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UPDATE: Chris Bosh Listed as ‘Day-to-Day’

UPDATE: In response to numerous published reports today, the Miami Heat aren’t quite ready to say that Bosh will suit up tomorrow night. They’re instead listing the power forward as being “day-to-day”. Per the Sun-Sentinel: “Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra denied a report saying forward Chris Bosh was ready to return for Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Spoelstra said Bosh’s status is ‘day-to-day,’ and it was premature to think he could be ready for Tuesday’s game against the Boston Celtics. The series is tied at 2. ‘Regarding Chris, there is a report out there that he’s ready to go,’ Spoelstra said. ‘His status is day-to-day. I know everything is heightened because of the playoffs.’”

Chris Bosh, having missed 9 consecutive games now due to an abdominal strain, is expected to suit up for the Miami Heat tomorrow night in Game 5. Per the Palm Beach Post: “Over the past three days, Bosh has had increasingly good workouts. He’s made progress in areas requiring him to make sudden movements, such as closing out on defense and turning in the post. After the Heat’s loss, ESPN.com reported that the team is planning to activate him for Game 5 on Tuesday, barring a setback. A source confirmed that report, adding that it was subject to an evaluation by Erik Spoelstra on Monday, even if the team does not practice. Will Bosh start? If he plays, you would think so, considering how Spoelstra has had to shuffle his lineup? How effective will he be? Is it a good idea? Those are tougher questions.”

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  • Heals

    I think most of us, if we had to put $$$ on it, would’ve guessed a Gm5 return. The hoops fan in me is cool with it since they’re tied at 2-2 mow it’s a best of 3 and Mia is as close to full strentgh as they can be. The C’s fan in me s bitter since we won’t get AvyB back…

  • dsleepy

    the heat hater in me wishes he would take it easy and just call it a season

  • http://slamonline.com Henkenzo

    Hope he can produce. If he strains it again, all of it goes down the drain.

  • vtrobot

    @ Heals, as a C’s fan, this might be good news. As good as Bosh is, that’s a pretty long time to be out during the Playoffs and it might be hard for the Heat to work him back in without disrupting their flow. I guess the good news for the Heat is that they don’t really have much of a flow to disrupt now anyway. I’m sure it will at least give the “fan” base something to get fired up about tomorrow night. Bosh never seems to do well against KG tho, and I don’t think he’ll want much of the KG that’s shown up for this Playoffs.

  • 2307

    @vtrobot not bad points but it really doesnt matter if Bosh how well Bosh does against KG, its the spacing he provides and he has had some gd games vs the C’s actually, just having him on the floor makes the HEAT a hell of alot better, had he been healthy from the start this series would most likely be over now. although even though im a HEAT fan it is very exciting this way and ive got huge respect for Boston, classy organisation and great fans, I just hope one day weve had even a quarter of the success the C’s have had. may the best team win!!

  • http://slamonline.com rr

    lets go bosh

  • vtrobot

    @2307: Agreed on the spacing. I guess we shall see. Bosh seems like a good dude so I’m always wishing the best for him. Should be a great end to this series. Let’s just hope that the refs stay out of the way much more than they have so far. Peace.

  • SKemp

    I’ve a feeling that Garnett will test the strength of Bosh’s abs..

  • 130623

    @ vtrbot Yeah the refs just need to know their role and call it straight! Boston couldn’t get a call in games 1&2 & the Heat had it rough 3&4 although not as bad as Boston. Think it’s going 7 and although we have home court u guys have great experience! Should be good! I’d love to see a epic duel between pierce and Bron! As long as the Heat come out on top Hahahaha peace

  • Rik Smits Mullet

    Man i really hope there not putting him in to early.
    I would like to see monster bosh putting up 60 points and 30 rebounds.
    not likely but would be fun.

  • bike

    The C’s won’t be able to get away with some of the double team gambles on LeBron and Wade if he plays and is healthy. Bosh is the difference maker for the Heat in this series and the next.

  • Ldub

    Pros and cons to everything. Id say put him in the lineup. Force KG to actually play some defense instead of standing under the basket waiting for LBJ or Wade to come flying in. Opens up the court for all the other players to be themselves. Hopefully it doesnt mess up the little bit of chemistry the Heat players have developed without him. To me that is one of the biggest concerns. Miller/Jones getting more time…Haslem is a hustle guy and plays the same way regardless of minutes so not too worried about him. Need production from Bosh and Anthony as a tandem to contain KG. He can at least keep him out of the paint a bit, and some what prevent that lob pass.

  • Heals

    Al Horford had a big impact towards the end of the 1st round (coulda changed the outcome of the series if he was healthy from the get-go), even if he wasn’t playing well individually. I see Bosh having a similar impact, like mentioned above. In the least it means fewer mins for Turiaf and Anthony which is good for Mia…

  • Ldub

    Heals…the only issue is it was a totally different injury and Horford was out for a lengthy amount of time which allowed him to recover. I think IF Bosh plays…hes gonna be at 80-90%…which IMO is better than a 100% tandem of Anthony and Ronny! Not dawgin my team but they cant make up for what Bosh brings.