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Raptors GM Knows Jose Calderon Hates the Kyle Lowry Trade

By trading for Kyle Lowry this summer, Toronto Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo knew that it would tick off his current point guard, Jose Calderon. However, a talent such as Lowry was too good to pass up. Them’s the breaks, says Colangelo. Per the Canoe: “We feel we’ve added a solid starting-calibre point guard to our team who will bring toughness and grit at a very important position,’ Colangelo said of Lowry, who averaged 14.3 points, 4.5 rebounds and 1.6 steals during the 2011-12 season, including 15.9, 5.3 and 7.2 assist numbers in 38 starts. ‘That adds to our already deep position there with Jose Calderon in the fold … Someone who’s performed at a very high level, that’s improved every year in the league. At 26, Kyle represents the future of the position.’ Colangelo broke down the specifics of the pick the team will be surrendering at some point to the Rockets, along with guard Gary Forbes for Lowry. The selection Houston will receive is protected 1-3 and 15-30 for the next three years; 1-2 and 15-30 the next year; 1 and 15-30 in the fifth year and completely unprotected in the sixth year. That means if the Raptors make the playoffs the next five years they keep the pick and Houston will get it wherever it is in the sixth year. That’s a gamble, but for a player of Lowry’s caliber, one the franchise had to take — especially after losing out on Steve Nash, who Colangelo admitted was Toronto’s No. 1 target. [...] Clearly Lowry will be given every opportunity to supplant Calderon as starter in both the short and long-term and the longest-serving Raptor, as one would expect, didn’t jump up and down in excitement upon hearing the news of Lowry’s arrival. ‘I’m not going to tell you that (Calderon) was thrilled about the trade, but in the end, this is about becoming a much better basketball team and that’s my No. 1 concern,’ Colangelo said. ‘Jose has been a true professional in everything that he has done for this organization and we’re thrilled to have him as part of the team. If it becomes a situation where there’s an opportunity for us to get better and Jose is part of a transaction, obviously, we’ve said it very clearly, nobody on the team right now is untradeable we’re looking to get better and sometimes it takes moving people to get to where you need to be.’”

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  • Mas

    Jose is too busy getting ready for the Olympics in London while Kyle is getting ready buying a snow mobile, North Face jackets, some huskies…I’d rather be in London.


    now can we trade him and banana, Amir Johnson and James Johnson for Dwight. That’s a much better then what everyone is offering.

  • Mas

    Replace Amir for Ed and you got a deal.

  • RunNGun

    Calderon is a solid point guard. The problem with moving his contract is that trade kicker ($11M).

  • Shem

    This is coming from a Raptors fan, I would much rather a trade centered around Bynum or Lopez than Bargnani.

  • trueballer4life

    trade jose..,the raptors do not need him he is pure garbage i hate his game!..

  • Red Star


  • TonyStarks

    Jose pure garbage? Have you ever watched a Raptors game?

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Trade BARGNANI first and foremost… Jose will be one of the best back-ups in the league. They should trade him too but BARGNANI is the priority. Get his @ss out, please!!!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Redd

    Raptors suck no matter what they do.

  • james

    The last time I saw the Raptors as an exciting team is when Vince Carter is in his prime playing for them.

  • jamaal87


    Be nice. Dick head.

  • patrick

    Im in canada..so ive seen a lot of raptors game..i think calderon is prretty solid..i think he’s a lot better than players like Derek Fisher and Steve Blake for example.. And Barnangi is a powerful scorer..i think he’s kinda under the radar rn in the league..

  • jedi420

    Problem with Bargnani is his softness.. he is a hell of a scorer, but until he gets some toughness going he will be one dimensional.. Seriously watch him set a high screen it’s laughable.. dude never even touches the other teams guard he just sets his feet, hits no one, then pops out instantly looking for a jumper lol.. and the rebounding?? It’s honestly confusing to me how any starting PF/C in the league can play 35-40 mins a game and only get 5-6 rebounds a night.. not to mention for how often the ball is in his hand, he should easily be getting 9-10 rebounds a game, dude just lacks grit straight up..

  • LA Huey

    co-sign Redd…and jamaal. Haha.

  • bravo

    yup keep hating…….raptors all day

  • Lloyd

    This team is definitely better than last year’s. Let’s pray for a miracle run!

  • Brad09

    jose couldnt guard a chair, got for the raptors. The day dwight howard goes to the raptors is the day the nba has a team in mexico.

  • iknowmybasketball

    Why have we not amnestied Calderon yet? Guarantee we won’t get a player we need through a trade with Jose. Might as well free some cap space to make a play in free agency.

  • Sham

    @trueballer4life Hey the Raptors woudn’t have made the playoffs in 2008 (last time they made it) without Calderon behind T.J Ford. How would you feel if you were a starter for a team for about 4 years and then were moved down to a back-up? The Raptors did way better offensively and defensively in the 2011-2012 not only because of Dwanye Casey but also because of Calderon’s ball distribution and leadership. I hope he stays and shows Bryan C that he is way better the Lowry and deserves to be a starter. Props on landing Lowry but if you lose Calderon, who else will play back up for the Raps. We already lost Bayless. Can’t afford to lose someone else.

  • light skin

    jose sucks he is so bad. the raptors need a better player than him. and andrea he is sooo soft hes a b!tch

  • http://T TC

    I don’t think you are going to find a team to take on that contract
    So I say you keep him for a while and when other teams are making
    Their playoff run and need a backup or better starting point guard
    You make a deal then. But we will have to hold out till then. I think
    That is the only way we will get some value back.