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Pat Riley Says Championship Buys the Miami Heat ‘Our Freedom’

Pat Riley, the great architect of the Miami Heat, put the 2012 NBA championship in perspective. Riley says the hard-fought ring allows the players he brought together to be freed from the enormous pressure they’ve carried over the last two seasons, and they can now finally enjoy their journey. From the Miami Herald: “The champion architect smells like winning again as he emerges from the partying private suite, his white Armani shirt soaked in 2003 Dom Perignon and the scent of expensive cigars. ‘This buys us our freedom,’ Pat Riley says with a smile. ‘The things that locked them up? They evaporated tonight. Now we grow. Now we evolve. Now comes the fun. This finally allows these players to be free.’ [...] One word to describe the last two years, Pat? ‘Harrowing,’ he says. ‘Every single night, I took the losses personally. These guys took less money to come here because of promises we made them. I don’t think I could have looked them in the eye if we didn’t win the championship. The idea of that actually made me sick.’”

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  • JML-G

    Riley > PJax

  • S Kemp

    Cant stand Miami, but you’ve gotta give it to them, they deserved it. Hopefuly someone can stand up to this team next year (bulls? OKC?)- a repeat or 3peat would be too much for me to handle- go celts.

  • http://Somethingsomething. Ugh

    Only 2003? That’s a bit cheap.

  • JML-G

    Bulls aint no contenders next season, thats goddamn sure

  • ClydeSays

    I’d give Wade more credit than Riley. He’s the one that convinced LBJ & Bosh to sign. I’m sure Riles resume didn’t hurt, but those deals don’t happen without Wade. Also a little tire of hearing about ‘less money’. LBJ could take no salary for the rest of his career & still retire very, very wealthy man.

  • bike

    The Heat’s Big Three are batting 1.0000 in getting to the finals and .500 on rings. That…ain’t…too shabby. Not bad at all.

  • MikeC.

    If Riley is half the genius he thinks he is, he’ll trade Wade this summer. It looks like Wade has peaked and it’s not like he can rely on not being athletic. He doesn’t have that ageless Paul Pierce-type game. Sell high. Maybe they can trick another team into sending another star back.

  • Bball4eva

    I agree, wade looked awful early in the playoffs, he let devin george from the pacers hold him to 4pts! Idc how bad a shooting night you hsve, superstars put up numbers, I would trade him for a younger 2 guard like James harden. I really wish dey would have traded wade & got d howard! Like jordan lbj has never played with a dominant post presence (plz dnt say a old washed up shaq). D howard on the heat defense would make them almost unbeatable!