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Andrew Bynum’s Agent Says There Are No Contract Extension Talks With the Lakers

Despite Lakers’ GM Mitch Kupchak’s assurances, Andrew Bynum’s representative says there have been no talks between the team and its young center about a contract extension. Reports the LA Times: “I saw the report,’ Lee said of media accounts in which Kupchak said last week that the Lakers had begun discussions about an extension. ‘I think Mitch’s comment was that we had ‘a cordial and productive’ conversation. It was cordial and it was productive, but it had nothing to do with an extension.’ Kupchak actually used the phrase ‘productive and positive,’ though the gist is the same. Lee said the Lakers also had not asked about other teams Bynum might be willing to re-sign with, an inquiry that would likely be a precursor to a trade. Lee would not say whether Bynum, who is slated to make $16.1 million next season, would prefer to secure a larger contract by waiting until next summer to sign an extension as opposed to signing one now. According to figures provided by independent collective bargaining agreement expert Larry Coon, Bynum could add three years and $57.1 million to his existing contract if he signed an extension. By comparison, if Bynum re-signed after next season, he could command a maximum five-year, $101.9 million deal. ‘When it comes to Andrew, we deal with things as they are presented to us as opposed to speculation,’ Lee said. ‘It’s not even a conversation I’ve had with him because there’s no reason to have it. We don’t talk about things until we have to deal with them.’”

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  • Heals

    Next summer could be alot more interesting if BOTH Bynum and DH12 are FA’s. Still won’t make up for what Dwight and the Magic have put us through thus far though…

  • http://www.newyorkshockexchange.com Shock Exchange

    Bynum is in a “no-win” situation in L.A. If the Lakers win the ‘chip the media goes “Look what Horry Jr did.” If the Lakers don’t win, Pau Gasol / Andrew Bynum at the same ____ is immediately thrown under the bus and the subject of trade rumors. If Bynum re-signs with L.A., it gives them the power to ship him whenever, and whereever they want. It may be better to become a free agent and control his own destiny.

  • http://aol Nassaudaddy

    I have benn a Lakers Fan for years, and I am tired of the drama with Bynum,I think the Lakers should trade him and get some thing for him even it means going small he getting to be to much of a distraction,one the we don’t need. tne Heat won the championship with out a big center. Get rid of him he to immature and moody.He is trouble and he will get worse,the more power he thinks he has.

  • http://www.newyorkshockexchange.com Shock Exchange

    Given the pieces the Lakers already have in place, Bynum is worth a lot more to the Lakers than he is to another team. He is the difference between winning a ‘chip or not. There is also a dearth of quality bigs in the NBA – that and the “synergy” two 7-footers at the same ____ time gives the Lakers, is what gives Bynum an outsized amount of power.

  • alekesam

    David Lee is just playing games (as usual). He pulled the same type of $#!t last time it was time to resign Bynum, which Lee threatened Mitch into agreeing to. I expect any day now for Lee to come out with the “If you don’t sign him now, it could cost you” threat again.

    Thing is, even if Bynum did walk next summer (even tho’ he’s repeatedly said otherwise and that he wants to stay), he’s not on the books which would give the Lakers flexibility to find someone else (or even Howard, should he be a free agent next season). Lee messed up Ariza’s deal in LA and he’s going to mess up Bynum’s too if he’s not careful.

  • Roscoe

    Look fellas… As documented by fine reporters around the globe Bynum is more interested in building his car collection & chasing greenbacks then hanging banners.

    That said dollars don’t grow on trees and neither do 7’0” centers that can play both ends of the flooor.

    The Lakers play is to see if they can land DH12… if not… wait to see if Bynum’s knee is good after this season… if his knee is good they might let him test the market and the Lakers will still be able to give him the most cash which we all know NBA playas care most about.

    If his knee does not hold up… well plan A is to pay him less for a shorter amount of time or plan B see what other centers are available.

    Laker fans don’t want to hear this but the KB24 show is close to over & the mgmt knows it and is preparing for it too.

    Do you boys member when ShowTime ended and the starting line up was Nick, Eddie, Elden, Vlade, & G. Lynch?

    Then KB24 arrived w/ shaq & the rest is where we be today.

  • Robert

    It is obvious that Bynum’s best play is to sign next season. If he signs now 3 yrs/$57 mil, next season – 5years/$101.9mil. He will resign with the Lakers. It is apparent that he will be the center point of the offense soon. As noted, Kobe can’t do it any more. Nash style is a PG that passes into the post, not to pass to the perimeter.