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Steve Nash to Consider Signing With Toronto Raptors?

According to Fox Sports, there’s a chance that once he becomes a free agent this summer, Steve Nash could take his talents to Toronto: “Meanwhile, several NBA personnel executives have confirmed that the Nash-to-Toronto rumors may have real traction. ‘I’ve been hearing that from people that would know,’ said one Western Conference sharpie, sounding very much like the rest of us. ‘The Raptors may not be ready to win right away, but with (Andrea) Bargnani, (DeMar) DeRozan and maybe (Jonas) Valanciunas coming over next season, they could be pretty decent right away with Nash. And they could have enough cap space to get something done there.’ Valanciunas, the 7-footer chosen fifth overall by the Raptors in the 2011 draft, was the dominant player in last summer’s U-19 World Championships. According to reports earlier this month, there’s a strong chance he could buy out the last year of his European contract — the Raps are able to pony up roughly a quarter of that price — and play in the NBA next season. The Raptors also have the eighth pick in this week’s draft, with which they’re expected to grab an attacking wing (such as Dion Waiters of Syracuse) or high-scoring, draft-board-climbing point guard Damian Lillard of Weber State.”

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  • floe

    perry jones 3. come on, dude’s gonna be big in the L.

  • R32

    Come home Steve Nash! Perfect situation for an upcoming PG (hopefully Lillard) to learn from.

  • http://slamonline.com Datkid

    smh nash this is not how you win a ring.

  • http://ZOGS1.COM ZOGS1


  • http://dsjfklf.com Jukai

    Nash is either going to the Heat (ring), the Knicks (his favorite city) or is going to stay in Phoenix (the money).
    No way he goes to the Raptors. People are trying to link the whole Canada thing but he didn’t grow up in Toronto. Sorry.

  • timbo slice

    im from toronto and i dont want him to do that, go win a ring somewhere steve…dont waste your time

  • bdogg

    i can see him to to heat or knicks…raptors…uh…NO!

  • Marvin

    c’mon Steve, didnt u say that u wanna go 2 a winner? go 2 a team whose 1st priority is winning a championship. not a team who wants 2 hang a division banner (im a Celtics fan, so the chances of the Raptors hanging up another Atlantic Division banner r when im dead lol) & make the playoffs only 2 b swept out of the 1st round

  • CubicleWorker

    From a Toronto fan’s perspective, why would Nash go to Toronto? They already have 2 PG’s and likely taking Lillard in the draft. Also why would he go to Knicks? Amare is old and Carmelo can’t play without the ball. Let alone the Lin controversy that potentially awaits. Next, why would he go to Heat? They already have three guys that need the ball and I feel they just barely got the championship (if Harden doesn’t choke we could be talking about a different champion). If he really wants a chip doesn’t he go to OKC (move RW to the 2) or even Chicago? All likelihood he stays in Pheonix for the most $.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    BS, no way that’s happening.

  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    So nobody has heard Nash talk about how much he values Toronto? Or realize how much he has valued his salary over anything else during his career? I think he either signs in Phoenix or Toronto. With an off-chance he signs in Miami. New York seems really unlikely to me. First because of Mike Woodson. And second because I highly doubt he takes $3M a season to not win a championship.

  • Don Dotta

    WTF steven nash needs to stop being so nice… like come on he needs to get a ring not build a team.. hes too good of a player to be settling for less.. i’m disspointed the raptors really… chris bosh isn’t there. He needs to go to the heat or somewhere

  • Jerome

    Nowhere in the article above does it have Nash saying he IS going to T. Calm down people. I would like to see go to NY. Knicks would be fun to watch again.

  • Raps Fan Fo Life Beaches

    Raps are going to have a competitive roster next year. If you aren’t a fan, you are probably unaware because of the lack of national exposure and just label Toronto as long time losers. But just like every other NBA team, you try and improve every off-season. This season is one of those special ones for the Raptors and some good is going to happen. They have a lot of cap space. A potential all-rookie team player in Valanciunas coming over. A huge culture change from the year previous thanks to Dwayne Casey.

    Nash just became the GM of Basketball Canada. Most of Canada cheers for the Raptors. He could have an entire country behind him. Valanciunas, Bargnani, FA-SF (maybe Batum), DeRozan, Nash is a pretty nice starting 5. Raptors can give him the money, a decent roster and a sell-out crowd every home game. Yah, he didn’t grow up in Toronto, but he grew up in Canada. He isn’t taking a $10 million pay cut to win a ring with Miami or the Knicks. He’s too good for that.

  • Rainman

    Anyone that says the raptors have no chance clearly aren’t listening to reports. Bryan colangelo brought nash to phx by selling him the system, bryan collangelo can do the same here in toronto. They offer him a PF he can make a lot better,(bargnani) like he offered stat. Traptors are gonna try to get@an elite SF thru trade, especially if they get nash, so he cud have an athletic swingman on the break. Bryan colangelo has wanted to make toronto the suns of east for a long time, and this is his chance to do so, i don’t think nash wud mind that again. A starting line up of nash, derozan, elite SF(think gay, iggy, even josh smith) bargnani, and valunciunas, with calderon hopefully baking him up(if he stays) wud give nash the best backup pg he’s had at any time in phx. That gives nash the rest he needs in games, and calderon is good for 8-10 assists whether he starts or comes off the bench. The raptors wud be competitive in the east with this squad, and it sounds like a sweet deal for nash. I haven’t even factored in the 8th pick, the national pride aspect, or the cap to lure in another free agent (which becomes a loeasier with nash on the team.) Also, casey is a great coaxch, and has a great defensive system, he hid calderons defensive shortcomings, he can do wonders for nash, as calderon is an even worse defender than nash. And nash is an underrated team defender, and that’s what caseys system is all about. Team defence. Again, this isn’t such a crazy idea…

  • Rainman

    Credible sources report that nash’s top 3 options are returning to phx, or going to portland or toronto btw ppl. So let’s stop the heat, knick, thunder, laker, maverick talk. Portland wud be sick with nash, and as i’ve stated above, toronto can surprise a lot of ppl. I think with nash, both those teams wud be better than my suns with nash, unfortunately…

  • http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine VanCityBBall

    i love TDOT but this is puuure rumour… nash deserves a ring contending team at this point in his career

  • TheWhiteMarkPrice

    Cosign @rainman, also Ed Davis could make a leap in his third year, and don’t they still have James Johnson rain? Those could be two nice pieces to come off the bench.

  • Shem

    Calderon is most likely gone. Arguably his best season last year and he’s on an expiring contract, definitely some value there. I think the Raptors got really unlucky regarding the draft. 7 players they’d want to draft (Davis, MKG, Beal, Barnes, Robinson, Lillard, Drummond) and they got the 8th pick. They’re most likely getting Lamb or Waiters and are gonna have to move DeRozan to SF. Not sure if that’s a good thing considering he’s got a small frame, doesn’t rebound or play the best D. Regardless, Toronto is up and coming.

  • T-Money

    I find it funny that Nash fans care more a bout a ring than Nash himself. He’ll go to the team that give the most money for the most years. If it’s Toronto he’ll say patriotism and if it’s PHX he’ll say loyalty. Not a chance he goes to Dallas, Miami, NY or LAL.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Raptors need to throw as much money as possible on James Harden, then draft a point guard this year. Then TRADE BARGNAGNI and start Ed Davis already.
    1. Rookie
    2. Harden
    3. DeRozan
    4. Ed Davis
    5. Valanciunas
    Bench: Jeryd Bayless, Amir Johnson, James Johnson, Linus Kleiza… etc.
    You can’t be a team that stresses defense and start the worst defensive center in the league. I don’t know why Colangelo still thinks Andrea will be Dirk Nowitzki. He’s a 7 foot starting CENTER (really a PF) who averages 5 rebounds a game and shoots 43% from the field!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

  • Rainman

    @thewhitemarkprice: yeah, james johnson is their starting sf, and is definitely a goood piece. Statistically a very good defender, racks up the steals, blocks, and rebounds. Wud be real good coming off the bench if toronto can get a good small forwaard. And he’s super athletic too, wud benefit playing alongside nash for sure.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    According to the latest rumor, the Rockets are offering Lowry and the #16 pick for the Raptors’ #8 pick. Thoughts?

  • TheWhiteMarkPrice

    They still have their amnesty? Amir Johnson is overpayed. They could pursue a better value big. A Lopez brother maybe? That 8th pick ain’t the most ideal but there is some flexibility though.

  • smoove

    this dude gives -0- fux about winning

  • TheWhiteMarkPrice

    I like Lowry and all, but he’s not that big of an upgrade from Calderon. I say keep the 8 and roll the dice on Lillard or Waiters.

  • Ldub

    Wouldnt make any sense other than coming home. From what was reported, he wanted a chance to win. Definitely wouldnt get that chance going to Toronto! Lowry is a big upgrade from Calderon. In just about every category except ft%…but he was still around 88% if im not mistaken. He is a much better defender and is more aggressive. Dude was damn near averaging a trip dub before he got hurt.

  • Ldub

    @T-Money…not a chance? Depending on what Steve really wants, there is always a chance. Getting paid the vet minimum in Miami (IMO) would be the best chance to win. Getting paid, well obviously that is whomever has the most cap space. But Miami would be the best fit all around. With James Jones contemplating retirement, it could open up some money. We shall see how it all plays out.

  • Ldub

    and Juwan Howard potentially retiring too.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    @ TheWhiteMarkPrice: Lowry is not that big of an upgrade from Calderon?!? Defensively alone it’s like Hakeem Olajuwon vs. Andrea Bargnani. No contest.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    I don’t understand why the Rockets seem like they’re giving up on Kyle Lowry. I guess they have a lot of confidence in Dragic… This sucks. Who has the higher ceiling?

  • TheWhiteMarkPrice

    Im just personally not that big on Lowry, he’s at his ceiling it took him 4 years to finally breakout last year. Plus his little spat with McHale is not a good look either.

  • Ldub

    @ Teddy. I agree. IMO Lowry is head and shoulders better than Dragic. Im not gonna lie…Dragic can score. But so can Lowry, at a better clip and he can set players up AND he has lock down D! I would choose Lowry over Dragic easily. And Lowry didnt get smashed on by D-Rose a few years back either! I know its irrelevent but I just wanted to say it anyways. Nasty 2 hand fastbreak flush!

  • clydesays

    I doubt he signs with anybody but a contender.

  • Ldub

    Before the injury Lowry (like i said) was around 17, 8 and 7. At the PG spot that is amazing…especially the rebounds. If that is his ceiling then I dont mind having it on my squad. You dont have to be big on the guy, but recognizing his overall talent is different. People arent big on LeBron…but they know thats 30,8 and 6 right?

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Lowry is only 25 years old (maybe 26). There’s plenty of improvement left to be seen. I don’t think his numbers were quite that high last year, though I think he CAN get to something like 17 8 6. He was hovering at around 15 ppg and 7 apg before the injury (he tapered off a bit from his crazy start). Also you can’t forget his leadership skills and his toughness. He would immediately change the culture in Toronto.

  • bravo


  • trueballer4life


  • Ldub

    trueballer…i would love for that to happen. I just dont know if the finances would allow it to. Granted Jones and Howard are probably retiring…but that would mean Nash, Chalmers and Cole would be at the pg spot. With how Cole played all season, you have to get him some tick. Moving Chalmers to the 2 spot doesnt really benefit because of his lack of size…and because nash is only 1 inch taller..and plays no D either it would hurt them defensively. But I would be definitely stoked to see Nash come to Miami. Either Cole or Chalmers would have to go to get a bigger 2 guard. And from what I think is going down…Ray Allen is available. I doubt they can add them both…but either would be an awesome addition. Come on Riley…make it happen!

  • http://www.nba.com/suns spanishflea

    Musings for 2012/2013
    * Steve nash takes the best financial offer on the table…. the LA Galaxy! This convinces David Beckham to stick around and double up with a 2nd football championship – it also becomes the only championship Steve Nash ever wins.
    * Jerry Sloan passes away when the trophy case at Phil Jackson’s falls on him – the NBA in a crude move go onto name the Coach Of The Year Award the ‘Sloan Trophy’.
    * Chris Rock and Eddie House are named by new incumbent GM for Orlando. The arena is renamed: “The House Of Rock”… Dwight, after staying put spends the entire bulk of the season on the Injured List, as he tears his ACL doing a break dance routine during halftime of their first home game…. the Magic go 22-60 on the season.

  • http://www.hoopsworld.com IamYOU

    Nash if you want to see a real life raptor go to the miami heat you’ll see one there.

  • Nashty

    STAY IN PHOENIX!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Steve Nash…. I don’t mind where you go. Let me follow…

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    This is just media spin in full fantasy mode….
    Steve Nash may go somewhere, he may stay put too. He’s saying the right things in regards to letting other teams know he’s available but he’s by no means jumping ship. If the PHX brass show him a decent line up before approaching him and put a decent wad of semollions on the table then he’ll stay in Arizona purple and orange.

  • Raps Fan Fo Life Beaches

    Nash just went on ESPN radio and said that money was going to be VERY important in his decision. Chasing a ring is risky… you could get injured… or simply… you might come up short and lose… MONEY IS SO IMPORTANT.

    Miami is amazing and will be in the finals quite often in the next 5-7 years but they could lose any given year as long as the Thunder are there and the other good up and coming teams.

    $10 million dollars or $3 million dollars a year?
    DON’T LIE TO YOURSELF. Yes, he’s made millions already, but millions more is better than millions less.

    There are only a few teams that can offer a 10-12 million per year unless teams use their amnesty clauses.

    Most of the contenders are in luxury tax zone or just at the ceiling.

  • Roshan

    don’t forget he’s the president of Canada Basketball which is based in Toronto…