best. Everyone is mad because there favorite team is loosing. Pat knows what it takes to build that force for yrs to come. Ray will be in that
    heat uniform!!!! Welcome to South Beach Ray….