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Courtney Lee Wants to Play for the Boston Celtics

If the money situation can be worked out, 26-year old free agent guard Courtney Lee’s preference would be to wear Celtic green and white next season. From the Boston Globe: “Free agent guard Courtney Lee lives in Orlando and was one of the few current NBA players hanging out at the opener of the Orlando Summer League Monday at Amway Center. Lee has met with Celtics coach Doc Rivers, who has expressed interest in having Lee come to Boston to help replace Ray Allen. Lee said the interest is mutual, and his signing with the team is a matter of coming to an agreeable contract. The Celtics do not have the salary-cap space to sign Lee for what he is worth, so the next-best option is a sign-and-trade with the Rockets, the team that just pulled Lee’s qualifying offer, making him an unrestricted free agent. Lee, who averaged 11.4 points per game last season in Houston, said he would like to get something done with the Celtics. ‘Me and Doc, we’ve always had a relationship since I’ve been in the NBA,’ he said. ‘I’m a friend of both of his kids, Austin and Jeremiah. We work out together, always see each other. Me and Doc always speak. There’s interest there, but there was no verbal agreement or anything, just hearing each other out. He expressed his interest. I expressed my interest. It’s not basketball-wise that needs to be discussed, it’s the front office and my agent that needs to communicate and go from there.’ When asked his most important priority, Lee said: ‘I want to win. I got a taste of the playoffs and going all the way to the Finals my rookie year [with Orlando in 2009]. I want to get back there. Boston, everybody knows their record and what they’ve accomplished over the years especially with Doc and having KG [Kevin Garnett] and Paul [Pierce], [Rajon] Rondo’s still there. So that’s a team I feel will win and continue to win. That’s one factor in the decision.’”

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  • http://9gag.com/gag/4568611 Max

    this guy was so nice in Orlando in his rookie year.
    Would be a good pickup for the future

  • D12FSU

    I’ve like lee ever since he was in Orlando, Id like to see him stay in one place, already going to his 4th team

  • Donte

    You gotta like that if you’ re a celtics fan. Make it happen danny

  • http://www.slamonline.com Redd

    Sucks to be a Bulls fan in free agency lol.

  • http://www.nba.com Shadojoker

    Come on Bulls? I feel you Red!!! Why is everybody upgrading and Chi-town is staying dormant?

  • Orlando Woolridge (RIP)

    As a bulls fan, I don’t know what to think. It seems they are in danger of being mediocre for a while. They will be a playoff team with no hope of winning a championship, especially if the D. Howard trade goes down. Even if DRose comes back 100%, I don’t think they have a chance to actually win the championship. I think they should make moves to get them closer to a championship, and that might mean stocking up on young talent and picks, as painful as that might be in the near future. Lee is ok, but is he going to get them any closer to a championship? No. Neither will Hinrich. Again, these moves will only keep them in the middle of the pack.

  • vtrobot

    I haven’t watched any of Lee on the Rockets, but I liked him a lot that first year in ORL. Surprised they didn’t try harder to keep him. Seemed like a missed ally-oop ended his time there. Come to the C’s.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Redd

    I think our greatest chance has passed, unlike other stars Rose doesn’t recruit therefore making the chance of us joining the super team era low.

  • Ernie D

    Would be great to have Lee in Boston. There is a starting role for him at SG with Bradley recovering from his injury. It makes the C’s younger and faster. They would probably give up next to nothing for him. Sean Williams and either Jajuan Johnson or E’tuan Moore. I still think Johnson could be a valuable backup at Power Forward. Moore has been complaining about a lack of playing time, and he’s not likely to see much of an increase next season.

  • smoove

    yea if they have to get this done i would rather see JJohnson leave, Moore has a confident pull up J and hes quick.. JJ on the other hand has the potential if he grows a set out on the court but as of now i would think he is more expandable

  • Basketball_iQ

    Lee is good pickup… middle of the pack!??? Who? Boston is in the top5 teams to win it as far as im concerned. One game away from beating Miami. No other team, INCLUDING CHICAGO, was ever that close.
    Boston is looking pretty good to me damn it.
    Chicago might wana hire Danny Ainge bc whoever is in charge over there looks timid settling for what? RipHamilton? Hinrich? Boston is better.

  • Shifty

    This would be such a good pickup for us. Like everyone else on this post he was a really good rookie! Anyone remember the game winning alley oop he missed to push the lakers to another game in finals? He played great on that finals. Hasn’t really had a coach to give him decent playing time. He’s good on the defensive end. Hope the C’s can make it happen.

  • Orlando Woolridge (RIP)

    BBall IQ…I was talking about the Bulls being in the middle of the pack (sadly) in response to the other Bulls fans on here. I agree Boston looks better, but I think their window has closed as well. They are not going to win it next year…they won’t beat Miami, and believe me, I would love for that to happen.