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Philadelphia Sixers to Sign Nick Young, Amnesty Elton Brand

Philly will soon be saying hello to Nick Young (1 year, $6 million), while waving goodbye to Elton Brand via the amnesty clause. From CSN: “The team signed shooting guard Nick Young to a one-year deal worth $6 million, according to a team source. In acquiring Young, which cannot be announced until July 11, the deal could mean the end of Lou Williams in Philly. Or does it? Shortly after coming to terms with Young, a team source said the Sixers had exercised the amnesty clause on veteran power forward Elton Brand. By using their amnesty, the Sixers removed Brand’s $18 million off the salary cap, which will allow the team to sign Young as well as pursue a scorer and some backcourt depth. One of those signings could include Williams, who led the team in scoring last season. The moves also clear enough space under the cap that the Sixers could take on salary in a trade, too. As for using the amnesty clause, teams under the salary cap can bid on Brand like an auction. According to reports, the teams currently under the salary cap include Dallas, New Orleans, Portland, and Houston. If no team places a bid, Brand becomes a free agent and can sign with any team. At age 32 with 13 NBA seasons on the odometer, the past three seasons have not been easy for Brand. Last year he finished the season with a dislocated thumb and broken hand as well as a beat-up body. The year before that, he was coming off shoulder surgery. And though he came into 2011-12 relatively healthy, it took Brand a while to find his rhythm and legs during the compressed, rapid-fire schedule. Brand played most of the second half with a dislocated thumb, and then during the playoffs he injured his neck and shoulder so badly that it limited his range of motion.”

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  • http://Slamonline.com nbk

    Lou Williams tweeted that his time in Phi is over the team has decided on a different direction

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/tray-5 T-Ray

    nbk with the inside scoop. This kind of makes sense now. They gave Allen a new contract so he’ll probably be the starting 4 while Young will be the back up to Turner or vice versa.

  • jinolin

    This is a good move, now they should trade for a scoring big (Amare, I could see Iggy/Thad in NYK). I bet Boston/LAL-C will sign Brand now.

  • MDubb3

    Philly needs scorers, great pickup

  • Sam

    I think philly should make a trade about now to bring in a go to scorer, I reckon they could get that person to buy into playing a lick of D too. Amare or josh smith are the two that I’d like to see in sixer colours!

  • Basketball_iQ

    good move for philly moving on from Brand,,, concentrate on building a good young team.
    Brand will be a nice pickup for someone… I dont like his game tho, personally.

  • jinolin

    @Sam I think Amare would be a better fit, he can easily get 22/8 in Philly, I think a trade with NYK would benefit both teams.

  • Sam

    @jinolin I agree, I think amare fits the system more as a go-to guy. However, J-smooth brings the defensive presence more so than stat.
    I’d be happy with amare coming over for say thad young and one of our bigs. Getting rid of brand was a big move though props to the sixers office. As a sixers fan I always thought that signing him was a huge mistake.

  • http://hotnewhiphop.com Knifer

    Philly should trade Iggy for Amare. Lou Williams is a slightly less talented version of Monta Ellis. He was looking for way more money than he was worth.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    Amar’e isn’t worth Iggy. If Amar’e gets traded anywhere i would be completely and utterly shocked. Joe Johnson being traded for, was one thing, Amar’e would be a whole nother. Uninsured player with medical concerns who is due some $65,039,680 over the next 3 years. Anyone would be stupid to trade for that.

  • Sam

    @knifer I wouldn’t want to trade iggy just because of his defence on the perimeter. he’s one of the cogs to our D. I agree though about Lou-will. He did say he ain’t resigning with us though via his F’book earlier. Talented dude but I think nick young will provide a nice spark and he ain’t undersized but remains athletic so he’ll fit right in. were getting a little stacked and SF though. That’s why I think thad young and maybe some other pieces was a bit more viable. Harkless and moultrie will be studs.

  • pposse

    this was definately a “young” move on the sixers part..pun intended!

  • Jerome

    If Nick Young is fitted with a shock collar when he hits the floor, then this was a good move, if not, this is a horrible decision.

  • thor

    Stupid fact: Every dude named Young is now part of sixers organisation.

  • thor

    Atleast every Young in the league.

  • pposse

    the sixers have officially become a young squad

  • pposse

    i was goin to some wizards game last year in DC and nick young used to get heckled all the time…everyone would be yelling at him calling him a “hawk” as in ‘ball hawk’ and that dude would turn and try to find us in the stands, smile and then chuck up another shot!

  • Heals

    Nick Young and Doug Collins, hmmmmm. Brand back to the Clips could have some legs, maybe even Mia if they miss out on RayRay…

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Any news on Iggy?

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    all i’ve heard so far is that the Raptors are trying to put a package around Derozan for Iguodala.

  • Fat Lever

    No way the Sixers take on amare and his over inflated value. We just amnestied brand. What makes y’all think we would take a player on the decline at more money over a longer period than the guy they just amnestied?

  • MagicFan

    Sixers fans, why trade Iggy? I was looking at him during the NBA playoffs and he did so much for the Philadelphia 76ers, y’all should be proud of Iggy.

  • Big Norm

    Come on we a veteran big man, when will we see this.

  • http://www.nba.com Dacre

    Getting Brands massive contract off their back was Phillys best move.

  • Steps Around Lue

    everyone needs to put an end to this lou williams is leaving talk, even lou himself…he can still come back to philly and receive the deal he wants now that brand is gone. im sorry, but hows the potential bench of lou williams, nick and thad young, moultrie, vucevic, and harkless bad? this is a possibility.

  • Sam

    @fatlever the difference to between amare and brands contract is that amare actually has a level of production above. 11ppg, the only reason that stat looks like he’s in decline is entirely to do with the fact Carmelo ‘isolation’ Anthony takes the majority of the shots.

  • canesta

    I like both moves, but still as evident on this board, nobody has a clue as to what direction the team is going…a strong bench won’t get us past the first round, and neither will a team full of 6’8ish small forwards who can’t shoot. At least they are taking some initiative with these moves but it’s still not enough to get us out of the 8th seed first round exits…

  • apeman

    They need a big man and a shooter…

  • http://www.pisforprops.com jarrett

    is Nick Young really better than Lou Williams? WTF??

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2010/10/the-sad-case-of-adam-morrison/ vantot fresnedee

    lou williams was the top scorer while coming off the bench for a playoff team.
    nick young is best known for being one of john wall’s teammates that didn’t have his head screwed in right.