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Eric Gordon Hopes to Win Back New Orleans Hornets Fans

Despite his repeated protests, Eric Gordon is still a New Orleans Hornet, and now he’s looking to mend fences with fans who are angry with him for trying to leave town. Per Yahoo! Sports: “After declaring that he didn’t want the Hornets to match the Phoenix Suns’ offer sheet for him – and that his ‘heart’ was already in Phoenix – Gordon now finds himself back in New Orleans. And he says he’s committed to leading the young Hornets, who now include top overall draft pick Anthony Davis and rookie guard Austin Rivers. ‘I wish I could’ve done a little better with the fan perception,’ Gordon said. ‘But also at the same time they don’t know the business perspective of how negotiations are handled. They don’t know how being a restricted free agent can be mind-boggling for a player. I’m here with an open mind and here to help the young guys. They will see the next four years will be better than the last four years of my career, so it should be nothing but good things.’ [...] Gordon also questioned the Hornets’ drafting of Austin Rivers with the 10th overall selection. Rivers arrived from Duke as a shooting guard, Gordon’s position. Gordon believed the Hornets needed another big man with the departure of Emeka Okafor and Chris Kaman. [...] Gordon now says he looks forward to playing alongside Rivers and that the two could take turns playing point guard. ‘He was never really a problem,’ Gordon said. ‘It was more of a business standpoint of I didn’t know what direction the front office of the team was going. I never had a problem with him. I just know that while I’m here I’m going to try to help him in every situation possible.’”

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  • Cheshire

    I really question how Austin and EG gonna co-exist none of them wanna pass… I don’t blame you EG if I was you I would wanna get out of town too… Also out of context New Orleans needs a new team name other than a friggin hornet

  • Mas

    Good luck with that one. Well at least two N.O. residents are doing good. Eric Gordon and Drew Bre$$.

  • ALD

    why leave them for the suns…… what is so great in arizona?

  • http://www.fullc0urtpress.com KHoliday

    And I’d like to win the mega million! Good luck Eric Gordon. I think I have a better chance than you though!

  • L Dribble

    @Cheshire – from what I have seen of Rivers in Summer League – he’ll be coming off the bench for a while. They should swap names with the Bobcats. Then we get the Charlotte Hornets back and the NOBs.

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    if they win some games, fans will probably forget, but with rivers at the point i doubt that will happen

  • cbb_fanatic

    Maybe he should put out an ad in the paper like Ray Allen…LOL. But seriously…with the addition of Ryan Anderson and Anthony Davis, why would you want to go to the Suns, especially since Nash and Hill are gone? Stay with your team and build instead of just running off!

  • http://kb24.com x-DrEw_MaiN-x

    I don’t blame him for trying to leave and phoenix would’ve been alot better for him.. Kendall Marshall will have a better rookie season than rivers he is a pass first guy in an uptempo system makes sense to me! But I wonder who going to play point?

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    What’s wrong with a team named Hornets?? Ya’ll are weird.

  • wixursss

    Hornets i believe have narrowed down their name to Brass, Spirit, Angels, and Pelicans. Personally though they should just trade with Utah.

  • Ball.A.BabY

    in the next 4 years one of the two are bound to get traded, i like both of there games but we can’t have to first option guards when the bigman down low AD just running around scrapping for garbage points… it all depends on how austin’s game can evolved instead of being a one way player…. no doubt the starting 5 looks alot better than last year, but they shouldn’t of let go of Ariza until the get a solid sf in a future draft which i guess will be there next target or even a center, depending if ryan anderson can become a solid sf or atleast interchangeable in the 6th man position in the next year or so