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NBA Considering Postgame Punishment for Flopping Players

NBA commissioner David Stern’s crusade against the disease that is flopping is beginning to take shape, and has him suggesting retroactive penalties on players who get away with flops. Per the AP: “The NBA commissioner believes too many players are deceiving referees into calling fouls by falling down, or flopping. So he and the league’s newly reformed competition committee met Monday for a discussion about how it can be prevented. One option, Stern said, is a ‘postgame analysis’ in which a player could be penalized if it was determined he flopped. The league retroactively upgrades or downgrades flagrant fouls after review, and along those lines he said that perhaps a player could receive a message from New York saying: ‘Greetings from the league office. You have been assigned flopper status.’ ‘No, I’m joking, but something like that,’ Stern said. ‘That sort of lets people know that it’s not enough to say `it’s all part of the game.’ [...] Any rules changes they recommend would have to be approved by the league’s Board of Governors, set for its next meeting in July. Stern hopes by then to have a policy to address flopping, which bothers him because he feels it tricks the referees. He said there’s a ‘broad array of issues’ to look at that can let players know the practice is to be discouraged. ‘If you continue to do this, you may you have to suffer some consequences,’ he said. ‘What those exactly should be and what the progression is is to be decided, because … we just want to put a stake in the ground that says this is not something that we want to be part of our game, without coming down with a sledgehammer but just doing it in a minimalist way to begin stamping it out. And I think there are ways we can do that and we’ll have to wait and see exactly what we come up with.’”

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  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    Two things they can do right now ithout a competiton committee. 1. Eliminate the stupid charge/block semi circle. That has done more harm than good in regards to flopping and making the call easier on the refs. 2. Have the refs not call a foul if they think its a flop. If they don’t call the fouls, players won’t flop. If a player flops and the ref doesn’t call it and the player argues, give them a tech. Simple sh1t.

  • L Dribble

    Dwade, Ginobli, Chris Paul and Scola better have deep pockets…oh yeah, they do.

  • Niio

    I also think is wouldn’t be very wise to have fines of “flopping” aired out to the media because then it creates a reputation just like how ‘Sheed had a reputation for Techs that he could get one just by looking at you wrong. I agree with dfrance if a player flops then don’t call anything, and that semi circle also sucks I’ve seen so many plays where the defender has gotten his feet outside of it but he isn’t stationary when the contact occurs.

  • Niio

    L dribble better add Harden and Fisher to that list as well

  • Jer dawg

    These freaking corporate guys are Wack. Just tell these players the refs will not call too many more flops and just get over it. Just issue that to everyone out there playing. Keep semi circle
    But flops won’t be called on most post ups. Refs just gotta look out for arm hooks and high elbows and stuff like that. Retroactive punishment? More greediness from these assholes that never played the game. I’d say something insensitive but I’d don’t want to get fined.

  • Yessir

    ^totally agreed. this is just stern wracking up more money for himself. besides, after the game it doesn’t even matter anymore. that key “could have been” turning point play is in the books. what are they gonna do next? add 5 points for every “flop” determined post game?

  • T-Money

    i agree with dfrance21, the players are so fast that the refs only focus on the defenders’ feet to see whether they are outside the restricted area. it should not be a charge if the defender doesn’t have his feet set BEFORE the offensive player takes off – and that almost never happens. i’d only give offensive fouls when players barge into the defender or hook them.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    The charge rule has led to the downfall of the big man. Everyone wants to flop instead of standing up like a man and meet players at the rim.

  • tpathi1

    T-Money…if the players are ‘too fast’ then maybe..the refs should get faster..refs get paid good money, you can definately find qualified individuals who are fast, non biased, and know the rules of the NBA to ref games..people who can be considered good at their job!

  • underdog

    Yet another NBA rule, that only effects the pocket of the L, but not the game itself. Refs should be able to give techs to the floppers.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    ^I think the main point is that a charge/block is not a cut and dry call. its not as simple as “did he get in front of the line” A lot of times the offensive player has already started his move towards the basket and a play like Shane Battier just slides in front and because he’s outside of the line its a charge. T-Money is right, watch a refs eyes when a player goes to the basket, they immediately look down to the floor, completely missing the other action.
    @JTaylor, they’ve turned the league into college basketball. Imagine Pat Ewing or Hakeem taking a charge. They might as well go to possession arrows and outlaw dunking next.

  • Niio

    They also need to stop calling fouls when players are jockeying for position on a post up. It pisses me off to no end when players are trying to get position and a foul is called that hasn’t even affected the game what so ever because the ball hasn’t even been passed yet. Like what are you suppose to do on D just give up position to the offensive player?

  • http://www.twitter.com/hurstysyd Hursty

    I just wanna hear JVG rant about it and end up saying ‘look, it’s really simple, just don’t call it! Make ‘em keep playing!’
    For real, there’s a reason there is often the ‘no call’ being the best choice of decision at times.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    co sign dfrance, and i have no problem with the no call if what the ref sees if undecisive, but players will complain like crazy since they both feel contact, but who cares, play through it

  • http://thahiphopcorner.com Kevin

    In the words of Fruit from The Wire: “Why you got to go and f**k with the program?”

  • LA Huey

    I prefer they get rid of charges. Offensive fouls should only be called if there are shoulders being lowered, elbows thrown, hooking, etc. If you get caught with Dwight in the post or LeBron on the break, you got four options: foul, take his cookies, block him, or get the hell out the way.
    btw, I don’t think the owners pocket the money from fines. Pretty sure fines are donated to charities.

  • LA Huey

    I also feel like flopping is a mindset that you develop. Retroactively assessing technicals is a good idea. Remember how even a dude like ‘Sheed reduced his technicals once they started handing out suspensions and fines for recurring violations?

  • FnF

    How can you determine if a guy flopped during live action? Two players battling for position and a grown man leaps/was pushed into the stands. You have a split second to determine if he flopped or was legitimately pushed. In Game 3, Harden “fouled” Wade when Wade went for a reverse lay up. Harden gently placed his hand on Wade, not really contesting the shot by merely slowing down, Wade screams-flails-kicks-finishes the reverse, poses for the cameras and then hits a free throw. You can only tell if it was flopping once the action has stopped and you look at the replay. Imagine how much slower the game would be if each foul/flop was reviewed. What about bigs locking arms and pretending to be held?

  • FnF

    If I’m the owner of a team fighting for playoff seeding, and my players flopped their way to victory, I’ll pay as many fines as I need to. Unless their retroactive penalties don’t change the outcome of the game, my team still gets credited with the ‘W’. I’d have EMTs on standby if that is what it takes to sell a foul to the refs.

  • LA Huey

    Cuban got fined big time when he offered to pay a Dallas player’s fine for him.

  • Feez_22

    flopping is part of the game

  • 49

    I do think something needs to be done about flopping. Fine guys afterwards and after a certain number start suspensions. The suspension part will really cause players to think twice before flopping. I think a committee should be in charge of reviewing fouls for flopping and it should not involve referees from that game.

    The suspensions could be a certain number for each player and an even bigger number for each team. If the team reaches that number the coach will be suspended.

  • FnF

    Solution: Have the alternate ref review the questionable flopping fouls and at the next dead ball the previously penalized team gets free shots from the doted line.

  • http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine VanCityBBall

    the “superstar calls” are really what are pissing me off but i guess this is a start for that too… personally i think flops should be treated like team fouls. after a certain number of flops per team, let the other team shoot ft