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Dallas Mavericks, Orlando Magic Discussing a Dwight Howard Trade

According to Dallas Mavericks general manager Donnie Nelson, the Orlando Magic and the Mavs have had preliminary talks regarding disgruntled superstar center Dwight Howard. The two sides plan to meet again to chat about a potential trade (which seems like a very long shot at this point.) Per Fox Sports: “Mavs GM Donnie Nelson and Magic GM Orlando GM Rob Hennigan visited last week about a Dwight Howard trade and ‘will probably talk again,’ Nelson said. [...] But while Howard has allegedly been assured by some inside the Orlando organization that his wish will be granted — with the Nets, Lakers and Mavs topping his wishlist — the Magic are wisely showing no urgency to make a bad deal. And in their minds, offers from the Nets and Lakers — offers that went very public and therefore were portrayed as ‘close’ — were also ‘bad.’ Meanwhile, Nelson and Hennigan visited last week about a Dwight Howard trade. But … ‘There’s just not much there (in terms of a Mavs-Magic trade to be done in 2012),’ Nelson tells us. Nelson suggests that there are offers on the table for Dwight that ‘trump’ what Dallas can present now or in the near future, which includes expiring contracts, the promise of cap space, and maybe the willingness to take back contract ballast. An NBA source says that Orlando believes its offer from the Lakers is the superior one (it can involve Andrew Bynum). But if it was sufficient enough, Orlando would be pulling the trigger. Instead, it continues to attempt to work with Dwight, who is a free agent next summer and clearly now has little intention of re-signing with the Magic. [...] Howard’s plan is to escape now to the Nets, Lakers or Mavs. Donnie Nelson’s own admission says the ‘now’ isn’t happening for Dallas. Meanwhile, the Mavs’ plan is to hope he doesn’t escape Orlando prematurely so he can be accommodated in Dallas in the summer of 2013.”

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  • da real

    This could be interesting because Cuban is a “get it done” type of guy so if it gets even close to being done and he wants it done, he WILL close the deal. DONE!!!! hahaha

  • Atsushi

    i hope, he’ll not get shark tank’d next summer.

  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com KHOLIDAY

    I think the GMs from the Nets, Magic, Lakers, and Dallas should go on WIpeout and settle this D-12 saga there! For all that you guys put us through, it’s only right!

  • Juice

    The team with the best chance to land howard are the Denver Nuggets because they have so many young good players to move and still have some good young players afterwards. Not one other team can say that.

  • miamigus23

    I honestly think there are teams out there that CAN propose a trade but WONT (portland, boston, denver, etc.)

  • L Dribble

    Who does Dallas even have to trade? Magic will regret not pulling the trigger on the Nets or Lakers offers. They are in a terrible negotiating position but think they can still get equivalent value. I can’t see them getting anything better and I will not be surprised if those teams start reducing the quality of their offers.

  • pposse

    if dwights intentions are to one day be the man in one of his preferred destinations then dallas might be the best place for him. Dirk only has a couple years left, and the transition from Dirk and Dwight being the focal points to just Dwight might be smooth. He doesn’t have to live up to Kobe and Shaq like he would have to in LA, and there will be tenfold less media scrutiny than there would be if he lives in BK.

  • phil da windmill

    man who cares? dwight should help out his home team and play for the hawks instead he wanna be hollywood man fu ck that mailbox head nicca he aint real.

  • S.Simon

    I dont see that trade happening Dallas have no good young players the magic wants i dont know about their picks situation. Nets was a great deal but now thats in the lock up for the next 6 months you dont want to start a season with a guy who dont want to be there. Houston he dont want to go there and with the addition of Lin and Asik i dont see that happening. I think the best solution is to revisit the lakers and cavs it makes better sense in the long term and the lakers are willing to take back J. Richardson contract and all you will be getting back in varejo expiring contracts and picks. And you should give your new coach a clean start than to start with alot of mess. Trade him now and start building your team for this season and from the draft next year.

  • Jerome

    There is no need to talk to players in a trading situation. It’s GM to GM. Players are commodities.

  • http://bebe310.blogspot.com/ anonymous

    dwight should go to atlanta who quietly has been making good moves to relieve cap space this offseason. they can keep josh smith and other players they recently acquired like korver, lwilliams and morrow & atl`s assets of horford, teague and dharris is better than what bk offered and equal or better than what the lakers offered (esp since bynum wont commit to signing an extension). if atl is willing to take jrich or turk off orl`s books I would send dwight to orl. he already said he wouldnt sign an extension with any team he was traded to bec he wants to test fa

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    Teams that could offer:
    Denver: McGee, Gallinari, and Faried for Dwight and Hedo
    Sacramento: Cousins and Tyreke for Dwight and Duhon
    Portland: Aldridge, Lillard and a 1st rounder for Dwight and Duhon
    OKC: Westbrook and Perkins for Dwight and Jameer
    Toronto: Valuncianas, Derozan, and Bargani for Dwight
    LAC: Bledsoe, Jordan, Butler, and Odom for Dwight and Hedo
    NYK: Anthony and Chandler for Dwight, Hedo, and Nicholson
    GS: Bogut and Curry for Dwight, Nicholson, and 2 2nd rounders

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    uhm, Dallas has absolutely nothing to offer. And they just signed Elton Brand & Chris Kaman.
    “i’ll give you Roddy Beaubois, Brandan Wright, & Brian Cardinal”
    This is just a sh*tty rumor, far as i can tell.

  • Ill Smith

    If Horford/Teague/the expiring deal from the Nets trade & some draft picks ain’t enough I don’t know what is. I refuse to believe if Howard got traded to his hometown he woul leave in free agency after a year. He aint bout that ‘villain’ life like LeBron or Melo. But of course Orlando won’t be doing thr sensible thing, thats why we’re here. I fear for Orlando fans that franchise is full on idiots from top to bottom.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/officerbarbrady what


  • phil da windmill

    that u-haul truck head nicca needs to come play for the hawks point blank period .

  • http://www.slamononline.com Redd

    This is horrible reporting Slam. They had a past discussion, I read about it on another website. Essentially there was “exploratory” discussions which didn’t go anywhere.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    exactly why i said what i said Redd – even though i didn’t see that report.

  • http://www.slamononline.com Redd

    Oh didn’t see the bottom, and it was on realgm.

  • LA Huey

    “This is just a sh*tty rumor, far as i can tell.”

  • Dennis Hubert

    Dwight Howard should come to Dallas where he has a chance

  • joshuasymons

    Dwight Should just wait for drose to recover. that way they can get rid of boozer. and noah can play powerforward and keep luol deng,nate,kirk,taj.. try getting raja bell and probably caron butler for role playing reasons.

  • http://juan.garcia@computershare.com PutUrMomma2Wrk

    Do you fools even know what’s going on? Dallas can only sign him as a free agent next summer. They are over the cap. Silly kids.

    As for Denver and the like… these teams do not want to take on Orlandos other bad contracts they’re trying to unload. that’s why you’ve seen teams like Cleveland and Houston mentioned as third teams with LA & Orlando as these teams have the youth Orlando is looking for and in return they’d get Bynum whom they covet.

    Get with the program. You all sound lake 3rd tier NBA fans.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    you can still make trades when you are over the cap genius

  • http://juan.garcia@computershare.com PutUrMomma2Wrk

    Only if Dallas can find a third team to take on Orlandos extra baggage of bad contracts genius. Is Dallas going to offer that 3rd team a Bynum type player they’re looking for? That’s right… go back under your rock!