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Nicolas Batum to Sign $46.5 Million Offer Sheet from Minnesota Timberwolves

The never-ending chess match rages on between the Timberwolves, free agent forward Nicolas Batum and his current team the Blazers. Today, Batum is expected to sign a large contract offer sheet from Minny, giving Portland three days to match it (which they’ve repeatedly said they will.) From the Star Tribune: “Wolves owner Glen Taylor said the team will submit the signed $46.5 million offer sheet to the NBA by the end of business today, a distinction that gives the Blazers one last chance to agree to a sign-and-trade. The Wolves are willing to offer draft picks, but aren’t giving up Derrick Williams or Nikola Pekovic. Taylor said he believes the Blazers have seen the offer sheet. ‘You call their bluff,’ he said. Once submitted, you can bet two things: The Blazers will match and they’ll take probably nearly all 72 hours to do it. This negotiation hasn’t yet ended in compromise and a sign-and-trade agreement, so the Wolves are following through with their threat of overpaying a young player whose big contract now almost certainly will go on the Blazers’ books. If the Blazers weren’t willing to take a draft pick or picks and Kyle Korver, you know they’re not willing to give up Batum for nothing now. The offer sheet does include some bonuses above the $46.5 million, such as All Star Game appearances, etc. Once Batum signs the offer sheet, the option for a sign-and-trade is gone.”

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  • RunNGun

    Hmm… the actual contract will pay Batum $50M (incentives/bonuses) over 4 years. For a player on rebuilding team, this doesn’t makes sense for the Blazers.

  • SwaGG_SeaN

    See I knew this was going to happen; I knew that when once batum hit the market that some foolish GM was going to overpay him for his services. He’s a nice prospect but $46.5 mil for a player who isnt consistent is way too much IMO

  • riggs

    is he really worth that much?

  • MtotheS

    Has Portland amnesty’d anyone yet? Wouldn’t that be hilarious?

  • patrick


  • drock

    Overpaid much????? Lol

  • justin05

    Let’s get real people…this pick up was just to keep Kevin Love optimistic about his future in Minny

  • http://www.slamonline.com JTaylor21

    Did he really just type “amnesty’d”

  • Percy Jackson

    Get some picks and let walk him Portland

  • Patrick

    There’s another ‘patrick’ on here now? Guess I gotta find a new name.
    The way I see it is yes he is overpaid, but the twolves need to make improvements NOW before love’s opts out of his contract in 3 years. Cap space won’t do them any good. Batum was the best wing on the market, and they threw an offer they don’t think the Blazers will match. Now they just see if the Blazers live up to their words. If they do, well they screwed the cap space of a division opponent and move on to plan B. If not, they get the best wing available in Batum, make a playoff push, and hopefully retain love when his contract is up. Oh and become a very exciting team to watch in the process.