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Popovich on Thunder’s Run: ‘It’s Like a Hollywood Script’

Gregg Popovich has watched Sam Presti rise from Spurs intern to Thunder GM, constructing a Spurs-like front office and Spurs-like team. Even after last night’s demoralizing Game 6 loss, Pop’s post-game remarks were laced with hints of pride (via Daily Thunder): “Gregg Popovich on OKC’s run: ‘As sad and disappointed as we are, you really have to think about it’s almost like a Hollywood script for OKC in a sense. They went through Dallas, last year’s champion, then they went through the Lakers, then they went through us. Those three teams represent 10 of the last 13 championships … I don’t know if anybody has ever had a run or gone through a playoff playing those kinds of teams. It’s just incredible and I think it’s pretty cool for them.’”

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  • http://thosefishtacosarethetits.blogspot.com Chris_Griff_3

    Pop’s always classy.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba ti-sizzle

    Hollywood script = conclusion written ahead of time

  • Bt

    If they play and beat the celtics it will be an incredible run.

    1) beat the defending champ
    2) beat the teams that knocked you out of the playoffs the last 2 years
    3) beat the last 13 western conference champs
    4) beat the last 5 champs
    5) single handedly virtually end 3 eras (kobes lakers, duncans spurs and the celtics big 3)

    Also Durant is doing what hakeem did to David Robinson, except for an entire postseason. It’s a quality ‘that’s why I should have been MVP’ performance

  • Bruce

    So great to see two very good basketball teams competing and playing actual team basketball. It’s obvious both teams respect each other. In addition to that,players on the same team respect teammates and accept responsibility for their play,good or bad. No “superstars” who blame teammates for defeats rather than examining their own play. While the Spurs are probably on the downtrend(unfortunately for good basketball played the right way),Oklahoma City good as they are,look like they will continue to grow with very solid role players and three stars who actually like and respect each other.

  • neaorin

    And it’s about to get a Hollywood ending, too.

  • http://Slamonline.com/ Jzakoni

    Gonna have the ending like Blow

  • bike

    If Durant gets a ring before LeBron…let the debate begin.

  • AG

    If Durant beat James the debate is … OVER.

  • MeloMan15

    even now, the debate is swaying towards durant

  • http://www.sportsgrid.com/media/shaq-kobe-highlights/ shutup

    My already deep respect for Pop grows ever deeper. Staying classy in defeat is BIG.

  • TheReal

    All u guys that think the “debate” is over clearly don’t know anything about ball..IF lebron had Durant’s team for the first 5 years instead of having a team like CLEVELAND then I’m sure he would have been at jordan status right now..let durant win his first MVP b4 talking about debates!

  • TheReal

    Best scorer, Best Shot Blocker, Best guy coming off the bench, top three point guard and post defender! Even Hollywood couldn’t have written something like this..I would say if they can keep harden and ibaka then expect the 2000s lakers type ish all over again..Lebron will be ringless untill the contract in miami is up lol even then..

  • Seth

    Did Durant and Westbrook wear their Hollywood spectacles after the game? I didn’t catch it.

  • Lloyd

    Difference between Lebron and KD is that KD was with the Thunder through the difficult years too. Lebron left Cleveland when they were winning just because he couldn’t carry them when it mattered. He handpicked his superstar teammates rather than watching the teammates he already had grow alongside him. And as his role players step up, KD is still that dude on the Thunder. Kid’s just a new breed of superstar rather than the conventional ones who have this sense of entitlement. Great to see. MVP!

  • Da-REAL-Meat-Hook

    Cleveland didn’t even have a talent on James Harden’s level, let alone Westbrook’s level. You are misguided. Put Lebron around the Thunder’s guys and see how far they go. Put KD around those Cleveland teams and you get the same result as Lebron when he was with them. KD has more killer instinct for sure, but Lebron is more efficient, better defensively, a better passer, and way more versatile. Most of you guys base your basketball opinions on whether or not you like a guy, which makes your opinion a joke because you don’t argue basketball fact. That’s gay.

  • Lloyd

    Never took anything away from Harden or Westbrook. They’re way better than the supporting cast Lebron had, but don’t see why that takes away anything from KD. Durant played hard for his team through bad years as well as when they’re successful, and their success is due to those guys stepping up, but he’s still the leader and go to guy on that team. Lebron was the go to guy on his team and they were actually winning, but he just couldn’t do it in the playoffs when it mattered. You’re speaking in hypotheticals, which don’t really mean anything. These are facts buddy and since when was being a fan of a player gay?

  • Bruce

    A leader can’t win anything with no surrounding talent. The best a leader can do is be a good teammate and blend in, support and work with whatever players management has either paid to get or drafted when that player is with the team. LeBron was in Cleveland. The players around him were not good,yet he was a good teammate during that time. The owner didn’t put out the money to get talent around him and there were no top draft picks to be had because the team was still good because of LeBron’s all around skills. LeBron is still the best all around player in the game. He scores(very efficiently without taking an inordinate amount of shots),he rebounds,he passes the ball(probably too much for the team he is on now).What he accomplished in Cleveland is amazing considering his best teammates were probably Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison during that time.
    Durant is a very good teammate,if he wasn’t, you might see some dissension on the team with Westbrook who can be overaggressive and take bad shots. They also have very good young teammates,who are very unselfish, and excellent defensive players,someone has done an excellent job seeing the talents in those players and they have assembled this team at minimal cost considering the talent they have accumulated. The most amazing thing is how young those guys are. The future of this team is very bright. and most of them will continue to get even better over the next five years. Tough part may be keeping the team together under a salary cap that will not let all of them be paid what they deserve.
    Lastly,LeBron as a member of the Heat. He still has the skills he has always had. The team is flawed(especially with Bosh hurt).. They are at an extreme disadvantage against any team with good big men(which still would include Garnett). Admittedly,talent wise they should have been able to beat Dallas last year. LeBron can’t seem to decide which talent(passing or shooting) to use at end of game situations and as a result he usually ends up making a poor pass under pressure when he should have shot or been more aggressive on offense. Other than the big three the Heat have decent role players, Even if Bosh was healthy,Oklahoma looks to be a much deeper and more cohesive team. Matter of fact,Boston looks to be a deeper and more cohesive team than Miami at this point. Better coached too.
    Finally,it is not fair to overemphasize titles in comparing players. No two players play under the same circumstances with the same teammates. No question in my mind that if it were possible to put LeBron or Durant on the Laker teams that Kobe has been blessed with for 14 of his 16 seasons that either of them would have more than five titles(and Durant may well have before he is 30). Both are more efficient offensively than Kobe,better passers(LeBron is for sure and Durant is more willing to pass which makes him a better passer too) and better rebounders. As far as defenders,Kobe was better than Durant(although Durant is better now and shows signs of being a shutdown defender because of his length),at this point,LeBron is better than Kobe and can defend 4 or maybe even five positions. In only two of the five titles was Kobe the prime player and even those two,the big front line was as big and probably a bigger factor than Kobe’s 45% shooting and all the shots he had to take to score more than his more efficient big teammates. Those titles are a tribute to Buss for spending the money to have the best front line in the NBA during 14 of Kobe’s 16 seasons.