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Arron Afflalo Very Excited About Being Traded to Magic

In a very timely Q+A with HoopsHype.com, newly acquired swingman Arron Afflalo says he is very excited about his new opportunity in Orlando. Afflalo, who is currently in Barcelona, said he found out about the trade while surfing the Internet. Below are some tidbits from the interview, and you can check out the full text here:

Have the Magic reached out to you?

AA: No, not yet. Probably because of the time difference and the phone situation, it’s been difficult. I’ll be back in the States soon.

So are you happy about it?

AA: Yeah, I’m happy. I just wanted to thank the Denver organization, the teammates that you play with, the fans, but I think it’s a great opportunity there in Orlando from a player standpoint. With the coaching change and the management change, I think it’s a great time to be a part of the organization.

What do you know about new coach Jacque Vaughn?

AA: He played at Kansas, I was always a fan of his game, he was a good point guard. He’s come from great teaching under Gregg Popovich in San Antonio. He’s got the mental aspects of the game figured out from a player and coaching standpoint. They wouldn’t have hired him if they didn’t believe so.

Do you have any message for the fans in Orlando?

AA: I’m excited. It’s definitely a new day. I’m very happy and appreciative of the opportunity to be there and represent that city to the fullest.

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  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    All class.

  • P

    surfing the internet though? denver must’ve been so excited they forgot to let him know

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Does Arron have the green light to shoot in Orlando now?

  • Charles

    Dwight Coward should take notice.

  • blue

    Respect. Him giving credit to the Denver orgainisation is all you need to know about the guy. Orlando are going to be awful but still im rooting him, hope he has a great season.

  • http://www.slamonline.com AT

    Philly gotta lot of wing players this offseason.
    1.J Rich
    2.Nick Young
    3.Dorrel Whright

  • http://www.xvideos.com nbk troll

    He is gonna get minutes.

  • Nate C

    Orlando, 7 seed, out goes Boston in round 1, count it

  • Daniel

    Shut up ^^^^ people say the dumbest stuff

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Afflalo will average 18pts per game and become the most improved player and finally get to show what he can do. I like his game and hope he succeeds in Orlando. I like the nucleus the 76ers have right now.

  • http://www.stillonthebench.com TR

    @TheSeed yeah i was thinking he’d be able to put up 20ish on this team. They are going to suck, but at least their young guys will get a lot of experience

  • http://Roosterteeth.com Caboose

    Cosign Seed on all counts. Which feels mildly weird, but he’s spot on.

  • Keezy

    Classy guy.

  • AiRsMiTh

    I really can’t stand Dwight Howard anymore. I actually full on dislike the Lakers now, but anyways, I’m glad there are mature, professional players like Arron. I think he’ll have a great chance this season to showcase more of his talent. Great defender, good shooter, and he has shown he can score in a variety of ways. I doubt I’ll get to see many of his games this season, but I’ll try to catch some. I hope Moe Harkless will surprise some people too. He seems like an all around talented three.

  • bike

    What’s not to get excited about? He will get major minutes and big bucks to play on a team no one expects anything out of for at least 3 years.

  • RickyRude

    Been a fan of him since his Pistons days. Easy to say why.

  • Bawse

    He is excited to jack up shots and be the man. Winning is not what is priority number one to him BUT i understand. Go for yours Affalo but after 2 years you will get tired of playing in empty arenas and teams laughing at you during warmups. You will get tired of watching the playoffs at HOME like the rest of us. SHOOT AWAY until the EVENTUAL happens.

  • BallsDeep

    @blue… ” I’m rooting him” hahahahahahahaha. Broken English is very funny

  • TripleDouble

    @BallsDeep Yeah, no wonder @Blue’s comment was so complimentary, after all, he’s rooting him… I laughed hard at that, shiiiiii…

  • jomomma

    afflalo 18 per game? not even on a video game.
    hes a very poor mans grant hill
    orlando could not have done any worse in acquiring assets.
    3 late first round draft picks?
    another brutal move by upper management/owner.
    knowing your team will end up in the lottery whether you kept dwight or not why wouldnt you just keep him go thru the tornado for a few months until new jersey does what they do and gives you the world for something they could get for nothing .. cough cough WALLACE lol
    philly and denver made out like bandits
    and Lakers just put a ring on it
    Dwight will either be quiet for once and accept it will be his team in 2 years when kobe leaves and win titles
    or by midseason d12 will be putting up numbers playing selfish and people will be calling for kobe to retire now

  • NBA Guru

    Im not undertanding y Bynum isnt in Orlando. It should have been the only reason y this trade could be deemed reasonable/possible…I like affalo, dude can play. But….really? STUPID MOVE BY ORLANDO! Now all you got is a bunch of protected lottery picks…SMDH!!!! Everybody else got the best of this trade.